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Unsolicited Phone Calls Complaints

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SABC TV Licence Department / Ineffective

Marinda Otto on Nov 22, 2016
constantly receive sms pertaining outstanding monies owed to SABC, can they not read or understand, on 5 January 2012 i have submitted proof, affidavit at local police station, that my tv set was damaged by lightning, it was subsequently taken for repairs but was given to another customer...

Tiffany / Escort

kamjw on Nov 21, 2016
I can't seem to call Backpage, but I'm getting calls now for three days running, at all hours of the night, because some woman has listed my phone number on her personal add. For some reason she has it on her 'pictures' and the first picture has the number transposed - I suppose she wanted...

Neotel / Telefoon number 0110844441/2/3

Casandra Haddad on Nov 19, 2016
You are the service provider for a company that is harassing me with daily hang up calls. The above numbers were supplied by you to a company registered as SASSA Grindrod bank in Sandton. I receive calls from them twice per day on my business land line. Upon answering the calls, they drop...

Vodacom / Insults 0796144472

mmbara adziambei on Nov 17, 2016
Morning.the owner of call no 0796144472, wrote my mother an insulting sms on the 17 November 2016.I call that man he started insulting me in Tsonga language.I had to call him with my phone, now he is calling even at night and he is continuing with his vulgar words towards me.please help...

Yahoo! / Samsung galaxy note 4

bob hendry on Nov 6, 2016
I can not get the fail to sign in off my phone. this new system sucks big. it says server password has changed . enter new password. can not enter password without it doing the same thing over and over. how do i fix this problem? You used to be able to just change your password and sign in...

800notes.com / Ficticious slander for business and personal phone numbers

Micrometer on Nov 3, 2016
800notes.comI am a victim of abuse from members of 800notes and write this review as a warning to anyone with a phone listing. As many of us know there is a big problem with scams, telemarketing and other unwanted calls. Many people turn to the internet as a means to find who may have called them. There...

Global Crossing Local Services / Global crossing local services

Caylee Rae on Oct 29, 2016
I have been getting calls on my cell every day or every other day, and I just found what this company is when I reverse looked up a number. They already call me frequently, and they tell me that I've won something. I just hang up. But the calls aren't from one place in the US, they come...

Idol White / Harassment and really bad customer service

yashepheh wilson on Oct 18, 2016
I have received multiple phone calls over the last few days, each time asking for me by name. When I asked who they were, they would tell me they were from Idol white and they were responding to my inquiry about tooth whitening. I told them the first time that I had not requested any...

Woolworths / Woolworths gift card scam

REDRUM420 on Sep 20, 2016
19/9/1016-21/9/16 I received a pop up screen offering me a $500 Woolworths Food Stores gift card, below were numerous good reviews as well to further convince me, which worked.This was an online offer and came up advertised on my facebook.This claimed I would be eligible if I filled out a...

Transport Connections / Shipping quote phone call received from bill the owner

02151971 on Sep 14, 2016
Bill the owner is a real gem of a man he sure is not!!! He, called me to give me a quote and as soon as i mentioned the price of another company then he just flipped out, snapped, swearing at me putting down the other companies, so i hung up on he!! He proceeded to call two more time...

HandyWorks Remodeling / Global crossing (Aka: smith lead program)

Handyworks Office on Sep 14, 2016
They call frequently offering their services to provide us with leads. Our company has an excellent reputation in the local area, ergo we do NOT need to pay for leads. I have followed their prompts at least THREE TIMES to be removed from their call list, and yet I continue to get calls.

Aleva Medical Equipment / Annoying phone calls

donnaleemills on Sep 9, 2016
Starting in June of this year this company has been calling me aleast 2 times daily. They still are calling me.I call Morgan and Morgan law firm and they said they couldn't do anything but they advertise on Tv they could help. I want them to stop and collect my money that Morgan and Morgan...

Independent Voters / Matt

Brian Willis on Sep 9, 2016
Matt needs to apologize to mrs. Clinton for being so rude. He also needs apologize for giving donald trump a free ride. Matt never called him out on his lies. . As a report not calling him out on not answering the question. Nbc should apologize for their part.

Viking Magazine Service / Cancellation policy

Jeanne Helton on Aug 20, 2016
Several months ago I was calling Verizon, a man comes on offering a $250. gift certificate if I listened to his magazine offer so I did, he said the magazines were free and named them off and said I could pick 6 other magazines of my choice so I picked 6 and then he ask for my information...

Windham Professionals / Debt collection

Kansas2016 on Aug 11, 2016
They are looking for someone I rented to years ago, & now I happen to live back in that house. The tenet skipped town owing several months rent, so Im guessing they did that to them too. However, I've returned their calls 3 times now telling them this person has absolutely no ties to my...

christine teutsch / my information was given out by cust service

cat43017 on Jul 22, 2016
on 7/20/2016 I spoke to (Sam) and than (Mary) in the PRIME dept. I am reporting that one of these two individuals gave personal information about me because that same day my I received a flood of text messages, emails and phone calls from people thanking me for inquiring insurance. these...

Diamond Resorts / Unsolicited telephone calls

Ernest Morgan on Jul 19, 2016
I continue to receive unsolicited telephone calls on my cell phone from Diamond Resorts representatives of varying Diamond Resorts. My cell phone number is registered with both the United States and Canadian "Do Not Call" registries. Each time I ask the caller to remove my name from their...

Just Energy / Gas and Hydro Rebate they called my 89 year old Mother and tried to gain access to her house and bills

Cliveadiver on Jul 18, 2016
Rahul from Just Energy called my Mom and tried to get her to allow access to the house, furnace room (to check the furnace) wanted to see her bills paid to Veridian and Enbridge. He claimed to be partnered with Enbridge and he was under the impression my Mother granted him an appointment...

North American Services Center / Claims to want to cancel a magazine subscription i am not receiving.

Antoinette Robinson on Jul 12, 2016
I have received three phone calls from this company stating that there calling to unsubscribe me from my magazine orders that I am not receiving. So called service rep says he needed to know whether I was married of not in order to cancel the subscription, when I asked him why he needed...

Global Crossing Local Services, Inc. / Threats

Squid 420 on Jul 8, 2016
I have saved voicemails of them verbally threatening me. I told them they can come to my city and I will destroy them. Right to bear arms mother F If these people are " Legal" to threaten my life then I have every right to feed them to the sharks. Lets get these pathetic people in jail taking it in the ass
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