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Vicki Davis / Selling Sick Puppies

Ellen Ellis on 2016-05-03
On April 2, 2016, my husband and I got puppy, little did we know—we were stepping in to something much larger and more heartbreaking than that. We wanted to get a playmate for our toy poodle, Lucy. I searched our trustworthy site, puppyfind.com and came across a listing for a blue-merle female...

Big Elm Huskies / horrible experience! very rude, do not deal with her!

JenniferY on 2016-05-03
Tina is the owner and right off the bat I had bad feelings about dealing with her. She was very unprofessional, answering my emails with several typos and grammatical errors. Then she claimed to be a Vet Tech and to have worked several years in research, but she couldn't even put together...

Duglands German Shepherds / Puppiesdirect.com

Shepherds on 2016-04-29
As a breeder who worked with puppiesdirect/purebred breeders for many years I would caution any breeders thinking of getting involved with them. They make more money than the breeder does and when puppy gets sick on flight they expect the breeder to pay all compensation. Unless you plan to...

Von Der Obersten Rottweilers / (Ruben Rodriguez) Bait and Switch on Dog sale.

Mystic Acres Kennels on 2016-04-27
I purchased one dog from Von Der Obersten Rottweilers she was to be bred to a dog on my choice which she was all went well I was very pleased. Some time later I purchased another female Rottweiler from Von Der Obersten Rottweilers I picked the male I wanted her bred to and also gave a...

Bridges Boxers / Puppies

Boxer_puppies on 2016-04-27
I came across this complaint board and felt obligated to add our story in hopes it may help others to not endure the heartbreak our family had to. We were 1st pick on the waiting list for a puppy from a Kai/Diesel litter. The first litter apparently was all stillborn(all dead when born...

Puppiesr4sale.com / She broke our contract

Elisa Reynolds on 2016-04-21
I purchased my new puppy on 4/19/16. I brought our new puppy to a vet that a friend recommended, because I'm new to all this. My vet wanted to get vial copies or the manufacturer of the shots that puppy was given. This way he can continue with the next two shots with the same shot...

Dana Windes / breach of contract/false accusations

southernstylepoodles on 2016-04-18
Dana WindesI have attached a copy of an agreement that I entered into with Dana Windes Jan. 2015 she is now slandering me and spreading false stories about said agreement please see attached agreement for details. I have offered Dana pups on 6 separate occasions and she has DECLINED each and every...

Southern Standards Poodles / Standard Poodle Dog Breeder in Gulfport, MS

Dana Windes on 2016-04-18
Caryn Cumberland and I traded puppies with a written contract signed between the two of us dated 1/25/2015. She received my puppies and accepted them. At no time did she complain or ask to return them. Yes, the female did have a hernia which was caused from birth and our contract was for...

Blessed Kennels / Not vet checked selling puppies with heart murmurs

sawblade0 on 2016-04-11
purchased golden retriever female pup April, 2, 2016 guaranteed health. driving a hour and half to me at a store parking lot not at there kennel where you can see the parents should have got suspicious. Issues with blood in stool from beginning the constantly trying to go and shacking...

Kika's Klee Kai / Pet breeder

Ami N. on 2016-04-11
I contracted for a puppy from Kika's Klee Kai (KKK) in 2014, and I had to send the puppy back due to personal circumstances. I received only $500 of the purchase price back, meaning KKK kept both the dog and most of my money - outright theft, in my opinion. I want to warn others that this is how KKK will act if given the opportunity.

Endless Mountain Labradors / Deceptive Use of This Board

Andysmom on 2016-04-01
On 3rd Nov 2014 In retaliation of the clients that filed complaints against Donna Stanley and Endless Mt Labradors, Donna Stanley copied and pasted numerous claims of clients supposedly providing positive feedback on her kennel and pups. This is NOT the place for that information. She...

Nellysbulldogs.com / Animal abuse!

Lelu on 2016-03-31
I've purchased a cute little puppy for my daughter as a present. He was lovely and really cute, but he was also too young. I mean he was really young and should have stayed with his mother. Puppy was also sick and had fleas. I took him to vet and was told that my dog needs a medical care...

Grandiose Pointers & Cardigans / Does not test like promised

Pointer lover on 2016-03-27
I bought a pointer puppy from Jessica Viera in Alaska. She did hip testing on the sire through her personal vet and said she will do the OFA testing in the next month of the date we first spoke. To this date, after 7 months of purchasing the puppy, she has not done so even though she give...

wentling mountain kennels / breeding

iscrupek on 2016-03-25
I purchased a Rottweiler named dutchess from them 6 years ago recently she was diagnosed with bone cancer it is hereditary my cousin had my dutchess brother who passed from the same bone cancer at only 5yrs old so I believe they were breeding sick dogs without caring about the results a...

Our Lovable Labs / Dog Breeder - Breeding Dogs Knowingly with Hereditary Heart Defects

bethamy9123 on 2016-03-14
I received a full bred Labrador Retriever from Our Lovable Labs, in Canon GA. I searched high and low for the most reputable breeder to purchase a puppy from, since that was our decision vs getting a rescue (for various reasons, so please don't judge). Our Lovable Labs has a great...

Cove Angels / Golden doodle breeder

WTHen on 2016-03-13
My husband and I drove three hours for a scheduled appt, made several days beforehand. When we arrived there was noone on the premises. We had called 30 minutes beforehand to say, to a man that answered, that we ran into traffic but would be there shortly. After waiting and knocking and no...

Birken Wald Kennel / Defective German Shepherd Puppy - Unethical Breeder Behavior

DLepore2 on 2016-03-12
Teri Townsend sold a German shepherd puppy to me on 5/15/15. Two days later, I brought the dog to my vet who thought she was underweight and might have hip problems. I was referred to Dr. Henry, orthopedic vet to have a PENN Hip Xray (cost $1400) because dog is put under consciou...

Bridges Boxers / Boxer Puppy

SteelCrash on 2016-03-11
Prior to purchasing our dog from this business we inquired about breeding and lineage. We were particularly concerned about potential heart and hip issues as we know that can be a problem with this breed. The breeder indicated that her male(our dogs sire) ‘Diesel’ (AKC#WS43210801)had been...

Avalon Bey Newfoundlands / Bad breeder, dogs with genetic defects.

Reviewer47608 on 2016-03-05
Purchased a puppy in 2015. Out of a litter of 9, 3 died immediately, one has severe SAS (heart disease), and at least two others including mine have genetic juvenile cataracts and will be blind without very expensive surgery. Laura Rader pulled a "buyers contract" together off the...

Oak Hill Golden Retrievers / Dog Breeder

Reviewer67966 on 2016-03-03
Do not get a puppy from this breeder!!! I bought a puppy from Kaylan Hyatt in Oct 2015 and the puppy was sick for 3.5 months afterwards. She tested positive for multiple intestinal bacterial infections, giardia and clostridium, the day after we brought her home. After multiple exchanges of...
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