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Zaken CorpScam and cheating

I ordered the EBay marketing system. I had used EBay in the past and I had just opened up a store and was looking to expand my inventory. I thought it sounded good. It did too good to be true! I ordered the system, and started it the first day I got it. Nothing happened, big surprise. I tried it for the month with no results. There are only a few items and there are a ton of people trying to sell the exact same items .

Anyway, I called Zaken on the 8th to find out how to ship the program back to them, I had to leave a message. Called back two days later, again I had to leave a message. Called back two days later, on the 12th and finally got a hold of someone.

I was told that my card wasn't going to be charged until the 18th but that he would push back the date until the 25th so I wouldn't get charged. I went that day to the post office and mailed it back by priority mail like I was instructed. I got delivery confirmation for it.

Delivery confirmation showed that it was delivered on the 15th. I thought that I was safe. Never think that with Zaken! My checking account was charged the fee on the 18th! Because I didn't have the money to cover it, like I knew I wouldn't we also got charged 3 overdraft fees.

I called Zaken on the 18th, was told that my account would be moved up to the first position in the refunds. Why wasn't it handled as soon as they got it? And why was I charged on the 18th and not the 25th like I was promised? I told them that I was holding them responsible for the overdraft fees that I incurred and wanted them to refund those fees as well.

The program fees were eventually reversed but the overdraft fees were not credited. So, I called back and reexplained the situation again and how it was their fault. I was told that he would check in to it, he took my name and number and was suppose to get back to me. I didn't hear anything so I called again. This time I was told that this was a matter for upper management and that he would talk to upper management and get back to me.

Again, I didn't hear anything. I called back again, this time extremely irate. Explained the situation again. Was told that the person who was handling my account was no longer with the company and the request must have been lost when he left.

She told me that this was a case for upper management and she was not authorized to help me. I demanded to speak to her supervisor and was transferred. Guess what, I got her voice mail! I left an angry message stating that I want the money that I am owed and that I require someone to contact me immediately or I will take further steps to collect my money.

That was an hour ago. We will see if they get a hold of me. I seriously doubt it.


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    Dusty714 Feb 14, 2011
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    I made the mistake of ordering from Zaken. The entire first month the sites were down because they were upgrading the servers. They didn't tell me when they took my money and I sent out 1500 mailers to promote a site that no one could access. Then they upgraded my site to a "$600" site to "make up" for the problems which again no one has been able to order from. I've sent them 3 emails about the problem and talked to them three times about it (two of the calls were today, however) and supposedly they will check it out. And because I ordered from one program instead of the other, MY program only has a 90-day return policy so I'm basically SOL for even the initial package. I haven't been able to recoup even 1 cent of the money I have laid out to this company. Don't let these people take advantage of you, too...

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