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Intoxalock / Causing Engine Problems

jessgr on 2015-12-31
I recently had the Intoxalock system installed in my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis. My car ran fine until about a week after having it installed. First, it drained my battery because I was waiting for the state to issue my limited license. I decided that was my fault as I had it installed too...

Town Fair Tire / Service not preformed

Reviewer22778 on 2015-12-28
12/28/2015. I made an appointment a week in advance to have tires rotated and air pressure balanced in all four tires. On arrival they took my information printed a sheet with the time on it of 16:49. I was told it would be up to 1.5 hours before they could get to my car as they had been...

WeatherTech / Poor Service/ Did not receive entire order

Brad Davis on 2015-12-28
12/04/15 customer # 04895403. I ordered a cargo liner and front floor mats for my wife's car. Only received cargo liner. No notification that my order was not being shipped complete. Cannot get any type of response from Weathertech. Phones are transferred and no further response. I want...

ACDelco / Extended Range Battery (EVLN2)

ShellyH on 2015-12-28
I just had to replce the extended range battery in my 2014 Chevrolet Volt. The ACDelco battery was only 1 1/2 years old and cost me $300 to replace. The car was just out of the 36, 000 miles bumper to bumper warranty. Neither GM nor ACDelco would do anything about this. I'm sorry but a car...

Kia / Mohave screen unit including GPS ,DVD, Bluetooth is not working only after 12,000km

Hany Elkholy on 2015-12-27
I bought the car in January 2015 . from the start I found remote not working for the baggage, windows glass not closing with remote although the car is the top options in KSA. the front tires always covered with black greasy material and in customer service in Jeddah; KSA told me it is the...

Southbay Yacht Service / I paid $17,000 for bad engine

Reviewer85389 on 2015-12-26
I have the yacht and recently I delivered it to Southbay Yacht Service. I said that there were problems with the engine. The mechanic said that I would need to pay for it even if I had the warranty. I have paid $17, 000 to the mechanic and after 2 weeks the yacht was ready. When I tried...

Stephen Maxwell Flying Free LLC / The owner didn’t want to support employees and repair the trucks

Reviewer28532 on 2015-12-26
My boyfriend decided to sign the contract with Stephen Maxwell Flying Free LLC. The owner gave my boyfriend the truck, which almost fell apart. When my boyfriend came to the owner and asked about the repair, the owner said to do everything on his own money. The owner didn’t want to pay...

Hawaii Car Transport / The rep said to wait, but they failed to deliver car on time

Reviewer83900 on 2015-12-26
I have bought the vehicle and paid for the transportation. The company Hawaii Car Transport said that the delivery could take from 10 to 30 days. I was happy that they provided all details about the transportation. But the delivery was delayed for 5 days and emailed them and asked to...

Claims Management Inc / The company didn’t offer me to fill the form, but my car was damaged

Reviewer41472 on 2015-12-26
I was in car wash and my car was damaged during the wash. I heard strange sound and decided to make the video of the process. I called the agent from Claims Management Inc. I explained the situation, but the agent said that he heard nothing. He couldn’t confirm that it was my car, but I...

Dusty Old Cars / The said that my car was in bad condition, but it was lie

Reviewer66472 on 2015-12-26
The company Dusty Old Cars is big rip off. I have contacted them, because due to my family problems I needed to sell the car. I spoke with the agent, who said that they would charge me for towing $300, for checking my car $300 and for posting the ad - $200. I said that I checked the car...

Kost Tire and Auto Services / The man wanted to change me for extra money

Reviewer64981 on 2015-12-25
I drove my car to Kost Tire and Auto Services. I asked the man in the reception to change my oil only, but he looked at my car and said that I needed to change my springs. I asked him to change the oil and don’t do anything else. I went to another company and asked to check my string...

Thrifftys Car Rental / They changed their fees and they haven’t informed us in advance

Reviewer66707 on 2015-12-25
We have used Thrifftys Car Rental and they took $1 toll charges for one way. We didn’t know it, but they have changed this fee for $2.50. It wasn’t big deal here, but they have changed the admin charge as well. I was about $5 to one way, but now it became $15. We contacted the office...

CELADON TRUCKING / The company asked me to pay for the repair, but it wasn’t my fault

Reviewer95615 on 2015-12-25
I leased the car from Celadon Trucking. We signed the contract and I read it all to pieces. I was surprised to find out that I needed to cover all expanses for the repair. I had an accident and it wasn’t my fault. I informed the company and the representative said that they would figure...

Great Lakes Classic Cars LLC / The car was in the worst condition when I got it

Reviewer62182 on 2015-12-25
The seller from Great Lakes Classic Cars LLC lied to me and sold ca in awful state. I spoke with this man several times and asked all necessary questions about the car. He said that the car was in perfect condition and they would check the mechanic for me. But when I got the car, it looked...

GA Elite Trucks / The seller sold me defective truck

Reviewer40349 on 2015-12-25
Don’t buy from GA Elite Trucks. I bought the truck, which looked completely fine and I really thought that it was ok inside as well as I believed the owner, who lied to me. The truck was rubbish and after 30 days it started to leak and there were serious problems with the engine. I...

Prespa Auto Sales / The dealer didn’t want to take the car back, which had serious problems

Reviewer54000 on 2015-12-25
I bought my car from Prespa Auto Sales. The dealership said that I wouldn’t be happy with the car, and I could return it within 24 hours. I drove back home and heard some strange noise and the car trembled. I wasn’t happy about it and the car didn’t start next morning. I was so upset...

Roadreadyinspections / The car has more serious problems than the inspector has found

Reviewer92080 on 2015-12-25
I have prepared my car for the inspection in Roadreadyinspections. The inspector indicated in the report that there were problems with brakes and they squeaked. As well as he noted problems with the windscreen. That’s was all. But when I drove my car to the repair store, the...

Lobel Financial / I couldn’t reach the managers and get any details about the missing car

Reviewer37845 on 2015-12-25
I have paid to Lobel Financial for the car. It was on Friday and the payment was $700. On the next day I found out that my car was gone. When I called to this company, the lady on the phone checked details and said that they took it, because they didn’t get the payment. I said that it...

National Tire and Battery / They broke my side foot rail and refused to repair

Reviewer49922 on 2015-12-25
I left my truck in National Tire and Battery. When I got it back, I haven’t noticed that the side foot rail was damaged. I drove it only home and back to work and noticed this damage. I returned to National Tire and Battery, but the store manager said that it was impossible that it wa...

Overlea Motors / The problem was in the papers and mechanic was ok

Reviewer95824 on 2015-12-25
People, be very careful with the owner of Overlea Motors. I have spoken with the owner, who advised me to buy Cadillac for my mother. When he showed the car it looked great and the mechanic was in good condition, but I noticed mistakes in the documents. When I asked the owner about it, he...
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