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T Dec 02, 2019 Review updated:

SCAM Company, New Company 6th new company in the last 3 years! opening and closing down companies every month after scamming many people!

The main guy is called Nathan Coombe, He the one other the phone doing the selling!

address: 3rd Floor, Arnott House, 12-16 Bridge Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 1LU

The stupid man using the same logo on all his websites going back years. Make sure you do your own research and you will find many reports even in the news papers for fraud, eBay fraud and playstation fraud.

  • Updated by Tmanagers · Feb 04, 2020

    You advertise on the same sites as the serious scammer last year, same logo you had on your site with the lion and now been removed.

    You are a big fake, a scammer that has been to jail and you deserve to go back!
    Hiding your home address
    Hiding your WHO-IS information on site.
    6 month old domain name and you call yourself an established company!
    Using free logo design software to make your own logo on your site says alot about your skill set and screams scam!

    So many reports and scams online about you, But I have better things to do with mytime. I have now just proven some facts so newbes can clearly see the scam right in front of them.

    Now go and kid someone else!


  • Z
      Jan 22, 2020

    Please remove this comment as the information you have advertised is completely untrue.
    This company is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Zaid & Nazia Arshed. Hence the name 'Zazia' a combination of the 2 names.
    This company is a business broker, helping clients buy and sell businesses. Nothing to do with playstations or eBay as you claimed.
    Zaid is a local entrepreneur who owns and operates other businesses and no, he has not set up his '6th' company in the space of 3 years, completely untrue.
    Any company owned and operated by Zaid has been successfully trading for many years which can easily be verified through Companies house.
    I trust you have been misinformed and have linked this to a different business that may be registered at the same address as this is a 'services offices' building block which many businesses use as a 'virtual office'.
    It seems this so called 'Nathan' has affected you in the past, but I am asking you not to take vengeance on innocent traders who you have never dealt with and check your facts before causing damage to other company brand reputations.
    Kindly asking you to remove this false comment.

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