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Premier Dead Sea Products, California Complaints & Reviews - Scam

Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd Contacts & Informations

Premier Dead Sea Products

Posted:    Ana Cecil Garza


Complaint Rating:  92 % with 50 votes
Contact information:
Premier Skin Care
United States
I was approached by a sales rep at a stand at the mall the saleswoman name Ronny from Israel, was likeable and funny... and also a liar but I only learned that later. asking if I had a few minutes for a demonstration. She told me all about all their "wonderful products" and how great they were for your skin, this Christmas season, stay away from the Dead Sea Cosmetics stand at your mall!! she had me put my hands out and then she proceeded to put some salt on my hands and rub it, and latter applied a type of lotion to them. Being stupid and unassuming I went ahead and bought 167 dollars worth of eye serum, salt, and pearl white cream.
The company and all theirs reps scam their customers and won't stand behind the products. I will do everything I can to stop them from ripping off other people. I have learned a hard lesson.
I got ripped off it really does not work wont do it again .I also looked at the prices on the internet and they are half price of what I paid. It bothered me that there was no literature for the products. Also, the receipt does not show prices for an itemize item but the total.The receipt also had in tiny tiny print "No Returns" but I didn't even get my receipt until after I had purchased
Not even one start for this company, zero start,

Comments United States Health & Beauty
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 9th of Feb, 2010 by   Lizababes +1 Votes
I was also a victim of this last week in Paramus Park Mall in Paramus, NJ. I have no intention of buying anything that day, but the salesman begged me to hear him for a few minutes and i let him and the rest was history. I bought a Deja Vu eye serum for $120 (they have a premier dead sea product as well but he used this cream at me as a demo). I checked the price online when i got home and i couldn't believe it, i can get the serum for as low as $17.50. I really feel bad, these people shouldn't be doing this to us. They shouldn't be selling this product here in the U.S. I came back to return it but they said 'no return accepted'. I asked the help of the mall management office, and I was surprised they were aware of the problem. They knew how this company conduct their business in the mall. The management office told me that they'll try to talk to the company and give them a call back in a few days. I hope and pray that the management office can really help me out. They need to do something about this and don't allow companies like this to do business in their premises. I am calling all the victims of this scam... please also inform the management office of your experience, maybe they can help us.
 30th of Aug, 2010 by   Bahbrajonz 0 Votes
I too believe these Dead Sea scams should be stopped. First off the product looked and smelled just like standard Kosher Salt. She put my hands over the basin in the same fashion and sprayed water from a misting bottle for me to rinse with. Then she assured me the grey in the white bowl had come from my hands. I believe the mister has dirty water to lead you to believe that you're hands hold that much sludge. I'm borderline OCD with my hand-washing and had just thoroughly washed my hands when this woman approached me.
She was really brazen, given the fact that I assured her that I had been to Israel and the AHAVA outlet where I bought many Dead Sea items. The whole concept of this region having some special minerals and unique effect on the skin is bogus in my opinion. These people are oh so nice when they think they have you in their clutches, but as soon as you say, "No thanks", they turn very nasty. They believe we're a bunch of gullible Americans with a lot of cash to blow. And they believe their 5 minute shpil should reap them a $100.00 salt sale.
 3rd of Nov, 2010 by   hollyhollyc +1 Votes
I was lucky enough to not fall into the category of "victim" on this one. But I can well relate to what you all have gone through. I went to the mall today and passed by the kiosk. The pretty, cheerful lady got me and my brother hyped up about trying her products. She did the same demo with me--rubbed salt on my hand and then sprayed it off with a water bottle. She tried and tried extremely well to get me to purchase something. ANYTHING. She was willing to "negotiate." After failed attempts, she became extremely rude. She made me feel very uncomfortable towards the end. I wasn't convinced--there wasn't any "information" on the products, and the fact that she couldn't give me a straight answer the first time on the price was really troublesome. That was my first red flag.
 4th of Dec, 2010 by   tkaapke -1 Votes
