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Viking Magazine Service / Cancellation policy

Jeanne Helton on Aug 20, 2016
Several months ago I was calling Verizon, a man comes on offering a $250. gift certificate if I listened to his magazine offer so I did, he said the magazines were free and named them off and said I could pick 6 other magazines of my choice so I picked 6 and then he ask for my information...

Windham Proffesionals / debt collection

Kansas2016 on Aug 11, 2016
They are looking for someone I rented to years ago, & now I happen to live back in that house. The tenet skipped town owing several months rent, so Im guessing they did that to them too. However, I've returned their calls 3 times now telling them this person has absolutely no ties to my...

christine teutsch / my information was given out by cust service

cat43017 on Jul 22, 2016
on 7/20/2016 I spoke to (Sam) and than (Mary) in the PRIME dept. I am reporting that one of these two individuals gave personal information about me because that same day my I received a flood of text messages, emails and phone calls from people thanking me for inquiring insurance. these...

Diamond Resorts / Unsolicited telephone calls

Ernest Morgan on Jul 19, 2016
I continue to receive unsolicited telephone calls on my cell phone from Diamond Resorts representatives of varying Diamond Resorts. My cell phone number is registered with both the United States and Canadian "Do Not Call" registries. Each time I ask the caller to remove my name from their...

Just Energy / Gas and Hydro Rebate they called my 89 year old Mother and tried to gain access to her house and bills

Cliveadiver on Jul 18, 2016
Rahul from Just Energy called my Mom and tried to get her to allow access to the house, furnace room (to check the furnace) wanted to see her bills paid to Veridian and Enbridge. He claimed to be partnered with Enbridge and he was under the impression my Mother granted him an appointment...

North American Services Center / Claims to want to cancel a magazine subscription i am not receiving.

Antoinette Robinson on Jul 12, 2016
I have received three phone calls from this company stating that there calling to unsubscribe me from my magazine orders that I am not receiving. So called service rep says he needed to know whether I was married of not in order to cancel the subscription, when I asked him why he needed...

Global Crossing Local Services, Inc. / Threats

Squid 420 on Jul 8, 2016
I have saved voicemails of them verbally threatening me. I told them they can come to my city and I will destroy them. Right to bear arms mother F If these people are " Legal" to threaten my life then I have every right to feed them to the sharks. Lets get these pathetic people in jail taking it in the ass

Freedom747.Com / Unwanted calls for pyramid scheme from (865) 285 1313

Rognerud on Jul 4, 2016
Recorded calls about a pyramid scheme from (865) 285 1313. Guy calls himself COACH MIKE. He will call even if you're on the national DO NOT CALL LIST. COACH MIKE "AKA" MICHAEL SCULLY, MICHAEL DIAMOND, MICHAEL HEISCH, STANLEY B CADE, MIKE SKULLE, MICHAEL OSCULLY AND BIG MIKE. There...

Laughing Cat Creative / Scam fraud ripoff worst office ever

Charlie222 on May 17, 2016
I have been contacted multiple times (8 different times to be exact) from this company, or should I say Emily Schooley and each time I have asked her to take me off of her mailing list. When she calls, she informs me that she is a production company and is looking for financial advisers to...

Clydesdale Securities LLC / Finance

Ikwulsus on May 16, 2016
The company is a complete scam. I have contacted the registered phone number which can be found on FINRA.ORG http://brokercheck.finra.org/Firm/174167 & the person who answered the phone tells me it is a complete scam. They have been hacked. He told me the real Clydesdale Securities ha...

hospital stay / locked out of my account

This is Hell on May 14, 2016
after being on the phone for one hour and 40 minutes my problem was still not solved. I have been with hotwire for about 15 years under Ammmmm and ... My first email address was ------------------ then I changed to-----------sbcglobal.net and now I have been locked out of my account by a...

MagicJack / Fraud

Jerry Panza on May 7, 2016
i keep getting calls from a ny number 6465881773, they say they are from microsoft and that i have a problem with my ms windows, they try to get info from me the caller id shows a ny number 6465881773 and when that number is called a recording states that the magic sack customer is not...

Gumtree / Placement of site map on adverts without written permission

mikew87 on May 3, 2016
Had adverts on Gumtree...always been happy...sold some items. However I had to relist unsold items which was a pain but 21 day duration now...ayhum. My complaint is that whereas previously I had the option of having site map displayed, which I declined!!! You should know that Gumtree attract...

Omnipoint Communications Ca.... / Publisher's Service

Virginia Kirby on Apr 23, 2016
Jonathan called from Herndon, VA T-Mobile Phone: 703-870-3682 said magazine subscription was on its way. I said we don't want any magazines and asked for the last 4 digits of any card they were using. He gave me some card info and said don't worry its expired. He said he couldn't do anything to cancel the order -he'd be sending papers to do so.

Rotech HealthCare, Inc. / Cpap Supplies.

Charlotte Pierce on Apr 19, 2016
I dealt with Rotech through our local CP02 company. I was assured that I would get my supplies routinely which did not happen. I got fed up with the unprofessionalism of this company and complained to my physician. He then set me up with another company which is 100% professional...

First Recovery Associates / Harassing phone calls for an unknown person

ImfeduptoHERE on Mar 30, 2016
For the past month or more, I've been receiving harassing phone calls daily on my work number from First Recovery Associates at 844-290-7031. My call log shows their first call was on 3/25/16, but everything prior to that date was already automatically erased. I'm pretty sure it's been...

Medical Compensation Calls / Continuous Phone Calls, Phishing for Information

TotallyAnnoyed on Mar 29, 2016
I have received three calls from this company all within the span of 6 hours. The phone number is 646-769-9057 and the caller ID says the call is coming from New York, NY. The caller always has a strong accent and you can hear a lot of other voices in the background, so I suspect it's a...

Home Credit India / Phone Calls

Smitag on Mar 15, 2016
I have been called over & over again by Home Credit Department individuals saying that these are training calls & they would like to speak to someone by the name of "Darshan Singh" on my number which is 99999647862 . Time & again I've told them that they have got the wrong number...

Bank Of America / An imposter phone call

Morris Ritchie on Mar 2, 2016
I received a call at my house in San Diego, California on February 29, 2016 at 1:49 p.m. from the phone number (352) 547-1676, which is from somewhere in Florida. The person, a man, represented himself as an agent with the IRS and informed me that the IRS was taking legal action against u...

Biofog / Biofog SCOE 10X

Reviewer40184 on Feb 29, 2016
While I do not have a complaint about the SCOE 10X product itself, the Biofog customer service is one of the rudest and most condescending I have encountered ! Product instructions on their website indicate a dilution ratio of EITHER 1:9 or 1:8. As I had a particular malodor and wanted to...
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