Yslcashier check scam

F Aug 02, 2018

I was contacted by couple of persons with the screen name Ysl o and YY they offered to buy some of my products with Cashier checks scam, Letgo needs to do more in order to stop these persons that are preying on honest persons that are using your platform.
Around the middle of July I decided to placed some of my belongings for sale at the site called Letgo, one of the items that I placed was a pair of eyeglasses (Cartier), couple of days later I got a message from someone who had a screen name Ysl o that he/she was interested in the eyeglasses, he send me a phone number [protected], we began to go back and forth in regard to price, we settled at $225.00, then he told me that because he was in the Marine Corps he was been relocated, and if I accepted a Cashier Check that he/she was going to sent to my home. This guy send me a Cashier Check for $2150 that bounced and now I'm responsible to repay to my bank.

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