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GEICO / Commercials

butler.mgmt on Jan 12, 2017
you need to really change the format of what your trying to sell I have gone with non of the top insurance co on my auto home and boat insurance just for the fact of the annoying dumb commercials and the amount of times they are played in a short time span. ill even change the tv station...

GEICO / Sumo wrestler tv commercial

Barbara Woodin on Jan 3, 2017
Love the gecko commercials, but the new sumo wrestler skating is just disgusting! This guy is so fat and unattractive, I can't stand to watch it! Usually watch all the geico commercials but this one is simply crude, vulgar and not at all funny! Fat men are not funny - grossly obese sumo...

Office of the Congressman, 3rd District, Negros Occiedental / LBC, pioneer center branch

RONALD A. DOCDOCIL on Jan 2, 2017
I drop by at the said branch to send in payment for the items I bought online. They ask for an id and since my two id's were expired since its the beginning of the year it hasnt been renewed and unluckily I have my speeding ticket so I dont have my drivers license with me. I retured 20...

Youtube / Unethical behaviour

Tanj on Jan 1, 2017
I'm so upset, I clicked on a video and an ad came up for Harmful Opinions came up. It was a video about what black girls need to do in 2017 and it was extremely racist! It was about how black girls need to do stop using certain filters because they are "thots" and that they need to get out...

Candy Crush Saga Metv Ad / Metv ad candy crush saga

Sarah Louise Philips on Dec 31, 2016
MeTV Candy Crush ad promotes random acts of out-of-control violence. That should indicate what consumers have to expect. Candy Crush ad pushes violence as a good, desirable, beneficial and pleasurable thing. This is completely out of context with the rest of MeTV programing. If I wanted...

Auto Lotto / Wa state radio commercial

Spencer Kleine on Dec 29, 2016
I am not a consumer of the products they sell, nor do I plan to ever use their services. However, their commercial they play over the radio with the guy yelling "Auto Lotto" is thoroughly obnoxious and nobody I know likes it. It plays so frequently that I'm to the point of muting my radio...

Discovery Channel / Discovery channel promoting spokesperson during commercials

eccumed on Dec 21, 2016
Do you have to have a man with such a low low voice to promote the discovery channel during commercials. What's wrong wit a normal mans voice. Very annoying to listen to, no need for a voice like that, I mute the channel or change to another, I will eventually cancel subscription because of...

Kmart Stores / Tv ad

Tony Maroni on Dec 17, 2016
Hi. I like KMart and frequent your store in zip 15317 at least weekly as I want your stores to stay in business. I must admit however that no one I know thinks your " Go Elfing Wild" ads on tv are funny. We all know it is a play on Go "F"Ing wild and it not funny at Christmas time. You...

Zales / Commercial

116 on Dec 16, 2016
On December 16th 2016, at 9:46 pm on NBC st.Louis I watched an add for Zales engagement rings. One segment of the commercial featured a lesbian couple embracing each other in marriage. I understand sales, I understand corporate profit, and I understand that I have that same right to never...

Youtube / Neulasta onpro kit commercial

sandipdutta2502 on Dec 12, 2016
Honestly speaking, i'm quite sick of this repeated commercial of neulasta onpro kit on youtube. My 2 years old is watching youtube for his favorite rhymes and this neulasta ad comes up every few minutes. I know advertisements help youtube to keep running. But repeated telecast of neulasta...

Ty Pennington Commercials / Couldn't tell you - some kind of loans

JLfC on Dec 6, 2016
I can't tell you what the product he's selling because he's so annoying to watch and has a very irritating voice that I have to turn off the channel as soon as I hear him say, "I'm Ty Pennington" he jerks his body around like he's having an Epileptic seizure and throws his hands around and...

Niche Dimitri / Gambler red full flavor pipe cut tobacco and tubes

Nickid33 on Nov 13, 2016
I have been rolling my own cigarettes for 6 years and have tried many pipe tabacco products. I recently purchased Gambler full flavor pipe tabacco and special 1.99 offer tubes. The tabacco is too fine and actually hurts my throat when I smoke it. The tubes, for some reason, have a hallow...

Bank of America / Scam of someone using your name

Weida Allen on Nov 12, 2016
I received a call stating that they were calling from the bank of America and they told me that they had a check for me. They told me that I had won 5, 000.00 from the publishing clearing house and they would need to deposit it into my back account. They also stated that they would need my...

CNN / Van jones - cnn news commentator

John Georgiana on Nov 9, 2016
The comments of Van Jones last night after the Donald Trump victory were extremely OFFENSIVE!!! He call this a "white last"!!! Totally an-aceptable comments coming from a black man. He has been openly biased against Donald Trump- and that is his right. To come on National TV after such a...

Shriners Hospitals for Children / Exploiting children to solicit donations

Scenario on Oct 12, 2016
The company has been bombarding CNN with commercials featuring sick and deformed children who are reading lines that were clearly written for adult actors. The kids, who have speech impediments, are sick or are missing limbs, have obviously been coached to work as sales people.

First American Home Warranty / First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation / The commercial is irritating and annoying

Bakers2003cobra on Sep 26, 2016
I was seriously considering getting a home warranty with this company, until I started seeing these irritating commercials over and over. The main ladys voice is irritating and beyond annoying af! Puts me in a terrible mood every time. Not a good way to attract customers. Also the other...

National Geographic Channel / Heineken commercial

Neilwatchdog on Sep 15, 2016
This new Heineken commercial "can you flip another man's meat" Is offensive and stupid. This ad is often run twice in one commercial break. It's almost unbelievable that this ad would run even once on NGC not to mention 40 or more times daily ! Has anyone at NGC taken the time to view any...

Serials in Asianet TV / Karuthamuthu serial, the most boring serial in malayalam

Gopalk on Sep 15, 2016
Sir, Sorry to say that the serials in Asianet are becoming stupid and boring day by day. One best example is "Karuthamuthu". It has a good story-line but due to the extended time given to them, they were stretching this serial making it the worst now. Now it is a torture for the viewer...

State Farm Insurance / Your commercials are so annoying!

Bjoh249 on Sep 3, 2016
Can you please stop??? I hate them so much. The state farm commercials from about the last decade has been so annoying!! The commercial with guy who says he is never doing this or that only to do everything he said he wasn't going to do, the commercials with "Jake from State Farm, " the...

Youtube / Ads

Scott Rumple on Aug 17, 2016
Come on, your ads suck. Can you at least try to make your ads appealing to me? I just sat through ad (not for the first time I might add) that was supposed to highlight your new music service. Show me something at least tangentially related to video I'm watching, please? Don't...
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