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A Jul 23, 2019

With sincere respect, as big as Yahoo is, I can see why it might want to ride on its history.

Still, as a former teacher, author and community advocate, I find myself saddened by the so very low IQ and ultimate contribution to society that is operating behind Yahoo's news .

Indeed, there is SO very much that could be accomplished were to Yahoo to give up being a low IQ sensationalized venue in preference of providing highly intelligence news that could make a qualitative difference both in our society and an in all candor ... "society-at-large."

IN FACT, I'd venture that if YAHOO did a 180 degree turn around to provide intelligent news that could make a difference in our society - and too, provide intelligent "options" for the public to become involved - we might well see Yahoo serving as a major catalyst sufficient to foster both a more intelligent, healthier society AND one which, btw would demonstrate significantly less violence.

As it is, I would offer that Yahoo News "feeds" violence and a low IQ society.

Best regards.


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