Yvonne Westbilling issue


I received my bill and the account balance was 929.08.
I made a payment of 329.08 on 10/20/17(Visa card)
I made another payment of 300.00 on 10/24/17, and payment of 100.00 on 10/25/17. Both of these payments were by check.
I went online to pay the balance, and the balance was 300.00, so I paid 300.00 using my Visa card.
When I added up the payments, I had paid 100.00 over based on the balance listed on the website.
All of the payments were listed, but the payment due balance should have been 200.00, not 300.00.
I would like a refund put back on my Visa card.
Sincerely, Yvonne West
Account [protected]

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