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www.frenchieblues.com / unethical behavior

Reviewer97744 on 2016-02-10
do not buy from this website. It is a fraud, we transferred $900 into his account which also happened to be the same bank we bank with. We were communicating with the man and received many pictures. We didn't even know about how popular this scam is with puppies. The website seemed so...

Angels of Scotland Kennels (LLC) / Unethical, fraudulent

Reviewer43559 on 2016-02-07
I had the "distinct displeasure" of dealing with this woman. She is cunning, conniving, threatening, using any method to extract from you what she wants, including running up unnecessary vet bills to use as leverage. If she shows you any paper stating that her dogs are from AKC line...

Hoobly.com / Puppy purchase

D.Renz on 2016-02-05
A listed ad showed the location as Tampa, could be right, but...they referred me to an email address: deborahakcbabies@gmail.com. This is her "co-breeder". I made contact and exchanged 6-8 emails with vague results to Deborah Yount. Cute puppy pictures that "were taken just this morning"...

Luxpoms / Daniel Arvizu and Jessica Rodriguez - Pomeranian French Bulldog Scam Artists

Reviewer95552 on 2016-02-04
These people sell sick dogs on the internet or they take your money and don't even send the dog! You can read about my experience at www.danielarvizu.net I wired him $2000 and he never sent the puppy, now he won't answer the phone he took down his website www.luxpoms.com when I...

Robert Mallonn / Norwich Terrier

Wendy's sister on 2016-02-06
Approximiatly 2 1/2 years ago my sister Wendy Pandy bought a male Norwich Terrier from Robert Mallon. When she got the puppy home she was thrilled and fell in love quickly. A few days after the purchase the puppy was playing with her cat and she noticed a hernia. She took the puppy to the...

Freshbullies.com / Sales of English Bulldog Puppies

Reviewer20552 on 2016-02-03
This company is a scam! They have stolen the pictures of my puppies off of my website where I sell my English Bulldog puppies and used them to cheat people! I've turned them in to the FBI, the FTC and the police, the BBB and Facebook but they are still operating with their website and...

Adorable Mini Dachshunds / Dachshund Puppy Mill - Warning

DaxieMom on 2016-02-03
I am writing this complaint as a warning to all those who would consider buying a puppy from Adorable Mini Dachshunds. Just over three years ago, we purchased (from online photos only) a chocolate dapple female puppy from the Batorski's. We drove down to Claresholm AB to pick her up a few...

Neverest Labs / Elbow Dysplasia

Done with Desirae on 2016-01-31
Neverest LabsMy husband and I are SO sorry we didn't pay more attention to the negative reviews posted here on Neverst Labs and Desirae Pausma. Instead, we proceeded with purchasing a puppy from Neverest Labs in April of 2015. Very early on, it became obvious this beautiful pup had lameness in both...

Adorable Mini Dachshunds / Miniature Dachshund puppy

Fedupwithbreeders on 2016-01-30
I was looking for a mini dachshund and came across this breeder in Alberta Canada near Lethbridge and Taber. I called and asked her how much where the puppies and I wanted to see parents and also wanted a CKC reg dog. She told me she had sold the parents so could show them to me which made...

Living Skies Dachshunds on Heavens' Acres / Miniature dachshund registration papers still not recieved after 14 months

Fedupwithbreeders on 2016-01-30
I purchased 4 miniature dachshunds from this breeder in December of 2014 all bought with breeding rights. I paid full price for these 4 dogs and extra to have there breeding rights. I am a small breeder so these reg papers are very important to me as I do not breed unreg dogs. This breeder...

Patricia Beatrice - Breeder / Breeding dogs with genetic problems

Reviewer74065 on 2016-01-26
On July 10, 2014 we purchased a Shih Tzu puppy ( born 5-9-2014 )from Patricia Beatrice. She told us her first name was Ann. The address was 261 Stowell Rd., Ashburnham, MA. Our poor puppy has had a history of genetic problems. The genetic problems are (1) Cataracts in both eyes (totally blind...

Marlene Martin - Breeder / Dachshund puppy/ puppy mill dog

Reviewer40357 on 2016-01-26
My daughter and I bought a dachshund puppy using puppy find website. We purchased the puppy from Marlene Martin in northern Indiana. We were given paperwork from her vet of the puppy shots and that he was healthy. That is not true. She took him to her vet and he has horrible ear mites in...

A.B.C. Ambato Boxers / Bad Breeder

Reviewer44702 on 2016-01-23
A.B.C. Ambato BoxersA.B.C Ambato Boxer 32573 FEEDER ROAD West. WAINFLEET, ON. LOS 1VO. phone: 905-899-1179 boxerlady@live.com https://www.facebook.com/ABC-Ambato-Boxers-336542046384212 A.B.C Ambato Boxers is a kennel in Wainfleet that is NOT permanently registered with the C.K.C. It is run by a woman name...

Poco Havanese / Breeder didn't provide CKC papers as promised

sbuff on 2016-01-21
We purchased a purebred Havanese and paid $2000. This breeder never provided the paperwork from the Canadian Kennel Club as promised. We filed a complaint with the CKC and they suggested we call the RCMP. CINDY VAN TOOK OUR MONEY AND NEVER COMPLETED HER END OF OUR DEAL. I have sent her...

Chambos Black German Shepherds / Unhealthy pup

CWarrilow on 2016-01-20
Chambos Black German ShepherdsWe obtained our Cru from this breeder and had a series of troubles with his health starting around his age of 1. He had a seizure 3 weeks after his first birthday and was immediately taken to the vet and no diagnosis was found. After this seizure his behaviour was greatly impacted and he...

Majestic View Kennels / Dog Breeder - Native American Indian Dogs (NAID)

Reviewer67456 on 2016-01-20
Karen Markel of Majestic View sells Native American Indian Dogs (NAID) and mixes thereof for hypoallergenic traits and a wolflike appearance. While the NAID is a fantastic breed and I have had no allergy problems whatsoever, you should avoid this kennel like the plague. Karen does not...

Arlees French Bulldogs / Stay far away!

Reviewer76492 on 2016-01-14
I contacted Arlees French Bulldogs and got a run around for about 3 hours!!! I told this lady we were willing to pay $3500 thee separate times for a french bulldog then she acted like she didn't understand what I was saying! It is almost as if she was either being racist towards me because...

Alphapack K-9 / Unethical breeder

Reviewer81017 on 2016-01-14
We purchased a German Shepherd puppy from this breeder in June, 2015. Our puppy, who is a member of our family and we love completely, has been diagnosed with perianal fistulas, which is an autoimmune hereditary disease. This disease almost exclusively affects German Shepherds and will...

Potterosa Puppies / Selling sick infected puppies

urrutiadaniel on 2016-01-09
Potterosa PuppiesWe bought a puppy for christmas for our 7 year old son and they send us a sick puppy, they reconize they have other puppies with same infection and promise to help us, but finally refuse to help us in anyway, and just said this is a business and you sign a contract. Feels like we bought a...

Castle Creek Cavaliers / Report a Breeder

Reviewer35231 on 2016-01-09
I would rate this business as a MINUS five stars if possible. Run - don't walk - away from doing business with this "backyard breeder". This customer, a 25 year educator with two master degrees in education & currently a fifth-grade elementary school teacher, decided to adopt an AKC...
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