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Festiva Complaints & Reviews

Festiva Resorts / Timeshare

Karenmoore on 2016-02-03
My husband and I purchased in Myrtle Beach last year. We spent over $15, 000 on this crap and had an uneasy feeling from the start. We should've known! They NEVER answer the phone and do not care if you get to go on vacation at all. No matter when you call you are put on hold - forever!...

Festiva / Peppertree Atlantic Beach Resort

B Gleim on 2016-01-28
ON our way to vacation in August 2014, we called to check and found out Resort is condemned because of stairways and insurance was dropped and we could not show up for week 34. This was 2 days before we were heading down to NC from PA. If we had not called we would have driven 12 hour...

Festiva Resorts / Liars

Ebony Franklin on 2014-12-15
I was an owner of the Odyssey Vacation package where I financed my vacation basically a try it before you buy it full package. I was informed that I had 18 months to take my vacation from the time the package was paid in full. When I called to book my vacation, the idiots informed me that...

Festiva Travel - North Carolina, Asheville / Fraud

cobuns2013 on 2014-05-18
I am handicapped. It takes about 2-4 hours on the phone after you have done your searches on the Internet to find places that are available. You can only use points on 3-4 day weekends. We were never told that when we purchased 2 years ago. There is never a handicapped accessibility unit...

Festiva Resorts / Fraud - out right lie!

WI Michele on 2014-04-28
I just dealt with what I believe may have been a fraudulent phone call. The person selling me the "deal" offered a 4 day 3 night stay at any of your resorts PLUS a "bonus" 4 day, 3 night cruise or could be used the same as the first at any of your resorts. All for $159 (originally quoted...

Festiva / Advertising/Marketing

Unhappy US Tourist on 2013-11-06
Beware Charleston tourists! Festiva representatives stationed at tourist/visitor attractions throughout Charleston in an attempt to get you to sign up for a vacation timeshare. The lure used are free restaurant/sightseeing tour tickets in exchange for a $20 cash deposit and your agreement...

Festiva - New York / never, ever room available

User1372116608 on 2013-06-24
People please out there do your home work. Use your technology to do your research when a charming sale rep approach you promising you earth and sky, please do your research!!!. You work so hard for your money and those companies can mess-up your credit really bad. I was on Florida on...

Festiva Resorts - South Carolina, Surfside Beach / special assessment

JimWI on 2013-06-22
Special assessment charged in 2012 of $1200, this years special assessment is $2000. the company has spent nothing to upgrade the facility. Have owned there for over 20 years, since festiva fees have become excessive. I believe they are trying to drive us out. The money we have paid to fix...

Festiva Hospitality Group - North Carolina, Asheville / Website down, No one answers phones

Andrenyak on 2012-09-22
We have had trouble contacting the group since their initial contact to us. Now 1 month later, their website is down and their auxillary websites are down (not just pages but the complete site according to Google and FIrefox). Their pages don't show up on Facebook as promised. No one answers their phones. Great scam.

Festiva Hospitality Group - North Carolina / Total Misrepresentation

Dorsetts on 2012-08-06
In January of 20111 We were on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina, we were approached by a person posing as an information booth...same old story I've read here. We were convinced to purchase this product with total and complete lies told by a very "charming" sales rep named...

Festiva Resorts - South Carolina, Charleston / Completely ripped off

The Van Ziles on 2012-02-08
A few years back while visiting our children in Charleston, we were approached on the street and were hoodwinked into buying into the system It sounded like such a great deal since we were interested in travel and planned to do much. After the first year of trying to get a reservation any...

Festiva Resorts / Ripoffs Property Owners

I am very disturbed and angry how Festiva treats its owners. I have been a platinum owner at Paradise Harbour Club & Marina since 1992. Prior to Festiva taking over this property I never had any problems with securing time at the resort to deposit or exchange. However, since Festiva ha...

Festiva Resorts - North Carolina, Mount Olive / Owners, be wary!

CarolinaBeachBum on 2011-10-25
This is a follow-up to my complaint of last week, indicating that I was a Thoroughly Disgusted Owner. I am somewhat calmer this week after having received a call from their office, so I'll change my byline from Thoroughly Disgusted to Permanently Wary. Not surprisingly, they were able...

Festiva Resorts - North Carolina / A THOROUGHLY disgusted owner

CarolinaBeachBum on 2011-10-20
I sent the following letter to the Festiva Board of Directors today: To whomever is listening (or pretending to be), We have been owners since 1990. First through Peppertree, then Fairfield, then Wyndham, then Equivest and now the greatest curse of all -- Festiva. Do I sound disgusted???...

Festiva Travel - South Carolina, Myrtle Beach / poor customer service

S. L. Robinson on 2011-07-06
My family went to a "timeshare" appt and was late because the address given would not come up on my Garmin. When we finally went to the timeshare address, we were told to go to another address at this point we were told we would not be seen since we were late. Then we explained that we...

Festiva Resorts - Missouri, Branson / Rip-off

pbdy on 2011-07-05
Festiva Resorts sold Stormy Point Village in Branson Missouri to Summer Winds Resorts - February 2011. Today, I was told that about 3000 owners didn't convert to Festiva Adventure Club per Summer Winds Resort customer service. I'd read other complaints and I see some people were...

Festiva Resorts / Horrible

Tink86 on 2011-06-22
Do not buy a timeshare at all, but if you do, don't buy it from Festiva. You will be locked into an iron-clad deed just like owning a house - and you can't just get out of it. You can't sell it, and you will leave the debt to your children when you pass. It doesn't go...

Festiva Resorts - South Carolina, Charleston / Absolute Scam!

mautry on 2011-06-13
I purchased a timeshare with festiva in November of 2010 and they promised so many things that were all lies! I have yet to be able to book anything anywhere and when I go to ask another question about anything they throw more stipulations at me! This company has done nothing but lie to me...

Festiva / Vacations

Always on a vacation on 2011-05-20
We have been members for years and love it, have been to St Maarten, Charleston and Orlando. All the resorts were in great locations and we were always treated well. The product is what you make of it...IN reading the complaints...yes you take a tour and yes they try to sell...

Festiva - North Carolina, Asheville / Excessive billing and fraudulent collections

Robert G. Moore on 2011-05-12
I have not been able to book a vacation through Festiva since they took over from Equivest (equally evasive). However, I have been charged with higher fees each year and when I complain they threaten collections. This year they added a special collections of 1/3 the total cost and then...

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