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Pine Woods Acres Golden Retrievers / Underhand dealing, lying

Gggggggggggggg on Nov 29, 2016
I went to purchase a pup from this breeder, they wanted a cash payment on pick up, I wrote them a check they agreed to try to have c!eat in the ten days before pick up, they lied about the check clearing, waited five days before trying to cash the check, I feel strongly they say no paper...

Amulet Charm Dog Kennel / Conditions of property and neglect of animals

AE1955 on Nov 28, 2016
Amulet Charm Dog KennelWent to view a puppy here. Located at 52 Wheatland Dr, Goldendale, WA. Kennel name is Amulet Charm and they sell Whippets and other breeds. HORRIFIC conditions! Dogs are filthy! Small manufactured home is littered with debris and go-awful stench! DO NOT buy from this couple. HOARDERS i...

Takara Shih Tzu by Lyn Dixon / Puppy for sale

Ann1070 on Nov 27, 2016
I paid a 365.00 deposit through PayPal for a puppy and Lyn never delivered the puppy. Every time that I spoke with her, she had another excuse why she could not deliver the puppy such as the dogs were at her sister's house in the Midwest, my husband is disabled-just one excuse after...

Andrea Dowling / Airedale terrier puppy flea infestation, seattle

mns9184 on Nov 19, 2016
We just received our puppy and I have never dealt with a worse case of fleas before with any animal. I reached out to her about it and she will not respond. We have tried baths, picking off all the eggs, flea collar and none seem to work. The puppy was really dirty when I received it and...

Imperial Kennels LLC / Falsifying pedigree and information about dogs

Sarah Leggett on Nov 19, 2016
Rick Patterson of Imperial Kennels in Suffolk VA has been an issue for this region since he decided to breed dogs 4 years ago. He breeds Belgian Malinois, GSD, and Dobermans. He has been in trouble with AKC many times for false pedigrees, changing dogs names and even using his children'...

Arlees French Bulldogs / French dog breeder

Antoine Le Baux on Nov 17, 2016
This lady “Lily” likes to play games, I’m very close from calling her a scam artist. When she responded to my inquiry with what exactly I was looking for I told her my expected price, gender, color etc. She responded that she had one exactly fitting my criteria but had others (different...

Elegant yorkies / Did not receive puppies that we paid for

Angela40p on Nov 17, 2016
We went on the Internet to look for reliable breeders.We found Elegant Yorkies.They state that they r certified akc breeders. We purchased 2 puppies on Nov16 for 1000.00 plus shipping.Nov17 we sent 1000.00 to them .The puppies were to be shipped but then a problem with the shipping came...

Patricia Ruberg / Winchester pomeranians

ily ser on Nov 16, 2016
Hello people! Please don't buy puppies from this person, Patricia Ruberg. She is a scam artist. Her puppies are not registered. She sold me a puppy a year ago for 2k and plus I paid 500$ for the papers which I never received. She lied about it over a year and never send me the papers and...

Misty Ridge Kennel Resort and Boarding Kennel / Quality of pure bred german shepherd dog

S&T on Nov 14, 2016
6 years ago, we bought a GSD puppy from Joyce Burdette at Misty Ridge, New Windsor, MD. He was touted as being "Healthy, well bred, having had hip dysplasia bred out of him." What we weren't told is that due to his breeding, he had arthritis of a dog more that twice his age, had such a...

Djchihuahua.com / DJChihuahua.com

Susan Browse Altarac on Nov 11, 2016
Susan TheGroomer 0 contributions CONTRIBUTE REVIEWS PHOTOS EDITS Here are the reviews you've posted publicly. To add more, search for a place and click "Write a review." Learn more 1 review Dj's Premium Chihuahuas Idaho Falls, ID 83402 ★★★★★ I would like to share my...

Jessica Wistuk & Joseph Kuzmics Fox Creek Kennel - 434-374-8700 Aka Jessica Kuzmics & Aka Michael Wistuk / Buffalo junction va - sold me a seriously ill bishon frise puppy that died with parvo after two days of having him home. Buffalo junction virginia

TP373 on Nov 7, 2016
Please do your homework before purchasing from these people and save yourself alot of heart ache and trouble. Ive prayed that someone would shut this puppy mill down and i contacted the state of pensylvania animal welfare dept as well as the attorney generals office to check in on these...

Eldon Miller Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder / Genetic defect in puppy - glaucoma and broken lens

Jsokol on Nov 4, 2016
We had contacted Mr Miller looking for a Burnese Mountain Dog puppy. He had one left from the litter, 4 months old. He said because it was over 12 was old he would take $300 for him, he is ACA registered. We decided to go look at the puppy after Mr Miller called us back and said if we...

Dixieland /Halo German Shepherds / German shepherd puppy

Kym Marie on Nov 4, 2016
I found Dixieland/Halo German Shepherds in an online search. She had photos on her website of beautiful dogs and puppys. Located in Vidalia GA. I called and left a message and was answered by text. I told her what I was looking for and price range. She sent me several photos of puppie...

Oxford Bulldog Club / Bulldog breeder

mistacey757 on Nov 2, 2016
November 2, 2016 To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to you in hopes that you might be able to assist me with an issue I am having with a local breeder. I am filing complaints with business advocates and taking the issue to small claims court, however I am aware of the spread of unethical...

Tank R Tots / English bulldogs

Bullfrogdog on Nov 1, 2016
Tank R TotsDon't by a English bulldog from Tank R Tots if you can't out right pay for it. The loan place they use will easily make you wish you never got the puppy. Looks cute And cuddly until you are short on money and you credit is taking a hard hit by the loaner company Monterey financial!! Look...

Tinkerdoodle Kennel / Unreturned deposit when puppies were eaten

srs85 on Oct 31, 2016
I put a deposit on a dog in Jan 2016 for a F1b puppy expected in spring or summer. The dog took to the mating and a pregnancy was confirmed, however the first time mother was unable to produce live puppies (end of June) and could not be bred again. There was no backup dog to breed to...

Chatham Collies / Unethical behaviour

ElenaElena on Oct 30, 2016
In June 2016, our old collie died and we made a decision to buy another puppy from the same breeder hoping to continue with the same bloodline. We contacted Debbie Fergusson (Chatham Collies) by the phone and she informed us of upcoming litter. When the litter was born on August 16th, she...

Mypeekapoos.com aka Cameo Kennels aka Amy McCrary / Puppy

CarolAJ on Oct 29, 2016
In November 2015 I saw on her website that she was expecting a litter of peekapoos in December 2015. I called her, and she sounded legit, so I sent her a $500 deposit via my credit card. In Dec. I was told it was a false pregnancy but she had another dog in heat and had already bred her. I...

Bullcanes.net / Sick dog

AnnaBB on Oct 25, 2016
I bought my dog from this breeder Bullcanes over a year ago. When I bought the dog I had no idea he was sick. This seller Bullcanes assured me that their dogs were 100% healthy and had no issues, but only later I realized that was a lie. My pet was sick and had many health issues and I...

Mayder Falk Dachsunds of Nazareth PA / Dog breeder

Jwlewis13 on Oct 24, 2016
This past spring my family discovered these people advertising puppies, and all that was required to reserve one was a $100 deposit to be placed on a waiting list. Well, we waited. And waited. My wife saw puppies posted to Facebook that totally circumvented any sort of waiting list...
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