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24 Hour Fitness Complaints & Reviews

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24 Hour Fitness - California, El Monte - 24 Hour Fistness increase my lifetime annual renewal by 100%

Posted: 2015-08-18 by    Lingcake Sherri
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I signed up with $489.81 initial payment for 36 months, then after should be $49 per year.
I was told by the representative that $49/year will be for life and the annual amount will not change forever.
Today, I received a letter from 24 hour fitness that my annual fee will increase to $99/year.
This is 100% increase in annual membership price. This is outrageous!...

24 Hour Fitness - California, Fontana - Dues increase for Lifetime Member

Posted: 2015-08-04 by    Golfjjang
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I've got Lifetime Membership from 24 hour fitness on year 2007 for both me and my wife. When I signed the contract, they told me that it is a great promotion, which we will only have to pay $29 per year for rest of our life after I pay for first three years in full. I paid for both me and my wife's due and paid $29 for past a few years. Our dues are September 4th and somehow, they stopped sending me the bill. Fortunately, I did not forget to make payment on time by calling them and visit them. Yesterday, I wanted to make my payment for next year and found out that my dues are $79 per person,...

24 Hour Fitness - New York, Bronx - Membership dues

Posted: 2015-07-06 by    Ruvi.lopez@gmail
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Membership due increased without any notice. Checked my bank statement and 24hr Fitness increased my monthly bill of $20 to $30. Did not receive an email or letter mentioning the increase....

24 Hour Fitness - California, Folsom - Rate increase

Posted: 2015-05-06 by    Timothysk
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Just found out that my next year renewal is increasing over 300%. Asked why when it's been the same since 2006 when I joined all they offered me was to get a copy of my original contract that states they have the right to increase my renewal. Poor customer service and a real ripoff. I can understand a modest increase, 10 maybe even 20%. But 300% and no explanation after 9 years is really just not acceptable especially with the only explanation being that they have a right to increase...

24 Hour Fitness - Membership cancellation issues

Posted: 2014-04-23 by    Proball16
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
The 24 Hour Fitness Club where I was a member for 26 years moved from the building where I joined originally, to what was previously a QFC Grocery store building. This was also a move that put the club another 3 miles further away from my residence down a road that is exceptionally clogged with traffic at workout time.
I tried to cancel my membership IN PERSON at the club. They said that this was not possible. I was required to call into their business center to cancel. After being put on hold for just shy of 20 minutes with the most obnoxious, screeching, hotel lobby type music playing...

24 Hour Fitness - Colorado, Lone Tree - forcing employees with the flu who run the kids club, to work.

Posted: 2013-03-29 by    live_ur_life
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I recently brought my children in to the kids club at this 24 hour fitness location . My issueisn't with the poor girl who had the flu and had to consistently expell her bowels. No my issue is with the inconsiderate management who forced this poor girl to stay as she vomitted simply because out of the 20+ employees working there, not one wanted to run the kids club. I came in the next day, she wasn't there to my relief. So I thought. They had her towards what they thought would be a location noone could hear as what appeared to be the manager yelling at this girl, who looked like she was...

24 Hour Fitness - California, Costa Mesa - Membership Termination & Racism

Posted: 2012-10-19 by    Jenrus4u
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
24 Hour Fitness has been my home/ club for over a year now. The members are super friendly and I love helping them out with their training every now and then. I am a personal trainer so I decided to apply for a personal training job at my 24 Hour fitness club. I got the personal training job but ended up living after a month in the position to finish my school. I continue to give the club members free wellness pointers whenever I am training at the gym.

Since my club is predominantly Caucasian with handful of minorities, the fitness manager seems to be fine whenever I have a white...

24 Hour Fitness - Nebraska, Omaha - Membership Cancellation

Posted: 2012-07-29 by    Norm Peterson
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I called the club where my son is a member to cancel his membership as he is moving out of town. The manager gave me the 866 number to call, but said that most people find it easier to come in to the club as the 866 number doesn't work very well. I called the number and, after a 20 minute wait the line went dead. I then made two trips to the club, both times I was told that there was nobody there who was authorized to accept cancellations and I would have to come back. I called the 866 number again, a recording said that they were closed (Saturday, mid-day). What a joke of an organization....

24 Hour Fitness - California, Santee - Equipment Repair Lacking

Posted: 2012-07-18 by    Crosshairz
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
This relatively new 24 Hour Fitness Center is well used and attended. Unfortunately, the regular use of the equipment results in equipment malfunctions and breakdowns - - this is expected. The incredible length of time for the eventual repair(s) to the equipment is rediculous. It took newly two years to get a large mirror that was cracked near a squat rack replaced and almost as long to have a faulty water fountain repaired/replaced! Other equipment repairs also go unattended. The Santee facility has a Smith machine that has been out of service for almost 8 weeks and now a cable machine that has...

24 Hour Fitness - Missouri, Arnold - Rude Staff

Posted: 2012-03-09 by    Disappointed2SayTheLeast
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I've been going to 24 Hour Fitness off and on for over two years. The reason I'm still there is because I really like the gym itself. However, aside from a couple of the night staff, their day staff and management is horrible! My most recent sign up was a mess. It took me 2-3 weeks just to get my monthly dues to the price we originally agreed upon. And they like to throw in hidden fees. Anytime I called to talk to someone, they were immediately defensive and rude to me. I'm not one to usually complain but I just can't believe these people are still allowed to run this place....

24 Hour Fitness - Texas, Rockwall - Declining value and broken items

Posted: 2012-01-24 by    tired of the poor service
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
It seems that 24 Hour fitness just keeps going downhill! Now they have done away with good quality soap and have resorted to basically taking a shower in what smells like 7-Up soda (GoJo). I go to work (I did) after I work out and could count on smelling ok after a shower with the Dial soap and now the soap doesn't lather up and smells terrible. Way to go 24 hour, another way to cut corners for your members and chase off customers!! When you ask at the counter, you get some kid who could care less and is just there by the hour....

