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Tim French Auto / The sales person sold me the car with the faulty warranty

Reviewer81622 on 2016-02-25
I have purchased the vehicle from Tim French Auto and was sure that this company had the manufactured warranty. But I was mistaken and the sales person misled me. I found out that this car didn’t have necessary warranty and the owner offered me to sell the vehicle and of course I wasted money...

Rocket City Motors / The company scammed me and their car was piece of junk

Reviewer67542 on 2016-02-25
The company Rocket City Motors sold me defective car, which broke couple of days later. The sales man said that I would get any repair services or support within 30 days and it would be completely for free, but this person scammed me. I couldn’t get any free services and the owner found too...

St. George Auto Gallery / The company delayed the process and refused to pay for the repair

Reviewer10876 on 2016-02-25
Don’t buy cars from St. George Auto Gallery. I have bought he car and paid for 12 months warranty, but the company hasn’t informed me and cut the warranty and I got only 6 months. After that my car broke two weeks before the expiration of the warranty, but the company’s rep found many...

Chips Auto Service / The company overcharged me and broke panel button

Reviewer49685 on 2016-02-25
I won’t recommend anyone to deal with the company Chips Auto Service. I have recently paid for the window replacement and these guys overcharged me and broke the panel button. I was shocked, when my friend saw the result. He said that it was the worst work and it was too high price for such...

Benny’s Car Wash and Oil Change / The company overcharged me for the car wash

Reviewer92391 on 2016-02-25
If you use the services of Benny’s Car Wash and Oil Change, then check your receipts all the time. I have recently driven my car to their wash and every time I have paid $10. After I left the car and went to pay, they have charged me for $17.99. I noticed it after I paid and asked the rep...

Twins Auto Sales / Dealer lied to me and I paid for the repair, but the problem remained

Reviewer76849 on 2016-02-25
I bought the car from Twins Auto Sales and the dealer sold me the car with several issues, but I didn’t know about it. I spoke with the dealer and said that there were problem with engine light and I drove my car to his store several times already, but he charged me for the repair and the...

Caracells / The car was in good condition as the seller promised me

Reviewer20424 on 2016-02-25
I found the car on eBay and immediately contacted the seller Caracells. He said that he was the owner of the car and assured me that it was in perfect condition and he has recently repaired the car. He didn’t accept PayPal and I sent money through MoneyGram. When the car was delivered, I found...

MP Auto Trading / The owner doesn’t want to pay, but she signed the contract

Reviewer74703 on 2016-02-25
I purchased a car from MP Auto Trading. It was written in the contract, if the car would broke, I would pay for any part, but this company would cover all expanses for the labor. I drove the car 3 days and it started to overheat. I drove the car back to the seller, because she assured me...

Car Part Clinic, LLC / The company hasn’t paid me for the delivered parts

Reviewer62493 on 2016-02-25
I work a shipping broker and have a great experience. I recently shipped couple of engines for Car Part Clinic Houstom. I informed the owner that he would get the bill from me and within couple of days he must pay. However, this person decided to leave me with nothing. I sent two notice...

DD Auto Sales / The company sold us the car, which was in terrible condition

Reviewer17040 on 2016-02-25
Don’t deal with DD Auto Sales. We bought used Audi from them, but after couple of months it was still on temporary registration as well as the car was in awful condition and the seller didn’t tell us everything. Of course, he promised to fix everything, but it didn’t seem that he even...

Cross Restoration / The owner was greedy and lied to me a lot

Reviewer58844 on 2016-02-25
I own Mustang 1968 and recently I had the deal with Cross Restoration. It was nightmare, because they promised to start the job couple of times, but each time the owner had some excuses and gave me more and more promises. Also, he said that he has found some defects and in order to remove...

Diamond Cargo / I delivered trailer to them and the seller changed his mind

Reviewer36175 on 2016-02-25
2 years ago I bought the trailer from Diamond Cargo. Several weeks ago the panel broke and the seller told me that I would get 5 years warranty, when I purchased the trailer. I contacted the seller, who said to deliver the trailer back. I spent another sum to deliver the trailer to the...

Beaurepaires / Door to Door Marketing

Reviewer89995 on 2016-02-24
Today Thurs 25 Feb 2016 at my home in Box Hill North Vic, on TWO separate occasions between 1pm and 3.30pm, I had people knocking at my door representing Beaurepaires. They were trying to interest me in car servicing. The first fellow was a tall bearded man with a beaurepaires shirt and...

National Auto Division / Auto warranty

Reviewer35333 on 2016-02-23
My 87 year old Aunt who lives in the Memory Care unit of an Assisted Living Facility received an official looking "Monthly Invoice" document for an Auto Warranty. The invoice showed a monthly amount due of $252.85 and a Customer Balance of $3, 278.48. The account number is listed a...

Age Styling (Also Known As Paramount Styling) / Sells used item declared as new

Reviewer35581 on 2016-02-22
January 2016 I was asking some details about an Audi A6 steering wheel to Paramount_styling on ebay and they offer me to buy outside ebay ( from Age Styling shop) to gain a better deal. They assured me that the steering wheel was a brand new genuine audi wheel, but when I receive it (in a...

Open Business Directory, Ltd. / They send me a bill of $1188

Jaspinder Nagra on 2016-02-22
At first they send me fax in July 2015.Most of the info about the co. was already filled and it seems that its govt. free agency and not going to charge anything.so i signed and send them and after then they send me a bill of $1188.I just work for the company and Iam not legal signer for...

Safelite AutoGlass / Lifetime Warranty

Eric Chesna on 2016-02-20
Putting in a glass is one thing for a review, but how about honoring their warranty ? The warranty is nothing but an Advertising Scam. There is no warranty. After scheduling a warranty replacement, and having to wait 2 weeks for an appointment on my day off. My dealings with the employee...

Sears Auto Center / tires

Reviewer87537 on 2016-02-20
I bought 4 tires from sears 2 years ago. After one year, two tires were leaking despite having no apparent damage. They couldn't fix one so I had to buy yet another tire. The other one they charged me to fix. Now another year later, another tire completely blew out with no cause. They...

National Tire & Battery NTB / Damaged Wheels

MS22 on 2016-02-19
If you value the condition of your wheels do not get your tires at NTB. On 2/19/2016 I took my 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ to the NTB located at 9450 Westheimer in Houston, Texas to get new tires. When they informed me the job had been completed, I noticed the wheels had chips and scratche...

Copart sell your jam jar what a laugh ? NOT / collection service

Reviewer26855 on 2016-02-19
What a company. dead phone lines after holding for 10 min plus. Promises to return calls. Failure to do the simplest of tasks. Been trying to get scrap car collected for over three days. If you want a laugh try ringing there YORK branch and listen to the legendary service claim then wait...
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