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Enchanted Dreams Alaskan Malamutes / Alaskan Malamute Breeder Vicky Deming has unethical behavior and does not care about her puppies!

Luann Johnson on Aug 22, 2016
Enchanted Dreams Alaskan MalamutesBalto aka "Amouk", passed away August 18, 2016 from cervical stenosis and complications...I hope no one else's dog goes through what my poor dog went through. Shame on this Backyard, Nasty Malamute Breeder. The day I picked up Balto he had fleas and mites. Now Balto just turned 3 years old...

Jordan Family Treasures / Puppy

Anita Parsa on Aug 22, 2016
We purchased a shih tzu / poodle mix from Jordan's Family Treasures in June, 2016. She showed fear and fearful aggression immediately upon meeting the other dogs in our home and with dogs we met on walks. (Our other dogs are mature and calm pugs, so there was no aggression directed at...

Peaceful Acres Kennel / Dog breeder

Kbm2 on Aug 17, 2016
I bought a rare colored english bulldog from Peaceful Acres Kennel/Laurel Derouss Matthews for 6500$ i bought him as a stud dog. When i brought him homei noticed he had some hair loss, i took him to my vet for the 72 hour check up after purchase and turned out to be scabies. The worse part...

Bulldog Ravine / Sick Puppies

Jess77 on Aug 16, 2016
I guess I was the one that lucked out. I purchased a puppy from bulldog ravine in 2005 and he was fine. I actually just lost him just 2 months ago at the age of 11 years old. Just wanted to let people know that not all were sick...and my pup diesel lived a great life.

Cherry paws.net / Paid for a Maltese puppy that I never received

Paulette Young on Aug 14, 2016
The Site is CherryPaws.net. I spoke to the so called owner (Seef) on the phone & via e-mail numerous times. Chose the puppy I wanted, sent the money via Western Union on Mon 8-8-16. Puppy was supposed to shipped 8-10-16, I even received a form with all of the info regarding the shipping of...

Blackjack Dobermans / Denied Puppy & Then Would Not Return Deposit = Fraud

Brock Faulkner on Aug 3, 2016
Sue Rochester at Blackjack Dobermans totally ripped us off. In January 2015, we submitted an application and she accepted a $500 deposit (which she cashed immediately) for a puppy from her dog Indi. She was supposed to breed Indi mid-year 2015. She ended up not breeding her and did not...

Cute English Bulldogs Home / Never received the puppy

Peckk on Aug 1, 2016
Contacted breeder Emanuell Norman regarding bulldog puppy "Jenna " was very prompt with information, sent pictures and videos. Insisted I could only pick puppy up on Sunday, confirmed the address and proceeded to drive two hours away. 15 minutes away I emailed to let him know we were...

Adventure Kennels / Extremely unprofessional, filthy, major concerns for the animals

Susan Bearden on Aug 1, 2016
Michele Koenig is the most unprofessional breeder I have ever contacted. She does not get back with you promptly, makes false promises about photos and videos, has an extremely unprofessional demeanor on the phone and in person, shady personality and a filthy establishment from the little...

Acres of Adventure Kennels / AKC Paperwork on puppy

Deana Ismajli on Jul 29, 2016
I purchased a Great DANE from Michele Koenig with Acres of Adventure Kennels on 04-17-16. Mrs Koenig said the AKC paperwork was not available at the time and would be sent in the mail with 4-6 weeks. I have a contract that states that as well. I have attempted to text, call, email Michele...

Colleen Stock Wigglipups and Wigglipugs / Pug Breeder

FMJ0492 on Jul 27, 2016
On Dec 23rd I picked up what was suppose to be my best friend and help me cope with multiple deployments. I love my pug, and even though this has happened, nothing changes on how I feel about my pug. Wigglipugs sold me a female fawn pug who is a hermaphrodite, and after telling the owner...

Bad Company Kabradoddles / Bad breeding. Refusal to stop breeding sick dogs.

Michele1950 on Jul 27, 2016
Beware of Snowy River or their other name Bad Company !abradoddles. Check the medical histories with previous owners. All for now but keep posted. Biopsy results coming in Soon. was first told he was a chocolate and have found from other breeders that had undercoat was going to be white and...

D'Lynn English Cream Golden Retrievers / This lady is the worst Dawn Stewart Schmidt of Meridian Idaho with trashing other breeders

Mild Pruzen on Jul 24, 2016
D'Lynn English Cream Golden RetrieversDawn Lynn Stewart Schmidt and Michael lives in Meridian Idaho 48 years of age with having the never in contacting so many English Cream Golden Retriever breeders about wanting to buy their dogs of age to breed all for money. She would go from one breeder to another with getting all the...

NEB Basenjis / Basenji Puppy

BKC134 on Jul 20, 2016
I had contacted Lisa Simmons over a year ago inquiring about any upcoming litters as I am looking for a basenji puppy. I put down the $250.00 deposit for her upcoming litter in December-Feb (approximately). Time goes on, nothing. The dates change frequently from winter to summer. She says she’...

Diane Donnelly, Tell-Tail Cockers in Olmsted Twp., OH / Fraudulent and unethical Ohio Dog Breeder

MartyTa on Jul 17, 2016
This well known Ohio breeder is fraudulent in every sense of the word. She requires that you meet her at an offset location with cash. She lists her price on her site at $1500 per puppy and states that they are Show Quality puppies. She told us that we were to bring $3000 in cash to buy...

Clan Calhoun scotch collies riverside alabama / Bought a puppy from here

Scotch collie on Jul 17, 2016
When I went a picked up the puppy everything seem to be aright a a few weeks later hair started to disapear away from her eyes took her to the vet it was demodex mange called the breeder her and her husband said she pick it up when she got to me from the groomer or the dog park they...

Suncoast Bulldogs / Bulldog Breeder

burnedTMC on Jul 8, 2016
Emily is a liar. Buy at your own risk. I bought an "AKC" English Bulldog from her in January 2015. I brought him home and before having him 1 week, he got worms. His immunizations said he was recently given immunizations for worms, but that was never mentioned to me even though she knew I...

Truegabulldogs, LLC / Violation of terms of agreement

jspence97 on Jul 4, 2016
My wife and I put down a deposit on a bulldog puppy from Melissa M. Brown and her company (TRUEGABULLDOGS) on 12/17/14. We were promised 3rd pick of the next litter. Unfortunately only one puppy was born in the next litter and the only puppy born died slightly after birth. Melissa asked if...

White Oak Labradors / Labrador retrievers

Anna Jamrosz on Jul 1, 2016
I gave a $500 deposit to White Oak with the promise that I would be able to pick up a female lab in mid-July from its Justin, Texas dog farm upon payment of an additional $500. After I paid the deposit, White Oak was evasive and nonresponsive to my requests for a pick up date. I live in...

Pets4Homes / Advertising

Sarah Dashwood on Jul 1, 2016
I am a breeder of Tibetan Terriers and have been for 17 years. We carry out all the recommended health screening and have been inspected by our local council. Recently we rescued one of our babies from a family that did not care about his welfare or wellbeing. We always ask our puppy...

II Shea Ranch and Kennel / Sue Shea - Unethical behavior

Ron Radloff on Jun 28, 2016
I had to take Sue Shea to Small Claims Court. She was ordered to refund my money but has ignored the Arbitrators decision and my requests to get paid. During our arbitration she claims she isn't a Kennel. If thats true then she is just a puppy mill! There was a young dog laying on her...
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