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Assurant Complaints & Reviews

Assurant / Federal Warranty Service Corp - South Dakota, Rapid City / Whirlpool Extended Warranty Service Corp

Reviewer90180 on 2016-01-14
Purchased extended warranty for protection of refrigerator that has been a problem from the beginning.. Arrived home from vacation to hear the appliance making noise, running constantly and not freezing. Called warranty people on January 4 and was told it would be 30 days till someone...

Assurant Health / This company charged me 360.00 a mo for horrible health coverage

Reviewer38167 on 2015-09-29
Assuring Health is a scam. they charged me 360.00 for a mo of health care. They billed me again the next mo. before the due date and before I could cancel. I asked for a refund. They refused and said I had to talk to someone in the right dept. completely ignored my request for information...

Assurant Health / Social security numbers released

Innecure on 2012-09-06
I signed up for Assurant Health Insurance and I finally got my information in the mail along with 2 other peoples personal information. I have there social security numbers, date of birth, address, phone numbers, signatures, doctors name and signature. I have all thre personal information...

Assurant Health / Insurance fraud

Niekole on 2012-06-29
This company called me offering me a great deal for dental insurance, the company is ASSURANT Health based from Milwaukee, Wi on 501 W. Michigan ave. 800-800-1212 they were suppose to take money from my account on the 2nd of each month so they took money on May 2nd an then on June 25th...

Assurant Health - Washington / Health insurance

Sue from Washington on 2012-06-16
This company runs a scam. I paid almost $500/mo. last year for family catastrophic coverage. It was supposed to include 4 preventive visits per year. They denied every single claim from my entire family for our entire coverage period. They would call everything a pre existing condition. They would not even cover my kids immunizations. Stay away!

Assurant Health / Insurance

Rope on 2011-04-19
This is by far the worse insurance company I've ever had to deal with. I've had Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Altius, Afflac and Assurant. With 3 children we have to have insurance. We had a $5000 maternity deductible and $10000 major medical deductible. After we met the $5000...

Assurant Health - California / Fraudulent credit card charges

John79 on
I took out a temporary health insurance policy with Assurant health for the month of June. I continued being billed $300 for the next 4 months till the month of October on my credit card. I never received a bill from Assurant and never authorized them to make these deductions from my...

Assurant Health / Beware

Patrick on
This company does not send me a bill even though I have not signed a statement saying it is ok not to do so. They did not notify me when they could not process a premium payment, and waited a couple days to write up a letter and send it to me in order to make sure my policy and grace...

Assurance Solutions - Georgia, Atlanta / Inferior Service

We purchased a Toshiba Satellite P105 S6114 laptop about 3 years ago with a 4 year extended warranty covered by Assurance Solutions. As far as I can remember the cord broke around one time per year, with an exception of the third year. The cord sparked the third time and I had it replaced...

Assurant Health - Texas, El Paso / Fraudsters and cheaters

Valerie on
I took out a short-term policy with Assurant because they had (on their website) great mental health coverage, that included Attention Deficit Disorder, which I thought that I had. I went to a psychiatrist to have an ADD screening. As soon as I start receiving care and medication for it...

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Auto Repair Scam (Funny)
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