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Heritage Motors Inc / The seller sold me the car, which was in the worst condition

Reviewer95425 on 2016-02-19
The seller from Heritage Motors Inc. was very dishonest and he lied to me about the car condition. I bought the car and drove the home, but next morning I found out that the car was dead and the mechanic said that I was too lucky that I got home yesterday. I called the dealer and he said...

www.chiangmai-motorcycle-rental.com / The rep cancelled the renting

Reviewer52709 on 2016-02-19
My girlfriend and I decided to rent motorbikes through the company www.chiangmai-motorcycle-rental.com. We emailed these guys and they found really good ones, so we paid the deposit at the same day. No idea what has happened with these guys, but they didn’t warn us and cancelled the rent...

www.boschautoparts.com / Their lifetime warranty was scam

Reviewer53348 on 2016-02-19
Guys, I won’t recommend anyone to deal with the company www.boschautoparts.com. When I bought pump from them, the seller promised me lifetime warranty and said that I wouldn’t have any problems. Unfortunately, I have problems, because the pump broke, but the company refused to pay for it...

www.albanycarsofgosforth.co.uk / The car was piece of rubbish and seller was unreachable

Reviewer71945 on 2016-02-19
Don’t buy cars from www.albanycarsofgosforth.co.uk. I have bought the car and when it was finally delivered, I drove it to my friend-mechanic. He told me that the car was real rubbish and the gearbox was not usable anymore. He said that this car wouldn’t pass MOT and he wasn’t able to help...

Perillo Downers Grove / The company lied and sold the car, which was in the worst condition

Reviewer33719 on 2016-02-19
My parents purchase a car from Perillo Downers Grove. These guys lied that the car was good condition and no repairs or checks were required. My parents drove home and the car suddenly stopped. My father called me and asked to come and pick them. I picked them and we towed the car to our...

Perilo Downers Grove / They refused to repair the navigation system and audio system as well

Reviewer95208 on 2016-02-19
Don’t trust the company Perilo Downers Grove. We bought Audi car from them and after couple of weeks audio and navigation systems stopped to work. We thought that we still had the warranty and the company would fix the problems, however, the rep said that they wouldn’t pay for the repair...

Express Oil Change Decatur ALA / They said that it was impossible to fix the tires

Reviewer87062 on 2016-02-19
I recently had a deal with the company Express Oil Change Decatur ALA. I have driven my car and their repair man said that it was impossible to fix the tires and he offered to buy new one. I didn’t have such sum with me, so I contacted my friend, who told me to bring the car to his salon...

Autorodz / I had a deal with them and lost only big sum of money

Reviewer81561 on 2016-02-19
I have found the truck and contacted the seller. He said that I could deal with the company Autorodz and I should pay to their account. I did everything what the seller has told me, but he said that he would ship the truck, when he would get money from the company. He said that it would...

Crossdrilledrotors.ca / Brake rotors premium X-Coat

Robb1 on 2016-02-18
Crossdrilledrotors.caDO NOT buy from this company they are fraud/scammers con-artists. I ordered premium X coat rotors and they rusted within first week . They also place luk Schaffer sticker over top of other manufacturer brand label on packaging. They do not respond or know how to handle issues. They Asked me...

Parts Geek / Customer Service

dbl.eagle32 on 2016-02-18
On 2/18/2016 Parts Geek sent the wrong vent shade kit. Order #15-24135003. The front vent shades fit and were installed before I realized the rear vent shades were incorrect. I called customer service and asked if I could return the rear window shades. They said they had to have the entire...

Penske Used Trucks / Used rental truck

Fergus Nolan on 2016-02-18
On 1/29/2015 I bought a used rental truck from Penske Truck Leasing Co, vin 1GD6G4BG7A1900456 with 111, 289 miles on bill of sale number 07961150129003. I am an inventor and I spent the year since building a device inside the truck body. I did not do any maintenance on the truck as it had a...

Partsgeek.com / Worst online business

Roger on 2016-02-18
This was the worse shopping experience I ever had! I ordered brake parts from PartsGeek online store. When I finally received my order, I found out that items were damaged. I have no idea how did they damaged things made of steel. So I went to their website and looked for a phone number...

NZ Wheels - Mercedes-Benz / Car

Reviewer20482 on 2016-02-17
We bought a Mercedes Benz ( new ) car from the company in Kuantan Pahang branch in Malaysia. The manager of the company for very weird reason sold us a repainted car. Not very sure what is the reason but they gave us a car which is originally silver and painted black. We were not told that...

Unique Insurance Company / Accident that happen on 12-17-1015

PriscillaPercy on 2016-02-16
Within 2 weeks of the accident ( before the end of 2015) I complied and went and met with the company's adjuster name Steve at Turi's Auto Collision in Villa Park. i was informed he will electronically submit the estimate to my adjuster Mr. Nector Alicia. If I am not contacted within two...

Fye.com / DVD - defective, does not play

Buddy Kinsey on 2016-02-15
On Dec. 10, 2015 I place an order (6666946) for a DVD ( On Golden Pond) Collectors edition. I gave it as a Christmas gift, only to find out, just now, that it does not play. Most embarassing!!! Since our local FYE store did not have it and suggested I order online, in order to receive for...

Tata Motors / Truck problems and improper repair

Fazeela on 2016-02-15
Hello, We bought a Tata 1 Ton truck in Feb this year. Within 6 months and less then 10 000 kms it started leaking oil. They sent a tow truck and took it to Tata/Kia Randurg They had to order parts which took 3 days to get repaired, excluding the weekend, No courtesy Van was provided...

Prime Imports / The company hid that the company had some many problems

Reviewer43729 on 2016-02-12
The seller from Prime Imports is very unprofessional. He didn’t tell me that the car had so many issues and if I bought it, I would need to repair everything. I was shocked, when the problems with engine began and oil started to leak. I returned to their store and started to pay money for...

Car Truck Depot / The company didn’t check the brakes light properly

Reviewer49589 on 2016-02-12
My friend bought BMW from Car Truck Depot of Arizona. The dealer assured us that the car was in good condition and they have checked it. On the test drive everything was perfect, but the button “check lights” worked. The dealer said that they would check and assured that it was nothing seriou...

Insta Credit Automart / The staff hasn’t repaired the car and it broke again and again

Reviewer61759 on 2016-02-12
OMG. Save your money and avoid the company Insta Credit Automart. I have repaired the car and the company helped me, but next day I went to my car and couldn’t even start it. I argued with the owner within several weeks and said that it was their responsibility and they must check their work, but the owner was very rude and disrespectful.

Paladin Auto Services / They repaired the car and it broke again on the same day

Reviewer35433 on 2016-02-12
The company Paladin Auto Services is very dishonest, because we have repaired our car and we paid rather high price for the services. But the car broke again, when we drove back home. The company wanted to get $3, 000 for the services and it was outrageous price. My wife and I didn’t think...
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