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Reviews and Complaints

Pep Stores — service at pay points


I went to PEP in Joubertina to buy some things. Stand in the row to pay but the guy behind the still helps people that don't stand in the row. If I buy clothes, a pen or airtime, my brain is telling me that it is a sale and you have to stand in the row. This was the 3rd time that this happen at PEP Joubertina and everytime it is the man (only Male person working at PEP Joubertina) that helps me. He don't have manners. He didn't sub total the till, so I my money was short and he tell me on a bad manner : Your money is not enough. He could only said in a more nicer way, sorry mam, your money is short. Clearly he don't have respect for PEP's white customers.