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Hope 4 Cancer / Cancer treatment

ElizabethD on 2016-04-23
I went to Hope 4 Cancer in February of 2016 with metatastic ovarian cancer. I was quoted $30, 000 for a two week stay including reghvir, PCN-27 and various vitamin infusions. For an additional $15, 000 I could get another week, which was, of course recommended. The receptionist Pam, who...

George Chaconas MD / Medical Care

DYA88 on 2016-04-18
Dr. George Chaconas is a doctor in Wirtz, Va. He works out of Burnt Chimney Family Medicine 6675 Booker T Washington Hwy, Wirtz, VA 24184 Chaconas seems like a good guy, but this doctor has misdiagnosed people on several occasions. He misdiagnosed my sister and messed up her medication...

Flexogenix / Flexogenix and Iris Chen of Los Angeles

chrish19 on 2016-04-17
I went to flexogenix for extreme arthritis knee pain. My pain wasn't that bad but I thought maybe the arthritis I had may be helped by the treatment they offer. When I went to the Los Angles Flexogenix office I was greeted by the front desk and told my consultation would be...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / Hospital fees not paid

NishaRavin on 2016-04-12
Please refer to email below regarding the claim for Parklands Hospital for MRs H Sukwa . I called your call centre on 08 February 2016 and spoke to Nowazi and some other person who advised i do not need pre authorisation as this is a day procedure and if my mum needs to stay overnight the...

Family Psychiatry (Issaquah) / Dr. Marok (and Reception and their Attorneys)

Jay Tiberius on 2016-04-12
The incompetence of this place astounds me, I rarely post reviews but I had to say something about the stupidity here. First the front desk receptionist (the gal with the British accent), tells me I'm in network and covered, so I schedule and appointment and go. I get there and there is a...

Dr. Ravinder S. Marok, MD / Reception and Insurance incompetence

Jay Tiberius on 2016-04-11
The incompetence of this place astounds me, I rarely post reviews but I had to say something about the stupidity here. First the front desk receptionist (the gal with the British accent), tells me I'm in network and covered, so I schedule and appointment and go. I get there and there...

Medical Malpractice / medical malpractice surgery causing me to lose one of my twins

can't believe it on 2016-04-11
i went in for twin to twin transfusion surgery to have them separate the blood vessels through the umbilical cord with laser so they wouldn't be connected anymore and they would have there own supply and they ended up burning the ends of vessels off to my healthier baby girl.and she passed...

MeMD / Total joke!!

Seugrie on 2016-04-11
This website is a total scam and they will definitely steal your money so stay far away from www.memd.me! I needed to see a doctor and found this website, it looked very professional and trustworthy! So I paid them money to see a doctor! And the person told me that I do have some health...

Dr. Ira Weisenthal / Surgical Procedures

NLJ23 on 2016-04-09
Sadly, I found out the hard the way that Dr Weisenthal and Dr Kirell do not carry mal practice insurance. That right there should have been my number one red flag to stay away. I was recommended by a few people to see them and unfortunately I didn't do enough research on my part. I wa...

Charles B. Covert, M.D. / Psychiatric Consultation

John W. P. on 2016-04-06
Beware of this man. His practice is a scam. He rips you off financially. As well, he has THOUSANDS of fake reviews on ZocDoc. And to top it all off, he is a miserable excuse for a human being. Here's how the scam works: The front desk tells you the price for a consultation. After you pay that...

LabCorp / Credit card charges for PCM ordered blood exams

Geoff Paugam on 2016-03-31
LabCorp Date: 03/31/2016 Req Nr: 30047670221 I have Humana Tri-care Prime coverage. I was given an authorization by my PCM (Dr. William Rodriguez, D.O.) to get lab work done. I arrived at LabCorp 15 mins prior to my appointment. The receptionist called me up to the window and asked for photo ID...

Mercy San Juan Medical Center / Treatment in the ER

DrayRay on 2016-03-23
To whom it may concern, I am writing this because I have been treated very poorly by this ER department. I was seen on 3-2-2016 for severe stomach pain and vomiting of blood. The doctor who treated me was kind to me, but blunt. He said I needed an endoscopy within a week. He said my...

Mark Medical Care / La liposucción y la pierna venas

Marisol R. on 2016-03-20
Necesito contar mi experiencia horrible advertir a otros acerca de marca Medical Care 2103 Deer Park Ave, Deer Park, NY 11729. Siempre quise una barriga plana ya que tuve 3 hijos. Vi Doctor Ron Mark Mark médicos en Deer Park, Nueva York. Él anuncia su feo rostro en revistas españolas. ÉL ES...

Healthy Aging / Unprofessional doctor

Chiko on 2016-03-18
I called Healthy Aging because I really needed some advice from a professional. The doctor I spoke with told me nothing, he just said „well, you do have some problems, but I have no idea how to help you”. I called again and he just hang up! He never answer any of my questions, he was totally...

Tampa General Hospital / The emergency room doctors

Never in my Life! on 2016-03-16
I am a professional woman who has an extremely demanding job! I also have a very serious incurable disease. I can go months and be great and then I end up at the doctor and the ER. I am new to Tampa but the ER doctors at TGH are very arrogant and overly confident! I was sick and ended up...

Teladoc / Thr worst service ever

Macbeth116 on 2016-03-12
This is the worst service ever. The people are mean, refuse to give medication so what is it good for? They are suppose to help you out if you have a flu bronchitis etc but they dont . We live in a rural area, with no urgent care, the woman that reply to my call was mean, said she could...

BodyLogicMD / Antiaging Doctor located in Woodbridge NJ

LgLg on 2016-03-06
Follow up: Excessive cost I'm broke with no results. Sorry it took so long for a follow up but I was waiting for Vinny Albano a Patient Service, Team Lead at Bodylogicmd to contact me regarding my 4, 000 testing fee sudmitted to my insurance from Dr. Ohri office located in Woodbridge NJ...

North American Spine / No answer

Barbara Ann Mullikin on 2016-02-29
My husband and I watch the webinar on Facebook two weeks ago I suffer from degenerative disc disease submitted my information Michael Bowles contacted me the following day about getting some treatment for me I have sent them my original CAT scan CD original MRI paperwork as of a week ago I...

Michiana Spine, Sports & Occupational Rehab, P.C. / Lots of talk, no results. The statement below is my opinion of Michanica Spine

Reviewer65652 on 2016-02-28
I have arthritis in my spine. This effects the nerves to my hips and gives me pain when trying to walk. First visit to Dr. Drew 11-10-15 (( with x rays he had me get prior to this 1st visit), he told me what he planed to do, to relieve my pain. A series of injections in my hip to deaden...

Southside Regional Medical Center / Health Care

jon7878 on 2016-02-26
I went to the ER for severe spinal pain regarding a herniated or bulging disc. The worthless Sara, the physician on hand told me there's nothing she will do for me. My spine is burning, on fire, hurting, and it feels like there are nails driven into it. Southside Regional gives the utmost...
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