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Cleveland Clinic in Weston / Rheumatology

Dion12345 on 2016-06-17
Terrible Rheumatology - staff and Doctors. Called for routine refill and claimed they just received the request when it had been faxed a week earlier. Then the excuse was I needed to schedule an appointment for blood work. I offered to do it from the area I live in. They said that wasn't...

Dr. Parham Ganchi / Labiaplasty

gabbyf on 2016-06-08
I had a labiaplasty preformed by Dr. Ganchi in September of 2013. This was the worse mistake I have ever made. I thought he was knowledgable in the area, and he also led me to believe he was. I was extremely deceived and 3 years later I am still scrounging for money to have a revision...

Mark Medical Care / Unethical, ineffective behavior!

Dina334 on 2016-05-29
Mark Medical CareIn 2015, I went to "Dr." Ron Mark to have some spider veins removed from the side of my legs. I was taken into the treatment room by Dr. Mark. We spoke briefly - approximately 20 seconds while he began the treatment which is supposed to have little to NO down time. He began moving the...

Teledoc / Phone Consultations

Disappointed caller on 2016-05-22
Today I attempted to use Teladoc's service for the first time...pure waste of time, energy, and money! First off, they make you go through "registration" with a representative that is obviously foreign and difficult to understand. After about a 40 min conversation with them...they then...

Microsoft / Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 - It caused my HP Touchsmart to crash.

Lemuel Villanueva on 2016-05-15
May 14, 2016 Microsoft Corporation Legal Department Fax: RE: Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 causing my HP Personal Computer to Crash Dear Sir/Ms.: Yesterday, I completed the conversion to Windows 10 from Windows 7 in my HP Personal Compute after several months of waiting to make...

Palm Beach Pediatrics / Pediatrician

JasonMoan on 2016-05-13
Worst Doctor's office. Our daughter was a patient there. We were unable to schedule her 6 month check up/shots due to a small balance unpaid by insurance. We tried many times to pay but their billing department was unable to provide us with an amount. Finally after 2 months of waiting for...

Royal Oak Endodontics / Root cleaning canal

BigGus2 on 2016-05-12
My dentist referred to Dr. Ghaname for a root canal treatment. I had a consultation which I do not know what as we both knew that I needed to have root canal treatment. Dr. Ghaname went over my options, and explained the procedure to me. He wasn't quite friendly, but wasn't...

CVS Pharmacy / Refuse help treat my pain

Telling the truth 11 on 2016-05-09
CVS PharmacyI work in CVS minute clinic in Naperville IL. this afternoon seeking treatment due shoulder injury... after filled out all personal information ...doctor finally showed up from lunch break... She asked me who is my current doctor..then told me she can't help me because i have medicare...

The Hydration Room / I was not paid for my services

lizbalesrippedmeoff on 2016-05-07
The hydration room and its owners Ripped Me Off! I was offered 10% equity in the hydration room in exchange for heavily discounted services that I provided. I created all graphic designs and worked with Dr. Liz Bales MD for countless hours to complete digital images to assist with the...

Zocdoc / The whole thing

This website willfully misleads patients. Fake reviews, no accountability. It's all so doctors can access a bigger book of business while zocdoc makes money on it. Patients are commodities with ZocDoc. Until you spend money, you might as well be dead. Also, never visit Dr GK Ravichandran...

Dr. Minas Constantinides / Disfigured my nose & eyes

Inger on 2016-05-06
I had a 9 hour long ribgraft nose surgery while Dr. Minas Constanindes had his upper Park Avenue practice/aka/newyorkfacialplastics.com and although before the surgery he guaranteed an 80% improvement he instead completely disfigured the appearance of my nasal tip and the graft made my...

Hope 4 Cancer / Cancer treatment

ElizabethD on 2016-04-23
I went to Hope 4 Cancer in February of 2016 with metatastic ovarian cancer. I was quoted $30, 000 for a two week stay including reghvir, PCN-27 and various vitamin infusions. For an additional $15, 000 I could get another week, which was, of course recommended. The receptionist Pam, who...

George Chaconas MD / Medical Care

DYA88 on 2016-04-18
Dr. George Chaconas is a doctor in Wirtz, Va. He works out of Burnt Chimney Family Medicine 6675 Booker T Washington Hwy, Wirtz, VA 24184 Chaconas seems like a good guy, but this doctor has misdiagnosed people on several occasions. He misdiagnosed my sister and messed up her medication...

Flexogenix / Flexogenix and Iris Chen of Los Angeles

chrish19 on 2016-04-17
I went to flexogenix for extreme arthritis knee pain. My pain wasn't that bad but I thought maybe the arthritis I had may be helped by the treatment they offer. When I went to the Los Angles Flexogenix office I was greeted by the front desk and told my consultation would be...

Discovery Health Medical Aid / Hospital fees not paid

NishaRavin on 2016-04-12
Please refer to email below regarding the claim for Parklands Hospital for MRs H Sukwa . I called your call centre on 08 February 2016 and spoke to Nowazi and some other person who advised i do not need pre authorisation as this is a day procedure and if my mum needs to stay overnight the...

Family Psychiatry (Issaquah) / Dr. Marok (and Reception and their Attorneys)

Jay Tiberius on 2016-04-12
The incompetence of this place astounds me, I rarely post reviews but I had to say something about the stupidity here. First the front desk receptionist (the gal with the British accent), tells me I'm in network and covered, so I schedule and appointment and go. I get there and there is a...

Dr. Ravinder S. Marok, MD / Reception and Insurance incompetence

Jay Tiberius on 2016-04-11
The incompetence of this place astounds me, I rarely post reviews but I had to say something about the stupidity here. First the front desk receptionist (the gal with the British accent), tells me I'm in network and covered, so I schedule and appointment and go. I get there and there...

Medical Malpractice / medical malpractice surgery causing me to lose one of my twins

can't believe it on 2016-04-11
i went in for twin to twin transfusion surgery to have them separate the blood vessels through the umbilical cord with laser so they wouldn't be connected anymore and they would have there own supply and they ended up burning the ends of vessels off to my healthier baby girl.and she passed...

MeMD / Total joke!!

Seugrie on 2016-04-11
This website is a total scam and they will definitely steal your money so stay far away from www.memd.me! I needed to see a doctor and found this website, it looked very professional and trustworthy! So I paid them money to see a doctor! And the person told me that I do have some health...

Dr. Ira Weisenthal / Surgical Procedures

NLJ23 on 2016-04-09
Sadly, I found out the hard the way that Dr Weisenthal and Dr Kirell do not carry mal practice insurance. That right there should have been my number one red flag to stay away. I was recommended by a few people to see them and unfortunately I didn't do enough research on my part. I wa...
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