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M Sep 09, 2018

We booked the mentioned grab taxi to take us from Cainta Rizal for Airport Terminal 2 at Php 610.00. When asked, the driver told us hewill take the C6 route which is to us just the normal route via Taquiq. What suprised us however and which he did not tell us that upon reaching Sucat area he will take the skyway route to Airport Terminal 2 instead of the service road.
It appears he got lost of the route or he intentionally took the easy route without telling us about it then asked us to pay the skyway toll fee which was additional expense for us at Php117.00 (72 + 45).
This kind of driver behavior is not good and grab TNVS must do something to correct this kind of driver behavior. Pls let me know what action/s has been done by grab TNVS.

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