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9:51 am
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - Fraud and scam

I cracked the LCD screen on My 30GB Zune this is not covered by warranty so You have to choose someone else to repair and pay out of pocket OK.

Found all Zune Repair on the net and they where showing up all over the place including ebay so they seemed legit. I prepayed for replacement screen and sent it in.That was Sept 5th of 2008. I sent it insured so I was able to track and confirm that they received it. I also have emails from them stating the same and If you can get a hold of anyone there they promise everything but still have not delivered.

Now I cant get my Zune back. They have disabled there website and no one answers the phone or emails. Sadley Im not the only one several people have been burned by these folks and To date no one seems to be able to get our money or our equipment back. Weve contacted the Better Business Bureau and The Attorney Generals Office. Recently I gave all the information to Postal Inspector whose investigating them for Mail Fraud.

Dont send them your repairs!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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In late October 2008, I purchased 2 of the new 120G Zune (after considering it vs the Apple iPod). Activated/Registered it, downloaded music and started to enjoy. In February 2009 the internal workings of my Zune died. I sent it off to Microsoft to be replaced (with a new Zune), received it back, downloaded the music and started again. Then in late June 2009, the button to lock the Zune poped off as I went to unlock it. I have not had my Zune (1st time or 2nd time) long enough (less than a year) for anything to be shorting, crashing or breaking. I called Microsoft customer service to set up yet another return where I learn that I was sent a refurbished Zune after the first "return". Why would I be given a refurbished electronic when I paid for a new electronic and barely got any use out of it? Now I have had to send my (refurbished) broken Zune back. I requested that I have a new (not refurbished) Zune and incentives sent to me and/or a total refund of the $249.99 + tax that I paid the Microsoft vendor (Best Buy). I received a telephone call on Sunday, July 26 by a person from Microsoft (elevated response - whom I could barely understand because of the language barrier - out sourced), informing me that Microsoft does not replace Zune's with new equipment (only refurbished) per their policy nor would they give me a refund (I would have to go back to the vendor). Best Buy stated they would not give me a refund because the original equipment was sent back to Microsoft (which would not match original serial number on receipt) and I was past the return policy period. I requested that someone from Microsoft corporate contact me, again they called and told me the gave me the same scenario. I called Microsoft Corporate again and the only help the receptionist offered me is the advocate email or leave a voice message with the receptiontist's supervisor.
Damage result - So I have NO Zune, BOTH companies refusing to give me my money back, and many hours of trying to get customer satisfaction.

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