i have had great results with all the premier products i bought at the mall...and wouldnt even want to return any of them. i got all the results i was told i would get and more...I am a very happy customer and will buy again!
 12th of Dec, 2010 by   gynky -1 Votes
I fell for it all, too! I DO like the products, , , , , , , , , but why don't I see the results here at home as dramatically as at the kiosk? What else might have been in the water mister to make my hands softer? I knew a lot of it was "bunk" but was enjoying the pampering and the great effects of the products. What's really bad is that they were telling me the cost of the heat mask was $600, but they were going to sell it to me for $300. They did that with everything. Everything I bought that was supposedly "a deal", was far more expensive than their online prices. All I can say is "I'm a sucker and an idiot!" I'll have to try and enjoy the products but I'm gonna have to find extra work to pay for this very foolish mistake.
 29th of Dec, 2010 by   Stefanie001 0 Votes
I was appoched by Rachel a repesinative of the Dead Sea Nail Kit Treatment in University Park Mall in Mishawaka IN she was freindly but hard to understand she was cashing me out so I had my money out ready to pay then she said $49.99 I was like wow nevermind as I was about to put my money away she grabed it and put it in her register and I looked at her and Said I told you I changed my mind and why in the hell did you grab my money from me as I was puting it back in my wallet I wont my money back now!! She smiled at me and pointed at the sighn that said no cash refunds. I told her I dint buy this from you you snached the cash out of my hands as I was putting it back in my wallet I demanded to talk to a manager and he told me no cash refunds and there was nothing he could do about it . SO WHAT YOUR WALLETS GIRLS THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY FROM YOU .
 4th of Mar, 2011 by   Gelmusic 0 Votes
I have read several complaints about the kiosks in malls that sell these products. I went through this scam in Vegas while going through the PH Mall and got ripped to the tune of $625.00. What a fool I was. They sure are good at talking fast and getting you out. I hardly knew what I had when I left. At any rate, the products are good, and I do find that they work. I wanted to let others know that I found them and the same things plus more that I was scammed for in Vegas on amazon.com. I got the whole bag of same products for under $100.00! I just wanted to help someone who might have liked the products like me, but were scammed at a mall kiosk. Now I find that the products are fine and also actually reasonable at the right place. Hope this helps someone that might have been as stupid as I was, but liked the products. I just can't believe I fell for such a scam. I am also disabled and my caretaker had left me in my chair near there while they went to the restroom. As naive as this all makes me sound, I assure you that I have never been scammed like this in my life. It was all so fast. I wasn't aware that I had been charged over $600 until I returned to my hotel room. I was already just sick from thinking it was the $400 that they told. A really bad experience. I took the time to write this in hope that I may save even 1 person from having a neagtive experience like this.
 5th of Jun, 2011 by   WashingtonState 0 Votes
I was also scammed in a mall kiosk about a year ago and spent way too much when he threw in more items, but have been trying to use up the products anyway. They really won't let you get away easily without a big purchase. The man said he was just working there that day as a favor - said he had his own specialty skin store in Seattle and was some kind of expert/specialist. When I asked him where in Seattle he couldn't tell me. That should have been my first red flag... When I've gone back to that mall I've seen him there several times and steer clear. I went to use the mineral face "mask" (Instant stretching & revilizing mask) today and it's all oily and is now acting like putting oil on my skin instead of a mask; so that product is certainly defective.
 28th of Sep, 2011 by   Shsp 0 Votes
The premier dead sea products are a huge scam, even in Europe! My parents and I were approached by them at a kiosk in La Canada mall in Marbella, Spain. The saleswoman seemed nice enough to try on different products and spent nearly an hour with us. We were told that it was a French company that manufactures dead sea products. At the time, the products seemed to have an instantaneous effect. And happy as we were she charged my mom the first batch for 500 euros (two creams and a serum). But when my dad seemed unconvinced, she offered a second batch of products (also two creams and a serum) for 250 euros. She kept on sweet talking us and claiming that she doesn't work on commission.That probably persuaded us to pay the full amount in cash and we were promised a full refund if anything went wrong. However, later