24 Hour Fitness - California, Carlsbad - They Cancelled my Lifetime ($750) Membership

Posted: 2011-11-22 by    SouthernCalifornia
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 7 votes
In 2008, I purchased a life-time membership to 24-hr Fitness for approx. $750. (Which the first 3 years are paid for, and after 3 years, the dues will be $29 per year for life). I only went to the gym two times (twice!), then I moved 30 mins away from the nearest gym, and decided to get my exercise by surfing, running, walking at the beach, etc. I just moved again and called the closest location to find out how much I owe ($29 or $29 times two years, etc.). The employee said, "I have bad news for you. Your membership is cancelled. You only had 3 months to pay the $29 (for the following year, after...

24 Hour Fitness - California, North Hills - Defective product

Posted: 2011-07-20 by    Justin Lomako
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I purchased a set of ear buds at 24 HOUR FITNESS and being that I work out and move around the ear buds would come out of my ear and as a result of having to put and push then into my ear a few too many times it ruptured my ear drum and now I have to go to the VA on 7-28-2011 to get my ear fixed. I have not been able to hear out of my left ear for a month now.
24 HOUR FITNESS sells these ear buds for $20.00 on up and I later went to Walmart and bought a set for $10.00 that go over my ear and stay on the top of my ear and have had no problem with the ones from Walmart that cost half as much.

24 Hour Fitness - California, Concord - Horrible rude staff

Posted: 2011-06-13 by    Antonio Castillo
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Here's what happened, all i wanted was to simply work out because im young and i realize that i need to bulk up a little so i started to consider this gym because my friend said it was good, so then i realized how much is cost so i instead used a 7 day free pass so then i told the manager (who happened to be the one helping me that day i wanted to sign up) my story which was i was leaving to texas as a vacation in about a month so i dont want to get a membership and pay for it while i'd be gone and get no use out of it so he gave me 14 days instead which was very considerate, so then i...

24 Hour Fitness - California, Tustin - Multiple Location Closing

Posted: 2011-04-11 by    Jun Bei
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I've purchased one of those two year Sport membership deals from Costco. I was very happy as there were many Sport locations around my area. However, it's been a year and they've closed an Express location closest to my house and closed/re-opened two Sports into Super Sports. Now, they send me a letter telling me they will close yet another location that I go to frequently so that they can convert into another Super Sport!

If you look up these locations, they have many negative reviews on Yelp because of "old equipment" and "lack of renovation". 24 Hour's response...

24 Hour Fitness - California, Cupertino - Customer Service

Posted: 2011-03-27 by    mdashali
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 2 votes
My membership was frozen for unlimited duration on 3/7/10 due to pregnancy at the Cupertino facility. Today (3/27/11) when I went back to Cupertino facility to reactivate my membership, I saw my membership was only valid till July 2011. When I asked about the freeze I was told that Costco membership doesn't qualify for freeze. But when I asked how come somebody was able to process and confirm that my account was frozen, her immediate response has taken me by shock: "You should have read your Costco coupon rules and that is not our fault your account doesn't qualify for freezing and we...

24 Hour Fitness - Nevada, Las Vegas - Rude Managment

Posted: 2011-03-22 by    JCam
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I tried to bring my 10 months old baby to the 24 hour fitness kids room in Silverado Ranch. It was a disaster. Not only were the attendants stressed out and unwelcoming, I was not able to get my baby in because they stated they had a max of 3 babies in the room at the time. I walked in to a chant of "no more babies" "no more babies". Ok, only 3 babies ever no matter the number of attendants seemed strange with such a large room. Additionally, how would I ever be able to work out unless I just happened to get lucky enough they didn't have 3 already when I showed up. When dealing with a baby...

24 Hour Fitness - California, Sacramento - Poor Service

Posted: 2011-03-21 by    No to 24 Hour Fitness
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
There is no way to participate in Group X classes because by the time you get there the classes are always full.

They do allow for $1 dollar to be paid prior to 1 hour before the class but if the time is before 7 am they cannot advance reserved and accept the $1 because the employee cannot open the register.

They have coin lockers for use but when you insert the coins they do not work and do not return the coins. When you go to the front desk to ask for your money back they do not citing a lack of change.

I have observed at times after 12 AM the front...

24 Hour Fitness - California, Torrance - WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM INIDA

Posted: 2011-02-18 by    Mike Au
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Dear readers, just look at the CAPITAL HEADLINES if you don't have time for the details.
(A) BAD SALESPERSON - The sales person told me renewal is $49 per year. I only found out now that renewal is $99.
(B) HARASSING PHONE CALLS - They set up a reminder for renewal. That reminder is an ALARM. It calls me twice a day with a voice message to renew. TWICE A DAY EVERYDAY for 2 weeks. I asked them to put me on no call list - will have to see the result of that.
(C) INCOMPETENT CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM INIDA - Twice I have called them and asked them to send me my original contract....

24 Hour Fitness - California, Sherman Oaks - Rude Employee

Posted: 2011-02-15 by    amcinla
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
This has been my home gym for the past two years. I joined this gym because it is walking distance from my house. In fact, I have recommended this club to my friends.

Up until now, my only complaint has been that the women’s locker room is poorly cleaned. Rarely are there toilets that do not need to be flushed before using them.

But on the morning of Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011, I had my worst experience yet.

I received unbelievably rude treatment by a Spin class instructor that I only know as “Liz.” She teaches the 10: a.m. class on Sundays.

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