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Dog Breeders Complaints

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Appalachian Cane Corso - Dogs health problems

Posted: 2015-11-24 by    Kathy Bobersky
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I had to have my 6 year old Cane Corso named Cosmo put to sleep on Nov 12 2015 because he had bone cancer in his right hind leg which spread to his ribs. On Oct 9th of this year I took him to the vet because was having trouble walking. This was the first that I found out about his condition...

Von Waldberg German Shepherds - False Advertising and Deceit about Quality, Warranty, and Health!

Posted: 2015-11-24 by    Reviewer20380
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False Advertising and Deceit about quality and warranty and health!!! ATTENTION!!! READ BEFORE YOU BUY. I felt that Phil Skoog and daughter Kimberly Brown are part-time breeders and a full-time salesmen for other breeders' puppies. They offer false advertising on the quality and the health...

Native Vision Siberians - Alicia Ruff - Siberian Husky Breeder

Posted: 2015-11-22 by    Reviewer44079
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Native Vision SiberiansKennel is an alias for an animal abuser who claims to be a show breeder. Plead Guilty to animal abuse in 2014, this person is mandated not to own animals. Other information in the following summary comes from her own facebook pages. Names include Alicia Ruff, Alicia Katherine Ruff, Alicia Jeregi,...

Butterball Bullies - Genetic/congenital diseases

Posted: 2015-11-22 by    Jennifermcmoy
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I have bought 2 dogues from Jamie and both have died due to genetic diseases that were passed down. I tried to get a refund or another Dogue and she made false promises. She is breeding dogs with bad genetic lines. Both of my dogues were 1st pick pups,...

Color Me Shih Tzu - Stole My Stud Dog

Posted: 2015-11-21 by    ali bellerson
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Having been long distance "friends" with this Breeder for almost 3 years, I invited her to my home in June 2015. We Co-Owned a Stud together that she had in her possession, that I wanted to use, after she had used him for 2 litters. She still owed me 1/2 the cost of this stud and 2...

Stanley & Jane Flowers - Unethical questionable behavior

Posted: 2015-11-19 by    Reviewer77371
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Planned to purchase a puppy and breeder said they were very satisfied we were a good home and even wanted us to have the puppy over another buyer. As a responsible buyer, we requested to review the contract in advance, get references, and see photos - Jane agreed. The day before meeting to get...

Mountain Pine Goldens - Dog Mix up / Breeder took my Puppy away

Posted: 2015-11-17 by    Reviewer84026
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I recently decided to buy a puppy from Mountain Pine Goldens - Randy + Bonnie Kidd in Colorado Springs. I agreed to buy a little boy named Mr Black. After I picked up the dog, I completely fell in love with it. I named it, I bought it tons of toys and food and necessary equipment. I stayed up...

Forever Labradors - No puppy, no deposit returned

Posted: 2015-11-17 by    kstovall
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Breeder accepted a $150 deposit on a labrador retriever puppy in August for a litter to be ready for delivery mid November. When the color we wanted was not available, tried to sell us a non AKC regulation color animal for an additional $200 above the agreed to price. When we indicated we were...

Kinship Companions - Puppy Mill

Posted: 2015-11-12 by    Reviewer82182
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Judge tosses Kinship Companions lawsuit Jason Smathers, Sheboygan Press Media 8:32 p.m. CST November 11, 2015 KC.jpgBuy Photo (Photo: Kali Thiel / Sheboygan Press Media) 46 CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN COMMENT EMAIL MORE A Sheboygan judge is dismissing a case in which a dog breeder sued the town that...

Patty's Boxers - Sellling Puppies Scam

Posted: 2015-11-11 by    Arnell
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Hind sight is 20/20, but after months of communicating with Patty's Boxers, the breeder conveniently stopped communicating once the 90 days were up. Why is this important? It's also the date in which any claims are no longer researched with PayPal. Unfortunately, I also found out despite the...

The Family Puppy - Daniel Miller Pet-puppy purchase

Posted: 2015-11-09 by    Reviewer45951
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Daniel Miller has violations from 2007 about his puppy mill. He sells dogs to the Family Puppy Pet Store. The puppies have parasites and worms. They also have eye and ear infections. He also sells the puppies prior to 8 weeks old. This is a puppy mill whose only concern is making money. Recently...

Minihuskies.org - Unethical Behavior

Posted: 2015-11-06 by    Mini Huskey.net Unethical
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Minihuskies.orgToday I am looking at a play pen set up for my new mini husky in my office that is empty. Why is it empty? Let me share my family’s story to hopefully prevent you from having the same disappointment. We put a $150 deposit for a puppy In June 2015. Bree Normandin stated she goes off waiting...

Lazy Day Doodles - unethical behaviour of a dog breeder

Posted: 2015-11-02 by    irishgoldendoodle
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
October 2015. I contacted this business about puppies they had available for sale. During contact with this breeder I asked questions relating to the condition and health of the puppies. I stressed that a healthy puppy was what was important to me (in response to questions from the breeder about...

Angels of Scotland Scotties - Puppy ethics

Posted: 2015-11-02 by    Reviewer88987
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Responding to other complaint made about this breeeder. I dealt with this woman over a year ago while looking for a scottie pup. My scottie had died at 14-1/2 of old age and it was an emotional time for me. My original breeder had retired and i had already been given the run around around by...

Zeder Kamme German Shepherds - German Shepherd Dog - 12 week old puppy.

Posted: 2015-11-01 by    Reviewer68926
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
This dog was advertised as a "show quality dog" according to the breeder, Nancy Thomas-Price. We sent the $600 deposit to the breeder and made arrangements to pick up the puppy. The day we went down to her kennel to pick him up I noticed that he walked like a "duck" and that his elbows were...

Top Notch Bulldogs - Olde English Bulldogge Puppy

Posted: 2015-10-27 by    Reviewer39242
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
We bought a puppy from Marie Morris, owner and breeder of Top Notch Bulldogs, (Olde English Bulldogs) Galivants Ferry, SC. While the 10 adult dogs are kept clean and well fed, it is important to consider these dogs have had very little human contact, and are housed in a kennel...NOT in her home....

Silver Crest Labs - Breeder does not test Dogs as stated

Posted: 2015-10-26 by    abkdh5
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Patricia knew I wanted to breed and needed a good quality dog. She offered to mentor me through it. I got test results back and Jessie has Moderate Hip Dysplasia. After researching her dogs at OFFA.org, I found that she didn't have her females tested for hips and elbows. Her male was tested...

Golden Retreiver Breeder - Dog Breeder

Posted: 2015-10-26 by    Reviewer28527
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Al Goldens - web site from Alabama showing available puppies for a reasonable price. Claim to be a family business but when you call it is hard to contact them or the phone cuts in and out. They do their business then only by text and e-mail. They want payment in form of Western Union paid to...

Kashuba Goldens - Unethical selling practices

Posted: 2015-10-22 by    Reviewer65419
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Shady dealings with this lady - do not trust her. She knows exactly how to prey on innocent people. She'll sell you an over-priced pup, never transfer ownership, and get you to raise it until it's old enough to show/breed. Then she cries "abuse" and scoops it back, refusing to refund your money....

Adventure Kennels - Refusal to refund deposit

Posted: 2015-10-20 by    ERode
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Michele refused to refund our deposit that the contract, that we both signed, states in refundable. We tried contacting her through phone, text, and email. She responded to one phone call made by my husband from a phone that she did not recognize and said she would mail a check to us. She never...

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