in the day my parents started to have serious allergy reactions, including rashes, hot flushes and swelling. To my concern, we looked it up online and learned that the products were actually worth less than the half the amount we paid and that it was manufactured by an Israeli company. The receipt was also not itemized and printed in faded ink. When we went back to the kiosk the next day to ask for a refund, we were told that they don't offer refunds and that we can only exchange the items! When we were referred to a supervisor, he dealt with us in a very rude and aggressive manner. He claimed that he cannot do anything until he would speak to the saleswomen who sold us the products. Nevertheless, we insisted to wait and told him that he was accountable for misrepresenting the products and lies told by his staff. Thankfully, he asked us to come back after two hours and we got our money back. The saleswoman showed up after all and she even tried to sell us more stuff! When I started to retrace the events of that day, I realized that they target tourists and usually older people. They also try to profile their potential customers, ie victims by asking unnecessary personal questions. Unfortunately, there are people out there trained to scam people and they are good at it.
 3rd of Feb, 2012 by   Pat Tiede 0 Votes
In January 2012, I was approached by a rep from Israel - Inbar - at a kiosk at Montgomery Mall in Maryland. She tried several products on me and said she would pay for some of them if I would buy the whole line for a mere amount of $5, 000. I challenged her but she always had an answer. First, I'd have no room in my bathroom -- she said throw out all your other skin care items. They use tricks like putting product on right side of face. Everyone knows the left side has more wrinkles because of sun damage from driving in the car. They approach well dressed and well groomed females and really get into your face. She was leaving the next day for Paris and she gave me her card and said to call her anytime. I was lucky to get away with spending $125 for facelift in a jar--I have not used it yet. Buyer beware--these people are predatory and very sweet talking. You have to be rude and just walk by. Kiosk owners should be aware of these zealots. She also said a woman plastic surgeon had just bought $2, 000 worth of products, that was why she could give me a $695 jar for $125.
 28th of May, 2012 by   Boogsgma 0 Votes
I hear all of u on this issue, they need to b shut DOWN. Need to protest them outside the malls. I wasn't a victim this time except that the same people sell the gerstyle hair care products flat irons and all. I brought a flat iron two years ago with a 5 year warranty. When i took one back the other day the dude told us we could upgrade our flat iron for 49 bucks and he would throw in the hair serum.. Well needless to sat we weng for it and he thru my original receipt away. Came home n found out online that the upgrade was really a down grade RIP OFF WE Need TO SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN and send them bk to where they came from. I'm nut sure but they sound more like Russian's n e way. How dare they represent GOD CHOSEN PEOPLE IN THE MANNER
 11th of Sep, 2012 by   Real Deal #1 0 Votes
I personally think the dead sea products work great, i have stopped by every kiosk and i used the salt and the body lotion as well as the skin lotion, some people like it and others don't but be honest why would you spent over a hundred dollars on products without thinking. Most people on here are talking about they were scammed how? No one scammed you, you purchased something that you couldn't affort it and tried to return it. They told you like they told me before you purchased it, "its not refunds! I don't sell dead sea products but i do realize how people spend money on impulse and without thinking, so thats a personal problem, don't blame the products or the sellers.
 22nd of Feb, 2013 by   willeyradloff +1 Votes
I got caught at the Luxor Casino in Vegas on my way to a Carrot Top show. After her schpeel I was impressed but hesitated at the price. She was a well trained professional... she was ready for my concerns. "These products will last you a year" (if you call 90 days a year...um ok) "That's just pennies a day" she said..."You only have one face" she said (unlike these sales people who have 2!) I still balked at the price and started to walk away so she threw in a couple other products and I bought it just to be rid of her. I spent about $150 for 3 items so I didn't do THAT bad... I don't think. I love the products and love the results (the Eye Serum and Face Serum are THE BOMB!) However, 3 months I mean "one year" later when I needed more I googled them and found I could get the products on Amazon.com for a fraction of the price. I am still using them, but now I purchase them from Amazon.com. A lesson learned.

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