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This company was not one bit fourth right. They never once told me that you need to pay for the any repairs up front and get re imbursed later. The refuse to return my phone calls. This stove is new and not working properly. They are very deceptive. Once they got your money, it's all down hill from there. I call the manufacturer to find out more about more about this company. They basically told me that I am on my own and that I wont get any service. They have this 369 day satisfaction return policy. What they dont tell you is you must completely return the pellet stove in the original box etc etc. Have you ever tried to take apart a box from a pellet stove that is boxed and attached to a pallet. Good luck keeping the box in its original condition. Then there is the 15-20% restocking fee. I never heard any of this til after received my defective Napoleon NPS 40 Stove. The Napoleon company(Wolfe Steele) also told me that any sort of labor will not be covered, unless it's professionally installed. Again zoobler said nothing to me. Bottom line, do not buy anything from this company. They have no customer service and will not return phone calls. Go ahead call [protected], and press the button for customer service. Do that every hour on the hour and see how many times you get a live person.

Also if you decide to try to get the warranty covered, they will send a form which tells you that you must pay for the repairs up front and then they send the part to the manufacturer to see if it was defective, before they cover it. They ask or a copy pf your divers licecense etc. Here is the offical form for you to read for yourself.

Zoobler, Inc.
3840 W. Seltice Way
Post Falls, ID 83854
Authorization form: Request for: Warranty parts
Parts request:
You have made a request for warranty parts and will be charged . These parts will be sent to you. You will
be sent RA information to return presumed defective parts. If said parts are found upon return to said
manufacturer to be defective and/or covered under warranty you will be refunded less any and all
shipping charges, per the manufactures rates, terms, policies, procedures and schedules. If you do not
send the said "presumed defective" parts back to the manufacture within 15 days of receipt of the
replacement part, all parts after that date will be considered non-returnable and non-refundable .
Part # you wish to purchase (required)__________________________________
I (printed name)____________________________________________________
Zoobler Order # (required)___________________________________________
Model # (required) _______________Serial # (required)____________________
have read the above statement and agree to the terms contained there-in.
Signature: __________________________________Date: ____________
Payment Option 1: Most Expeditious
Credit Card: _________________________________________________
Expiration Date: _________________ Security Code:____________
Billing Address:_______________________________________________
Shipping Address:_____________________________________________
**A legible copy of your credit card, front and back is required
**A legible copy of your valid drivers license is required. (for verification to authorize said charges )
Please complete, sign and fax to: [protected] w/ the required copies of your
drivers license and credit card
* Incomplete forms or those missing any of the required copies will not be processed.
Payment Option 2: Least expeditious
Mail this Form Completed and signed with a Check or money order for the total to:
Zoobler, Inc.
Attn Warranty Deposit Part for: Order # ________________________________
3840 W. Seltice Way
Post Falls, ID 83854
Billing Address:_______________________________________________
Shipping Address:________________________

They dont tell you this until it's too late! Good luck diagnosing a pellet stove over the phone when no one will answersor return your calls! Dont buy from Zoobler!


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    shoreconstruction Jul 17, 2009

    I used zoobler to purchase items ..I am a contractor and you really can't blame them because you didn't read their terms and conditions..I searched the web many time for products and i always read the terms ..before i purchase(by the way theirs are pretty similar to most web companies these days) I really can;t complain about their service, i am very happy with them..But all the same i hope your issues get resolved ... they seem to be nice folks

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