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Back to the Caribbean Complaints & Reviews - Vacation trap

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Back to the Caribbean

Posted:    Ian

Vacation trap

Complaint Rating:  82 % with 56 votes
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Back to the Caribbean
United States
I purchased a vacation package from Back To The Caribbean and at the time of purchase or on the contract there is no mention of cancellation. With the current economy, I called to get a refund only to find out that I am not able to cancel. I was never told that I would not be able to cancel nor is it written on any of the documents that I have received from them. Furthermore, my lawyer wrote to them and completely ignore the letter. Now I find myself having to sue them.

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 22nd of Feb, 2012 by   Learned lesson 0 Votes
We also have booked our 2012 vacation - with a reputable cruise line. We have had no issues with any of the arrangements. Between our travel agent and the online services all has gone well.
Even last years vacation went very well. This was after the runaround and BS from BTTC . Reputable companies care about their customers.
We can hope the authorities will end this scam. In the end BTTC will get what they deserve. I believe stealing is against the 7th commandent but apparently it only applies to honest people.
Cantputmyfingeronit - good luck!!
 22nd of Feb, 2012 by   weatherlobe 0 Votes
is it any good?
who is jane summer?
is it a fake name perchance?
 22nd of Jul, 2013 by   Lynn W. 0 Votes
In 2010 I bought a package for $518 with a destination of Cancun, Mex which included 6 days in this location plus two other 2-night locations in the USA. (I learned later that each one required a 90-minute presentation.) To date we have not made it out of the USA. Understandably Back to Fun canceled Cancun because of the drug problems, and offered to replace. In the past 2 years an acceptable replacement has NOT been forth coming (and I keep asking). We paid $518 for a fully paid vacation in Cancun, but so far the proposed substitutes offered elsewhere in Mex have a $65 per day per person surcharge (For 2 people that is $130 per day). To encourage us not to file a complaint, our time limit was extended indefinitely. The situation remains unresolved. If Back to Fun comes up with something within the next 6 months, I will see about reporting a positive ending to this story. Otherwise, I will need to report to both the State and the BBB.
 9th of Aug, 2013 by   Peggy Nichols Vaccaro 0 Votes
After five years, I received a telephone call tonight from Barbara from BTTC. As many have already written, our troubles began in 2008 after receiving a phone call from a representative from BTTC advising us (husband and myself) that we had "won" a 7 day, 6 night stay in Mexico, plus 4 days, 3 nights in Florida or Las Vegas. Yes, Mr. Fischer, we were told we had "won" the above trips. After going over the details with the representative (and trust me, I can and will provide more details because I do have notes & emails to prove everything I am writing), we were advised we needed to pay $500 for administrative and tax fees. That should have been the red flag for us but it wasn't. We paid $500 and our certificate for the vacation package was mailed to us. Nothing in the certificate indicated vacations were based on "availability." The only caveat I remember was having to provide 60 days notices prior to the travel date requested.

We contacted BTTC in late 2008 or early 2009 in an attempt to book the vacation to Mexico. Several telephone calls were made and messages were left, but NO ONE returned our calls. Finally, we emailed BTTC and several days later, a representative by the name of Johnnye exchanged emails with us. Again, I have saved all emails and can prove everything I am writing. Johnnye was not quick in checking our requests and in fact, was quite rude to me. My husband contacted Johnnye to satisfy any misunderstanding and rudeness. This didn't last very long as every attempt we made with Johnnye to book the Mexico vacation resulted in non-availability for the dates we wished to travel. Again, our requests were ALWAYS presented more than 60 days in advance of the time we wished to travel and we were always informed there was no availability.

After much dissatisfaction with Johnnye and her rudeness, we contacted our credit card company to report that we were not receiving what had been promised in the travel certificate. Our credit card company is American Express and we provided all documentation to them, emails, certificates, etc. AE contacted BTTC and apparently BTTC assured AE they would make good on the certificate and extend our certificate timeline for an additional year at no cost.

Five hundred dollars is a lot of money to lose and that is exactly what has occurred. The terms of the package we were promised were changed with no notice to us. The resorts we were advised were our winnings were never available. Puerto Rico was offered as an alternative, which we turned down.

I find it rather ironic that five years later this company is calling us again in attempt to get us to revisit what they have to offer. The only way I will entertain anything this company has to offer is if they refund my $500. At this point, I am not interested, nor do I trust anything that BTTC has to offer.

Mr. Fischer - if you want to make this person happy, give me back my $500, otherwise, I will relay my dissatisfaction with BTTC on any and all complaint boards. I don't care that you think this is a threat, it's not a threat, it is a promise. Further, don't call me a liar, I can prove every point mentioned above.
 19th of Sep, 2013 by   skyrider2000 0 Votes
Important FYI...BBB Warns of Deceptive Travel-Related Promotions (This article has been updated as of February, 2011.)
Better Business Bureaus across the United States and Canada are warning consumers about an increase in deceptive travel-related offers.
Consumers are contacting the BBB to inquire about travel companies that promise "too-good-to-be-true" travel deals. These offers arrive unexpectedly in consumers' mailboxes, or over the telephone, office fax machine or Internet.
Typically, the consumer is told that they have won a "free" trip and must call a number to claim their prize. Or they receive a fax at their place of business promoting an unbelievable vacation deal that looks as if it came through inter-office channels. Others were contacted by someone offering a travel club membership, allegedly worth thousand of dollars.
According to BBB experiences, some bogus promoters have been known to take consumers' money, without providing the travel or trip that was promised. Other promoters advertise rock-bottom prices, but hide certain fees until the deal is sealed. Some promise luxurious accommodations and services, but deliver far less. Still others don't reveal that the deal includes an obligation to sit through a timeshare pitch at the destination. Finally, some promoters guarantee consumers that they can get a full refund if they decide to cancel the trip, but fail to make good on their promise.
Consumers are encouraged to obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers for the lodgings, airlines and cruise ships advertised in a vacation promotion.
Fraudulent travel deals can be hard to distinguish from legitimate ones. Their intent is to lure people into buying vacations that they otherwise would not consider.
The BBB recommends that consumers get the details of the promotion in writing, including the refund and cancellation policy, before they send a check or provide credit card number information. If asked to provide a credit card or bank account number for verification or identification, the BBB says to reconsider. This information can be used to make fraudulent charges or debits to the consumer's accounts.
If you are tempted to respond to online travel solicitations, the BBB recommends that you not judge the agency solely by the appearance of its website. Online travel scams are increasing in part because it is easy to disguise your identity in cyberspace.

This article has been updated as of February, 2011.
 17th of Dec, 2013 by   Another_Sucker 0 Votes
Anything positive on this website must be a plant as these people are reprehensible!
 17th of Nov, 2014 by   samdan 0 Votes
I used this company three years ago. Was able to book Brandon MO but didn't want the rest of the package. We paid for it and told them to keep it. Three years later I get a charge on my card. What is going on. I have called and the machine puts you on hold for 6 minutes the tells you to leave a message. So they KEEP your credit card numbers and charge you years later... Not good..

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