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Netflix / Worst chefs in america removed from netflix

Stacey Clemens on Jan 15, 2017
The TV show, Worst Chef in America, was removed from Netflix in 2017. My family really enjoyed this show! We were about to watch the 2nd season finale, but it was gone. Please bring back Worst Chefs in America! I believe live TV is on season 9, so there are many seasons of this great show...

HoverboardCloseouts / Hoverboard will not charge

Lorrie Tramell on Jan 13, 2017
When we received the hover board it was charged and worked for a few hours and then nothing at all. It will not re charge. I have sent several emails to the customer service and have made several calls and spoken to a few different people, Hector and Oscar and another female at one point...

Amc Theaters / Ticketing

eddythomas on Jan 13, 2017
Amc TheatersI went to the amc regency 24 in jacksonville, fl 32225 to see a movie on 8 january 2017, using a set of coke rewards tickets. I was informed by a rather obnoxious ticketing agent that I could not use the rewards ticket to see the movie "rouge one" as it was a premium movie; cash or credit...

Ster-Kinekor Bedford Centre / Service delivery

Nicole Claudia Nunes on Jan 13, 2017
I am appalled with the service I received at the popcorn counter. I was told that due to there being no stock of kiddies small popcorn containers I can only buy medium buckets. So I proceeded to request for one medium popcorn and an extra empty bucket so as to split the popcorn between the...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Explora price lock

Lerato Ramela on Jan 12, 2017
When I joined pricelock It was advertised as R519 per month for 24 months Now all of the sudden it have move up to R539 without any communication. Why did my premium go up where they were supposed go be locked for 24 months? Secondly the catch up takes forever before adding episodes on...

Ronel Van Zyl / Box office

pevanzyl on Jan 12, 2017
Today I phoned the service centre for the third time to enquire why I cannot rent movies from Boxoffice. I have had my new Explora from August 2016 and sent numerous sms's to link my cellnumber to Boxoffice. Every time they reply with "temporary technical issue". Each time I phone the...

Candy Crush Saga / Candy crush app

Angel Martinson-Kovacsfi on Jan 10, 2017
Your app wont not load on my cell i tried closing the app and opening it up again but nope it wont open, then i check on line on what to do it said to turn cell on and off again, that didnt work, so i read to Uninstall, so i do that to find all the lives my friends sent me which was 554...

Ster-Kinekor / Service at Blue Route Mall

Shaina Naidoo on Jan 10, 2017
On 9 January 2017 we decided to watch Moana at Blue Route Mall. We were appalled at the service we received. Only one teller was open and he disappeared for ten minutes to speak to his manager about a complaint a family of four had. That took another few minutes. Shortly thereafter we were...

Multi choice Namibia / Dstv payment - 4132 8567 916

Denise Gertze on Jan 9, 2017
I am so pissed off this morning. I made payment on Friday the 6/01/2017 but dstv was only open on Saturday afternoon. I am not using extra view for the past more than 3 years why pay for it. Why shut down dstv why not cancelled the extra view. This morning dstv is off again why? We pay so...

Electronic Arts (EA) / The Sims 3

Laura VB. on Jan 9, 2017
01-09-2016 I have the chat transcript, but can't save it as an image and therefore can't post it as a screenshot.) I have been a Simmer for 16 years and have played for just as long without incident. I've had my account since long before Origin existed, and I always used disc copies for...

Redbox / DVD Damaged

Michelle Clarke on Jan 9, 2017
We rented Roots, an 8 he. Miniseries, that half way thru. Froze up and we we had to skip scenes and got scenes to start there was no sound!. We did not get to watch the movie and had so many frozen and volumeless moments thru out the B side, we are still wondering what happen. We kept the...

Dave & Buster’s / Party / event cancellation policy

FredMac on Jan 9, 2017
Had to cancel our event at D&B 6 days out and the cancellation policy is brutal. Party was for 25 people at $40.00 per person and you don’t get any money back. I mean I understand some penalty, but they didn’t have to pay for the food or servers or the game cards…. Things sometimes don’t work...

Cinemark / New seating policy

Dee12345 on Jan 9, 2017
1/7/2017 I went to a movie with a friend, and we were paying separately. I was told the new policy is that all seats will be assigned prior to the movie, and you can no longer just go into the theater and sit down. I asked what if my friend chooses a seat and someone else gets the one next...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Debit order deduction date

Busisiwe Ngqolowa on Jan 8, 2017
Hi, firstly may I please have my debit order cancelled! Secondly please remove the additional r50 (Reconnection fee) added onto my account. I went into the durban smith street branch to set up a debit order for my account and advised the gentleman to register the 30th as the deduction...

Ster-Kinekor / Horrific customer service

Samantha Van Huyssteen on Jan 8, 2017
I came to Cape Gate Imax to watch Rogue one with my nephew and sister on the 08/01/2017. Firstly there was one teller open. A line for days she kept making mistakes with the previous customers. When I finally got to the teller she left went to the back then came back minutes later. I asked...

Blizzard Entertainment / Fraudulent charges to my checking account

Caroll Aleshire on Jan 7, 2017
I don't know how they got my account number, but two $15 charges were made to my account. I do not use online games! My husband uses them, but pays for them from a different account at a different bank. He did charge two $12 payments from that account, but none from my checking. I will NOT...

Ster-Kinekor / Inappropriate trailers

Plok on Jan 6, 2017
My wife took my two daughters, aged 5 and 9, to watch the new "Ballerina" movie today at the Mall of Africa, 6 January 14:00 show. They showed a trailer of the thriller(horror) movie "The Disappointment Room" not once but TWICE !!! And tonight I am struggling with a little girl that is waking...

Kubus / Outlander

Attasio on Jan 6, 2017
Dear sirs, I have a question - an urgent one-, I am from the netherlands, hbo o. D aired outlander season 1and 2. But stopped here as per 1.1.2017. Ziggo is not taking over outlander, so I am unable to watch season 3 coming up. Gosh, I just need to see the reunion 😫. We have geo-blocking...

LG / All

BBB ftc local tv on Jan 6, 2017
Need help ??? You wont get it from LG. CALL THE Federal Trade Commission 1-877-FTC-HELP File a complaint--hit them where it hurts--maybe then they will take responsibility and fix the defeats. But we need to unite and call... Why does LG Electronics think that we will let them get away...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Mnet adverts

Telushia on Jan 5, 2017
Good day, DSTV Premium is an expensive product and with competitive streaming solutions with an array of choice its beciming increasingly harder to justify subscription. The most irritating thing is all the adverts at 5 minute intervals. This is obviously how you make more money which make...
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