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Vitals / Vitals Review

Joy Eisenstat on Dec 4, 2016
By mistake I submitted 1 star rating for Dr. Zhanna Logman with the excellent comments. . Then I corrected my mistake and submitted the same excellent comments with 5 stars. I asked Vitals to delete 1 star review that was submitted by mistake. My 1 star review was never deleted by Vital...

dr.batra's / Dr Batra's - Refund needed for discontinuation of treatment

nh90 on Dec 3, 2016
I started taking Dr.Batra's treatment from Aundh Clinic, Pune from 26th June, 2016, my patient ID is : 214600892230. I paid Rs 15500 for a year long treatment course. First Dr Sneha looked into my case and started treating me. After 4 months of treatment, no results. Then i was switched to a...

Healthgrades / Fake doctor reviews

Ellie on Nov 30, 2016
I left a negative review about one doctor. I told only truth and described my bad experience in details. Unfortunately HealthGrades didn't post my reviews and when I asked them why they did not reply. There are only positive reviews about that doctor and that's terrible. By looking at...

UniPain / Terrible experience

Muhht2 on Nov 29, 2016
I made an appointment via this website UniPain and when I arrived at the place they said that doctor was busy and asked me to wait. I was just sitting there for almost three hours! When doctor finally showed up he asked me to show some documents which I did not have with me!! No one warned me...

Dr Choong Yee Fong (ISEC International Specialist Eye Centre) / Strabismus surgery damaged my eye

sadredeyes on Nov 27, 2016
Dr Choong Yee Fong (ISEC International Specialist Eye Centre)I went here for strabismus surgery and it was a horrible mistake. The technique uses causes lots of SCARRING to the eye, because they do not perform the incisions behind the eyelid. My eye looks permanently red and inflamed now. I did this surgery to fix my crossed eyes and now I have a...

Purolator / Broken computer shipped by purolator

pspg on Nov 24, 2016
PurolatorHello, This complaint is for the shipment with tracking number 14117955774 Our dental company in Saskatoon had shipped a purolator package from Saskatoon to an address in Vancouver. The shipment had been scheduled to be received at the Vancouver address by November 07th. The shipment...

Daniel Winger / Dental clinic oil city pa

Daniel Winger on Nov 20, 2016
Recently I received what you may call Dental work done I sat in the Chair in Oil City pa and 2 dentist examined my mouth and I was there to get 1 tooth pulled because they say it needed pulled. they encouraged me to get 3 pulled so After 1/2 hour of jerking & pulling they tell me they...

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) / Everything

ahenry1234 on Nov 10, 2016
the food was horrible. there was no cheese on a famous bowl and the chicken that we received on every order was dry and hard. not pleased at all. the spicy chicken was so dry and hard that it was thrown out and the famous bowl had little pieces of what looked leftovers from the bottom of...

Dr HR Groenewald / Disrespectful doctor

Tarryn Terry Wentzel on Nov 10, 2016
Good Day I am very disappointed at the service I reserved from this particularly Gp on the 09/11/16, 3 months ago my daughter of 9 months at the time was very ill i went to see Dr Groenewald to assist me regarding my daughter's medical issue and he didn't find any serious problems after i...

Flexogenix / Bad service

janette Roland on Oct 31, 2016
I originally went to the LA office and was told I would be covered. I got to the office and was told they don't take HMO. I was never informed over the phone during my time of making the appointment nor was I told they don't take HMO. They lady was so loud on the phone that I could hear...

Dr. Walczak (North Memorial) / Doctor

patientmisled on Oct 26, 2016
Dr. Walczak (North Memorial)I tested positive for chlamydia last May so I worried I have gonorrhea due to symptoms and reading that co-infection is typical. I tested negative in nucleic acid tests so I wanted to do a culture because I heard sometimes gonorrhea does not show up in nucleic acid tests. She denied this i...

Ruby Memorial Hospital - West Virginia, Morgantown / Emergency services

mcies on Oct 25, 2016
My daugther was seen yesterday (11/24/16) at ER after falling on her wrist in ice ring. She was x-arayed and released with a vague diagnosis of no wrist fracture. At the time of release nurse practitioner told her that “they” had not read the hand x-rays, although she didn’t know why seeing...

NuMale Medical Center / Treatment for erectile dysfunction injection of medicine

Talmadge Alexander on Oct 21, 2016
I became a parient at the numale medical center on dec 4 2015 the amount of 2, 400.00 was charge to my American express credit card I know I sign a contract stated that if I did not finish the treatments there was no refund but after about three months the numale medical center located in...

Tampa General Hospital / Deadly mitral valve repair

Iris Hall on Oct 20, 2016
My beautiful 85 year old Mama was admitted to Tampa General Hospital for shortness of breath. After several weeks of diagnosing and indecision on the family's (my brother, my Mom and I) part she agreed to have her mitral valve replaced on August 22, 2016 by Dr. Christiano Caldeira. Her...

Dr. Orden/Derm Exclusive / Customer service

Debbie Bishop on Oct 16, 2016
I had just got through watching the derm exclusive commercial on tv so I called, and this man would not let me go, he kept telling me about an even better special 4 times I had to listen to him, I would try and say something and he kept right on talking, and then I said, please! just...

MiKO Plastic Surgery - Dr. Michael K Obeng / Dr. Michael K Obeng sleeps with patients

Stephanie 1980 on Oct 15, 2016
MiKO Plastic Surgery - Dr. Michael K ObengMy friends husband, Dr. Michael K Obeng, is a scumbag. Read what she posted and decide if you ever want to go visit him for plastic surgery. I will attach her actual Instagram to this complaint as evidence. " veronikaobeng" @drmichaelkobeng had the pleasure of speaking to your mistre...

Visionworks of America / Glasses coupon

Mommadukes471 on Oct 6, 2016
I had my eyes examined on 9/2/16. I ordered glasses at that time and picked them up on 9/12/16. Prior to scheduling my exam, my daughter contacted several optometrists for me in order to find the best deals. I am a retired senior citizen on a fixed income. She was told by Visionworks that...

Doctor Michael Scott Sanger / Investigation into mistreatment of disabled veteran by doctor michael scott sanger

marktaylor1 on Oct 5, 2016
Doctor Michael Scott Sanger License 42417 at the Atlanta VA continues to sabotage treatment sought by a disabled veteran by writing reports for a patient he has never seen. Doctor Michael Scott Sanger has been acting unethical and behaving in a manner that is not directed to help care for...

Walmart Vision Center / Eyeglass and contact exam

War Melissa on Oct 3, 2016
Walmart Vision CenterMy daughter is 13. I took her to the Walmart vision center in Reidsville NC in May 2016 Dr J.E Hannon said that my Daughters vision was the same as it was in 2015. He gave her the same glasses and contact prescription as he did last year. It cost me close to $200 because her contacts were...

Cleveland Clinic / Making an appointment is extremely frustrating.

Sandra J on Sep 27, 2016
I have called to make an appointment numerous times. I was unable to make the appointment mostly because the doctors are not taking new patients. Finally, found a Doctor who would take a new patient, then was told I can not make the appointment until I change my primary care. If I change...
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