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Unsolicited Phone Calls Complaints

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none - I have a personal account / Placement of site map on adverts without written permission

mikew87 on 2016-05-03
Had adverts on Gumtree...always been happy...sold some items. However I had to relist unsold items which was a pain but 21 day duration now...ayhum. My complaint is that whereas previously I had the option of having site map displayed, which I declined!!! You should know that Gumtree attract...

Omnipoint Communications Ca.... / Publisher's Service

Virginia Kirby on 2016-04-23
Jonathan called from Herndon, VA T-Mobile Phone: 703-870-3682 said magazine subscription was on its way. I said we don't want any magazines and asked for the last 4 digits of any card they were using. He gave me some card info and said don't worry its expired. He said he couldn't do anything to cancel the order -he'd be sending papers to do so.

Rotech HealthCare, Inc. / Cpap Supplies.

Charlotte Pierce on 2016-04-19
I dealt with Rotech through our local CP02 company. I was assured that I would get my supplies routinely which did not happen. I got fed up with the unprofessionalism of this company and complained to my physician. He then set me up with another company which is 100% professional...

First Recovery Associates / Harassing phone calls for an unknown person

ImfeduptoHERE on 2016-03-30
For the past month or more, I've been receiving harassing phone calls daily on my work number from First Recovery Associates at 844-290-7031. My call log shows their first call was on 3/25/16, but everything prior to that date was already automatically erased. I'm pretty sure it's been...

Medical Compensation Calls / Continuous Phone Calls, Phishing for Information

TotallyAnnoyed on 2016-03-29
I have received three calls from this company all within the span of 6 hours. The phone number is 646-769-9057 and the caller ID says the call is coming from New York, NY. The caller always has a strong accent and you can hear a lot of other voices in the background, so I suspect it's a...

Home Credit India / Phone Calls

Smitag on 2016-03-15
I have been called over & over again by Home Credit Department individuals saying that these are training calls & they would like to speak to someone by the name of "Darshan Singh" on my number which is 99999647862 . Time & again I've told them that they have got the wrong number...

Bank of America / An imposter phone call

Morris Ritchie on 2016-03-02
I received a call at my house in San Diego, California on February 29, 2016 at 1:49 p.m. from the phone number (352) 547-1676, which is from somewhere in Florida. The person, a man, represented himself as an agent with the IRS and informed me that the IRS was taking legal action against u...

Biofog / Biofog SCOE 10X

Reviewer40184 on 2016-02-29
While I do not have a complaint about the SCOE 10X product itself, the Biofog customer service is one of the rudest and most condescending I have encountered ! Product instructions on their website indicate a dilution ratio of EITHER 1:9 or 1:8. As I had a particular malodor and wanted to...

ETourandTravel / Misrepresented said i got a trip to Orlando Florida Disneyland

Reviewer34284 on 2016-02-21
To whom this is concerned, I was under the understanding I was getting a vacation to Disneyland then Daytona and scarolinathen I get package and its for a time share I don't want a timeshare. They said I would have to go to a seminars.why do people take advantage of this friggin...

ocbizowners / Unknown

GPS Flyers on 2016-02-20
This fraudulent company does not exist in Orange County, California. They have filed a bogus complaint against our business (GPS FLYERS), leaving no details, no telephone number, or no details of complaint. We have researched the email address and/or name and find nothing in the Orange...

Feature Films For Families / Extreme amount of phone calls, leaving no messages

Reviewer76792 on 2016-02-18
I purchased a couple films from Feature Films for Families many, many years ago when I had younger children in my home. I would continue to get calls throughout the years occasionally, but nobody ever left a message. I answered on one occasion about a year ago and explained to the sale...

Simply Comfort Home Services / Excessive, harrassing telemarketing calls

Reviewer27033 on 2016-02-05
Simply Comfort has called my home now for a month, never leaving a message or name and calls before 9am and up till 9pm. I have called multiple times to complain and request they stop calling and remove my number. Each time I am reassured this will be done and it never is. I called again...

Home Advisor / Unwanted solicitation, false charges, false promises

Reviewer92537 on 2016-01-29
My firm did business with home advisor over a year ago to a horrific business experience and false charges for non legitimate leads. Like painters looking for work not a job lead for my painting firm needless to say after horrible wrangling with them they issued me some credits. After over a year...

VIP / Unauthorized banking

Christine Bastek on 2016-01-26
Years ago( do not know exactly when) an un authorized deposit of $300 was put into my checking account. I called to say this was unauthoprized. They proceeded to take out $95 two times. I consulted my bank and put stop on the collections. Years later, they are contacting me threantening to...

AC Services / Raising Money for Vets

Reviewer41665 on 2016-01-22
I was suspicious at how smooth the delivery of this message was. There was little effort to help me understand who they were and what they were doing for Vets. It was too smooth and I became suspicious. They wanted me to give my credit card information over the phone, which I never do when...

Steroidxone.net / Supplements

Reviewer25378 on 2016-01-22
They will call you can totally scam you to western union payments for faster shipments. Credit card payments if they show up have taken 6-8 months from India or who knows where? Do not order or buy anything from India. Magic jack, Sean, John, Johnny. Payments going to Asia Khan, Yasir...

Foundation for American Veterans / Robo calling

renee azrieli on 2016-01-20
This entity calls 2-3 times every evening at home, there is never anyone on the phone when I try to answer. There is nothing I can do to stop these annoying calls. Please see if you can do something to stop this. We contribute to a lot of veterans groups although this isn't one of...

Heywire / Unknown numbers texting and personally harassing

Reviewer54738 on 2016-01-19
HeywirePlease note that a Heywire number 2089039735 continues to harrass me personally. from the 15th of January to the 19th of January. Please find the attached document. I would like that the company shuts the number down. another person have also complained on the number.

Windstream Communications / Scam calls violating "Do Not Call Registry"

Reviewer17290 on 2016-01-11
Getting "Scam" calls from 205-561-5124. Windstream communications is the provider of service for this number. My numbers are registered on the National Do Not Call Registery. These calls are in violation of this Federal Communications Statue. The recording states that I have won a...

RL Daly / Paid off account

Joey Dikgole on 2016-01-11
My account with Woolworth was handed over to the company RL Daly. I was paying these people on a monthly basis until one of their consultants called me and said I'm only left with the amount of R200 to pay and then I will be done with this account. We made arrangements to pay thi...
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