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Cynergy Data & First Funds / Over charged, lied to, still being charged

We have several problems with this company. We had taken out a small business loan with them several years ago through a company called First Funds. They use Cynergy Data to process their account. The interest rates were extremely high, but we needed the cash so we signed on the line...

Direct Tv / Not sending me return boxes

I am writing to complain about the fact that I never received the boxes that were supposed to be delivered to me when I canceled Direct Tv service at one house I was living in. I moved to another smaller house and was told that I could return two units that I was not using. The boxes were...

Aarons / problems with payments

I have been dealing with Aarons since they took over the Kelly Rentals Company back in February 2009. For the past 3 weeks when I have called in my payment for my account I am asked by different Associates if I am paying on my Son's Account, My son does not even live in North...

TMPL / Fake or real

Dear Sir, Is the below e-mail sent bu you people or it is fake? Please confirm me as soon as possible. Thanking you, Avranil Choudhury --- On Sat, 1/8/09, Nokia Mobile Company UK <nokiaawarduk@nokia.com> wrote: From: Nokia Mobile Company UK <nokiaawarduk@nokia.com> Subject...

Americanfinco / Rain Soft / Home Depot / FRAUDULENT FINANCING

BEFORE WE BEGIN...THE LESSON I LEARNED, IS TO BACK AWAY AND SAY NO TO ANY FINANCE OFFERS FROM AMERICANFINCO!!! I purchased a Rain Soft Water Treatment System from a company called JARGO Group of Companies, LLC, Aqua Squad, 6905 Villa Del Rey Court, Springfield, VA, 22150. The JARGO...

Encore Payment Systems / Credit care terminal/leasing

This company will do anything for a sale, even mislead you in representing their services. A sales rep entered my office, sold me a machine on the condition that I could cancel within two months without penalty, but when I tried to cancel within the two month time frame, suddenly I...

Aarons / Tv / why my son couldnt get a tv

i have an account with aarons/lawton, ok and have always been on time with my payments. i have always been treated with respect until now i referred my son and everything was a go until (he has a roommate) they only share the rent and utilities and live in separate areas of the house...

Platinum acceptance / Fraud to US Millitary personell

While on active duty with the us army i purchased a computer through platinum acceptance, the original aggremeent was for no money down no payment for 2 years, they told me they would not collect while on dployment and then i was deployed to iraq. after my third tour. My account was in...

PEAK5 / 2003 Silveraldo Chevy Truck/payments

They closed doors and never let us no, Now I owe interest 178.00 Dollars worth. Thanks to Peak 5, And I never was behind on my truck payments 5 yrs worth of payments and I almost have it paid off and now this happens, -------------Really Upset, b.houston56@sbcglobal.net

Aarons Rental / bad bizz

after renting a washer from aarons for 6 months maybe 8, the dang thing broke!i asked to just pick it up its non fixable, they replaced it with another model i didnt like because their cheap.guess what?thats broke too.did i mention i was holding my payment and then i made it when they gave...

First Data Global Leasing / Theives

I have had to change my checking account because of fraudulent charges being taken from my account. I had returned the equipment but continued to get billed for a machine I had not used for 3 years it was obsolete. Now they refuse to send a letter of confirmation that this account i...

Lease One Corporation / Swindlers

Stay away from these swindlers. I was downsized and relocated my family to Florida for a more affordable lifestyle. I was looking to start my own business and I found LeaseOne interesting because it offered the cheapest possible start up cost at $19, 900. After spending time on the phone...

MFB Leasing, llc / Unprofessionalism

I recently responded to a letter that I received from MBf Leasing, llc and was greeted by a Ruben Garcia. While inquiring about the exact nature of the afore mentioned letter, Mr, Garcia was rude, loud, obnoxious, and hung up on me numerous times. When I asked to make a complaint or to...

Blue Dolphin National / Michael Chouteau has gone into hiding

On May 29th., I paid Michael Chouteau the sum of $15, 000 for a corporation, DNB Build and 200K-$500K in funding. I understand that funding takes time...even 60 business days is understandable. However, I was supposed to get notification of the new corp. within 48 hours showing...

Emeskay Financial Services Limited / Return of Telephone Bills through ECS

Dear Sir, Sub: Return of Telephone Bills through ECS – Bill Nos.2483931, 2483707 – Bill dated 5/6/2009 for Rs.3, 282 and Rs.1513 - Reg We bring to your notice that we were informed that the above mentioned bills were returned through ECS with a remark of “ECS...

nokiya information / nokiya mobile promotion

CONGRATULATION!! your mobile number has won 170, 000.00EURO in the on going NOKIA MOBILE PROMOTION. You sent this messege to my mobile number and told to claim. but i don't know what to do to claim. so if it is a true messege please send a messege about this to my gmail belov zimu2z@gmail.com thankyou

chrysler 300 / reps

i have a car loan thru this company. i have had my car since 2007. anytime i have called their company or the company has contacted me, the call WAS NOT PLEASANT. THE REPS ARE RUDE, AND THEY DO NOT KNOW THE CORRECT WAY TO ADDRESS CUSTOMERS. THEY HARRASS YOU ABOUT YOUR PAYMENTS 2-3 WEEKS...

Lfg Leasing / cannot contact-phone disconeects

Cannot contact company to find out when lease agreement is up, phone always disconnects, I believe my leawe is up today and I cannot contact them

Golden Eagle Leasing / Credit card machine leasing

Golden Eagle LeasingI am a small fine arts craftsperson located in upper midwest. In July 2006 I signed a 3-yr contract for credit card services and machine rental with Jim Eng, a local Bloomington credit card dealer. I thought that would help as I would have a local person to help me with the credit card...

LeaseOne Corporation / Con Artists

These crooks promised me the ability to fund deals and that they would provide backroom support. They lied and the owner operator is a fast talking snake oil salesman. Stay far away from these folks, they'll sign you up for $20, 000, have you attend the training and then you'll...
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