Yves Rocher Belarusfailed order, false information, and abysmal service

Two days ago, on October 2nd, I placed an online order via the Yves Rocher Belarus website. Next day early in the morning I got a call from a salesperson who told me my order was ready for pickup that day or later. On the following day, October 4th, I went to their pickup service only to find out that my order wan not there, had never been there, was not with the courier, and that the salesperson in charge (the same one who called me, as she said) had no idea where my order was. She failed to explain why she falsely told me my order was ready when it was not. Then her manager appeared, who, instead of saying sorry ordered me to "calm down" and said me that I had to either agree to get my order part by part in some indefinite time or cancel it. I obviously opted for the latter and asked for the customer complaints book, which, according to my country's legislation, each company should have and produce at a customer's request. The manager first told me the book was not on the premises, but with some courier. When I quoted to her the afore-mentioned legislation, she ordered me "not to threaten her" and then produced the book, which apparently was on the premises, but the manager was either unaware of it or else didn't want to give it to me to file a complaint. I am appalled by such utter disrespect of the clients' time and rights as well as or the country's legislation. It makes one wonder whether the company's products are of the same quality as its management and customer service.

Oct 04, 2019

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