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Posted:    Valerie

Rip off

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United States
In February of 06 my fiancé bought me an engagement ring from zales in Layton Utah, within having the ring for less that 2 weeks the diamonds began to fall out! I’ve had them replaced several times and had to eventually take the ring to my personal jeweller. When I took the ring in to have it cleaned for of all things MY WEDDING they told me that I would have to have it sent out and it would be back in aprox. 6 weeks!!! I ended up taking the ring to a local jeweller who added 2 tiny prongs to the ring and charged me 15 dollars no stones have fallen out sense, however when I took the ring in for inspection for my diamond bond they informed me that I had voided my warranty by having work preformed on it and they would no longer clean, repair or replace the ring. When I asked about a prorated refund of the 280 dollar lifetime bond the guy laughed in my face and said" you’re kidding! Right!?" I love my ring but would never do business with them again.
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 6th of Sep, 2008 by   connie 0 Votes
Allow me to start by asking if you had your ring sized? If you did depending on the type of ring the jewler should have oblonged the ring, sometimes if they dont do that and size the ring smaller the diamonds tend to get loose and fall out, may jewlers do not know this. Secondly NO where in the Zales Diamond Bond Warranty does it state that you must take it to a Zales contracted jewler, and since I am a Zales employee I should know this. We always let our clients know that the only thing that they need to make sure of when they sending an item in for repair is that they have it diamond inspected when leaving it off and picking it up. You should ask to speak to the manager at the store and see what he or she can do for you, if they fail to help you ask for the reginal managers name and talk to them. I appoligize on behalf of the corporation but please know that not all Zales have staff thattraet their customers in that manner.
 19th of Jul, 2010 by   dirtbombsfan1 0 Votes
While I feel that the poor workmanship and the way they handled it was wrong, they do, in deed, have a notice on their inspection record sheet that they give you when you purchase your diamond jewelry that you can't take your jewelry for repairs at another jeweler. My copy in front of me states "Your first inspection is six months following the month of your purchase as outlined below. If your jewelry is not inspected at Zales semiannually as outlined below, (HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART -->) or if repairs are not done by Zales, this warranty will be voided".
So I do apologize for the inconvenience you suffered, but it is there, clearly, in black and white.
 6th of Apr, 2011 by   knoxi 0 Votes
I worked at the Zales you are talking about during that time. Your story doesn't add up to me...sorry.

First of all, the Diamond Bond (if the diamond chips, falls out, or cracks) is free. Second of all, if your fiance purchased a warranty for your ring (which would cover sizing, rhodium dipping, and prong work) there is NO WAY that your warranty was $280 - unless your ring costed around $15, 000.

Second of all, if you just took your ring in to be cleaned no one would tell you that your ring needed to be sent out and wouldn't be back for 6 weeks. If there were missing diamonds at that time, yes, it would need to be sent to the diamond bond center (the place that replaces cracked/missing/chipped diamonds) but if something was just loose it would have been sent to the local jeweler and back within the week - or less.

As the person above mentioned it is in your diamnd bond paperwork that you cannot get work done elsewhere.

I also find it hard to believe that one of the guys there laughed in your face and said "you're kidding, right?!" There were only two guys working there then and one was the manager who bent over backwards to make everyone happy and another guy who did the same.

There was an unwritten "rule" at that store, too. If someone had that many problems with a ring that was just purchased a new one was ordered because there should never be that many problems right off the bat with a ring.

Sorry if I sound like a complete bitch but I worked there full time for quite a while. The manager made sure no one had a bad experience there and if you had been in several times and was unhappy he would have known about it and fixed it.
 1st of Jun, 2012 by   Unhappy in Washington Pa 0 Votes
I have 4 pieces of jewelry from Gordons with Diamond warranties. Gordons went out of business in my area and I was told to go to Zales to keep my warranty going. I then had to drive 40 miles out of the way to get there. Now the Zales left that mall I was going and I now have to drive 60 miles to get my jewelry checked. Is Zales going out of business everywhere? We paid alot of money for this service and I may not be able to use it. We would have NEVER agreed to it or bought from these stores if we knew they would be so far away. Bad business equals unhappy customers. We will never buy from this chain again.
 11th of Apr, 2013 by   Caught them Stealing from me 0 Votes
I purchased from Gordon's on line for in store pick up. They sent a 10K gold ring, when I ordered and paid for a 14k gold ring. When I called on line Gordon's they wanted to refund my money, but refused to replace it with the ring I ordered for the same price.
I think someone put the wrong ring on sale on the website, now they are trying to give everyone a cheaper ring, hoping they won't notice.
I told the people in the store, that is not the ring I ordered and they said it was.
I went to Zales and saw the ring I ordered.
Gordon's on line will rip you off. Be extremely careful. I hope both stores go out of business.
 3rd of Feb, 2014 by   navychick99 0 Votes
I have my Lifetime Diamond Commitment Record Card and I just recently noticed that though have signatures for the first two inspections on the record card, there are not any inspection numbers entered. Is this a code that changes with each inspection? I recently moved from WA to CA so I am longer near the location where the inspections were done, and the nearest Zale's that I have been able to find is nearly 2 hours away. When I called the said "just come in and we will see if we can help you" but after seeing all the negative posts online about how they tried to "void" out the warranty, I am afraid that i might just drive 2 hours for a disappointing outcome.

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