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Dog Breeders Complaints

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Bullcanes.net / Sick dog

AnnaBB on Oct 25, 2016
I bought my dog from this breeder Bullcanes over a year ago. When I bought the dog I had no idea he was sick. This seller Bullcanes assured me that their dogs were 100% healthy and had no issues, but only later I realized that was a lie. My pet was sick and had many health issues and I...

Mayder Falk Dachsunds of Nazareth PA / Dog breeder

Jwlewis13 on Oct 24, 2016
This past spring my family discovered these people advertising puppies, and all that was required to reserve one was a $100 deposit to be placed on a waiting list. Well, we waited. And waited. My wife saw puppies posted to Facebook that totally circumvented any sort of waiting list...

Ambato Boxers / Ambato boxers has been attacked by false accusations made by cate von smith bauder

Animal lover vegan on Oct 22, 2016
Ambato BoxersI'm Sofia Haig Ex member of the Canadian kennel Club not longer a member because of false accusations made against me . I rescued some small dogs from a puppy mill the owner had died . I Sofia Haig VEGAN Animal activist and Animal lover rescued the dogs that Cate Von _ Smith Bauder ha...

Perfect Pek Kennels / Dog breeder scam

Becky Shutrump on Oct 14, 2016
Where do I begin! I was looking for a small silky female Pekingese. I explained to Kathy at Perfect Pek Kennels that I'm not physically able to handle a dog larger than 10 pounds. She told me that she specializes in small & toy dogs. At 9 months old my puppy is much larger than AKC standards and...

Royal Blood Bullies / American bulldog dog breeder - do not buy.

AlPetro on Oct 12, 2016
1. We bought the dog from Royal Blood Bullies breeder above on Oct 7. 2. On the very next day we took the dog to the vet. The vet discovered major health issue, suggesting to return the dog back to the breeder. 3. We contacted Royal Blood Bullies breeder and he suggested to bring the dog...

Alaska Akitas / Dog breeder

Lissi Bradfield on Oct 10, 2016
Alaska AkitasOn October 8, 2016, we had to put our 8 1/2 month old puppy, Ronin, to sleep! He was sick for most of his life. At 4 months old he was diagnosed with genetic disease #1- Addison's Disease. At 8 months old he was diagnosed with genetic disease #2- Hip Dysplasia. He also suffered from...

A.B.C. Ambato Boxers / Ckc membership terminated (August 2016) for selling dogs that are not pure-breed

boxer2016 on Oct 4, 2016
Contact information:32573 feeder road west. Wainfleet, on. Los 1vo. Wainfleet, ontarioCanadaAmbatoboxers.comA. B. C ambato boxer32573 feeder road west. Wainfleet, on. Los 1vo. Phone: 905-899-1179 Boxerlady@live.comHttps://www.Facebook.com/abc-ambato-boxers-336542046384212Dear ms von...

Silver Stone / Dealer in pet

linda spice on Oct 4, 2016
Molly is a sweet, female, aca husky. ;she loves to play chase with the kids. She is easy to tame and eager to please her master. Molly loves to cuddle at nap time. Husky puppies make great pets, are active, and are very smart. She is going to be around 50-60 pounds full grown!! She is a great/choice for a first-time puppy owner!

Backyard Breeder - Andrea Scott / Andrea scott, westie breeder is a fraud

Jan111 on Oct 2, 2016
I found the worst westie breeder named andrea scott located at 1351 berlinger drive hoscton, ga. She is a backyard breeder who is a fraud. Situation: i paid the $100 security deposit to andrea scott to hold the puppy. The security deposit was supposed to be refundable if i did not decide...

Autumn Pomeranians Michigan / Scam !!! She took my money and sold me a mutt instead of a pomeranian!!!

Donnacollins on Sep 28, 2016
I want to warn all people who are looking to buy a Pomeranian. Della Monroe is a person you want to avoid! She has a bad breeders' reputation, unfortunately I checked it when it was too late. This person changed her kennel name multiple times, she cheated on many customers, breeders and...

Lisa Judd/Runaway Ranch / Bad breeder/sick chihuahua

Tom Her on Sep 27, 2016
I bought a puppy from this breeder and within 5 days having her, she died from parvo. Lisa denied it could be possible. Vet told me pups were exposed to parvo at least 5- 10 days before she arrived to our house. I asked Lisa for a refund and cost of pet fees which had no effect. Do not buy puppies from her.

Heavenly Poms Michigan / Pomeranian puppy

GlendaMoris on Sep 23, 2016
Heavenly Poms MichiganI purchased a puppy from this breeder few months ago. It was a black and tan cute puppy. The breeder reassured me that my puppy is healthy and she sells healthy dogs without genetic disorders. My almost 7 months old puppy was diagnosed with BLACK SKIN DESEASE !!! This is when your dog's fur...

Cedar Ridge Kennels AKA Paradise Pups Cindy Maxted Jensen / False advertising; unethical behavior

Andréa Kreifels on Sep 20, 2016
I purchased a female golden retriever for $600 from her on 7/30/2016 with the understanding that she would mail the AKC papers to me because she hadn't received them. Since then, I've contacted her numerous times (8/17, 8/21, 8/22, 9/4, 9/7, 9/9, 9/13, 9/15, and 9/17). My text messages are...

Nathan Bazler / Breeder

Dr. Mom on Sep 16, 2016
I bought two puppies from this breeder and within 3 days of their arrival, they both came down with parvo. Nathan denied it could be possible. Vet told me pups were exposed to parvo at least 5- 10 days before they arrived to our house. Nathan has 30 other dogs and puppies so I am concerned...

Vintage Romance / Poodle puppies

ccl02 on Sep 16, 2016
Vintage RomanceThis person constantly downs other breeders for breeding designers and all their ads are slander toward all breeders that dont do what she feels is best. It is down grading, upsetting and hurting sales!!! She has more then one ad on the poodle site which uses slander against other breeder...

Endless Mountain Labradors / Deceptive breeding practices

Rosie123 on Sep 16, 2016
Please read all of the complaints about this breeder before buying a puppy from them - I wish I had... We purchased a lab puppy from them 9 years ago. Right from the start I suspected something fishy. Dam not present, Sire not present. The appearance of the pup was not at all like the...

Cardinal Country Miniature Australian Shepherds / Unethical behavior

d.marie on Sep 14, 2016
In 2011 we purchased a red-tri puppy (a little over 3 months old) from this establishment. We gave her the name Khole. She did have some health issues in the beginning but I thought we had it taken care of with the vets. Khole died August 23, 2016 without warning. She was 5 years old and...

Sheri Segner. Sheri's Frenchies - Freeport, Il / Puppy that was sold to me was sick

Liz Juul on Sep 13, 2016
On August 19th, 2016 I purchased a French bulldog puppy from Sheri Segner. That night the dog had diarrhea and I noticed a drainage from its nose. Saturday morning the drainage seemed worse and I called my vet. They told me what to watch for. By Sunday she was not getting better so I took...

Hoobly / Suspending my account

EManthey on Sep 9, 2016
Hello a month ago i received an email asking if i wished to keep my account open since i had not used it for several months and i explained to the gentleman via email that i had just had open heart surgery but as soon as i healed i would in fact still use hoobly since we had used them for...

Prairiwind Havanese Linda Wanamaker / Breeder failed to deliver dog

Carol K2 on Sep 5, 2016
Linda Wanamaker sold me a Havanese dog 11 months old for $2600.00 in July of 2016. She agreed to my request when we made the deal to test his patellas at the vets and have his eyes checked by the vet. After she received my money, she was very short and curt when I asked questions and did...
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