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Blans Farm and Fleet / The company sold me defective tires

Reviewer67611 on 2016-02-12
I have purchased set of autumn tires from Blans Farm and Fleet. I have received defective tires, which started to leak couple of weeks later. When I returned to their office, their rep told me that the manager was unavailable, but the manager’s assistant knew nothing. Other workers simply...

Paynes Automotive / They didn’t tell me and fixed other problems, but not the engine

Reviewer79230 on 2016-02-11
I searched for the company, which would be able to replace the engine in short term. I have contacted Paynes Automotive and after some negotiation, the y gave me the quote, which was good. I agreed and after a week, their rep contacted me and said to add additional payment for the engine...

Candrell Car Care / They overcharged me and lied about the oil leak

Reviewer35164 on 2016-02-11
I had a big problem with Candrell Car Care. I drove my car to their repair center and their mechanic said that I need to replace the seatbelt. Also, they offered me to change the oil and the mechanic was surprised that I didn’t smell the oil when I drove. I overpaid to this company, because...

Scheidemantle Motors / The car didn’t have spare tire

Reviewer51261 on 2016-02-11
We bought a car from Scheidemantle Motors. We didn’t check if there was any spare tire, so after couple of weeks we needed the tire and didn’t find it. We contacted the seller, who said that if we needed the spare tire, we need to buy it from them. Seriously? We have bought once, but their...

www.nalleyinfinitidecatur.com / The plan was useless. Don’t waste money

Reviewer93562 on 2016-02-11
I bought used car from www.nalleyinfinitidecatur.com and the seller offered me the maintenance plan. He said that this plan included the oil change and other maintenance. He was so persuasive that I agreed to pay additional $700 for the plan, which basically was waste of my money. But when...

Autorodz / The website is closed and I couldn’t reach the seller

Reviewer93303 on 2016-02-11
I have ordered travel trailer through Autorodz. I have already paid and checked the status of the order. But when the date of the delivery came, I tried to log into the website, but the website was closed and none of the links really worked. I was so upset and I found the customer service...

MNL Truck Sales / They wanted to get $1,000 for the truck every week

Reviewer41817 on 2016-02-11
I was looking for the truck and found good one in MNL Truck Sales. I spoke with the dealer and he said that they would be able to give the lease. I needed to pay the deposit of $700. After I paid, the dealer told me what sum I would need to pay every week. I was shocked, because I told...

Troy Davis Truck Sale / I wasted large amount of money for the worst truck

Reviewer57606 on 2016-02-11
Avoid the company Troy Davis Truck Sales. I have bought a truck from them and this person was such a liar that he sold me the worst truck ever. I needed to pass the inspection and of course such rubbish failed the inspection, so I returned to this store and the seller promised to fix any...

Joe Ricci Automotive Group / The seller hid the scratches and sold the car

Reviewer51111 on 2016-02-11
I bought my first car from Joe Ricci Automotive Group. I was so happy that my family had the car and one day I decided to clean it, and it was the first time when I saw the scratches. After the detailed examination, I found so many scratches and it turned out that the seller painted over...

American Automobile Association / AAA Battery and Its Warranty

Jihee Kim on 2016-02-10
American Automobile Association3 years ago, I called AAA for a roadside service and the technician recommended that I buy their battery. He tauted their "6 year warranty" service and I got sold. December of last year (2 and 11 months after the purchase), my car started acting funny - the engine would stall for a bit...

National Auto Division / Extended Warrenty for Honda vehicle

Reviewer55892 on 2016-02-10
Received a phone call from Raymond Meyer from NAD and explained to him that I didn't want the extended warranty and I didn't want to receive anymore calls from NAD. I had received many calls over the year from this company. The next day, received a phone call from Valery Jordan who again...

Mahindra & Mahindra / XUV 500 W8

Amit Kumar 2954 on 2016-02-10
Mahindra Team, Before you go ahead and read my mail, let me tell you that I am very very unhappy with my car and services provided by workshop people in Delhi. I am totally annoyed and frustrated right now that how come just in 3 years a car like XUV’s life can come to an end. I have faced...

TOYOTA / 2009 Toyota Venza Steering Column

Dennis Rusch on 2016-02-09
I am contacting Toyota regarding Service Bulletin Number: 303750 and Toyota Service Bulletin 0005 - 11. What causes the Noise/rattle coming from the Steering Column? What has broken that causes the Noise? Is this broken part unsafe? How do I get this noise to go away?

VW Parts / Parts (Side panel)

I have been waiting for a month now for a side panel for VW polo vivo 1.4 Conceptline GP. What happend to the old VW... I really didnt expect this from them and it is so unbelievable. lacking a sinlge panel for a month it really doesnt make sense

Lazy Days Rv Center Seffner Florida / High pressure sales, poor quality and broken promises

Chuck4455 on 2016-02-06
I had been thinking about going full time in an RV. My wife and I went to Florida and we stopped at “Lazy Days” to look at RVs. They gave us a really high pressure sale. We didn’t really want to buy but after all of the phone calls and them adding things to sweeten the deal, or so we thought, I...

Nissan / Qashqai 2014

Hesham hafez on 2016-02-06
Dear sir I have a nissan qashqai 2014 and am compalinting about the bad performance of the car when i turn on the AC and i made lots of each compalints each time i do my periodic maintenance but no hope Can u help Wish u can Hesham hafez 01005499823

Autobility / Their cars are bad and you would repair them all the time

Reviewer10262 on 2016-02-05
Don’t do business with Autobility. I have purchased a car, and they said to pay $27, 000 for it, but after some time, I figured out that the seller has increased the price in couple of times. I am shocked, because I have paid such sum for the car as well as I have repaired it for 5 times already...

Prestige USA Sports Cars Inc / The company still hasn’t provided all documents

Reviewer26401 on 2016-02-05
I wasn’t satisfied with the services of Prestige USA Sports Cars Inc. I bought the car from this company and have paid the whole sum at once. I didn’t get all the papers about the ownership of the car and title. The seller said that it would be ready and sent through mail. 3 months passed...

Midwest America FCU / They wanted to take truck from me

Reviewer19242 on 2016-02-05
I have bought the truck from Stan Shank Midwest America FCU. I have paid the deposit and we agreed that the next payment would be within 4 weeks. I paid the first one and next month I didn’t have money and informed the rep that the payment would be delayed. He asked to pay within 3 week...

NP Mileage Plus / The prices were too high and I paid too much money

Reviewer60713 on 2016-02-05
I drove my truck to NP Mileage Plus for the repair. They offered me to obtain the plan, which would cover the repair and I said that I needed the truck for my work. I needed a permission that I could use the truck, but the rep said that this plan would cover it. I have already paid for...
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