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I have talked with both of the owners of this group and both have promised me to give me back my full refund. In order for me to get it, they claimed they sent me the papers to sign for it . I have yet received any papers through the mail as they have said they sent them via post office 4 times. I keep getting the run around. Also, they want to take out an attorney fee now to ask him what to do. How ridiculous!!! They are trying to cheat me out of over $1360. Please do not use this group as they have gotten a new business with their group called Lifequard Financial. I believe that business is located in Fla. but is working together with Xtra Financial or they are phasing out the Xtra Financial. People beware of their scams.


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      Jul 15, 2009

    Debbie I am also getting the run around from them. Who are you working with and how long have you been working with them.

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      Jul 20, 2009

    Regarding Xtra Financial, they were all there returning calls, following up until they got my check for $1500.00 then NOTHING. It is like pulling teeth to even get someone there to answer the phone. Seria is the one working with me or as I could call it avoiding me. I can't begin to tell you how many messages I have left there without any response back. I finally talked to a ___ Worthington last Monday promising me that she would call back after about 3 more messages she finally did and my mistake I missed her call and now every number I have for the office has been disconnected including this Worthington's personal cell. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!!! I am afraid that because of their delay I might loose my house. Jenn B

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      Aug 26, 2009

    I have also had problems with xtra Financial
    Please report them to the BBB and Atorney General Office, Consumer Affairs in N.J.
    Here is a copy of my complaint:
    I submitted a initial complaint and they replied, still no resolution! I will fight this to the end, they apear to have no morales and are a fraudelent company.

    BBB Letter
    Thank-you helping me in obtaining resolution with Xtra Financial
    Complaint ID#: [protected]

    Xtra Financial response: “While we are sympathetic to the loss that Ms. Kincaid has suffered we must report that her file is not in fact with our firm. Scott McIlvaine opened another company with a name similar to ours and worked with Quantum Loss Mitigation which either he or a family member is the principle owner. Ms. Kincaid's funds and file are with them and we therefore have no additional information to provide regarding her status or a possible refund. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

    In response to their reply: I signed my contract with Xtra Financial, same address and phone number that you have addressed and have contacted in this dispute. My first Installment in check form was a written to and was cashed by Xtra Financial. I contacted Xtra Financial because nothing was done on my loan modification, again no return calls. Upon my research, I find that the second installment was taken by a Scott McIlvaine. I have sent many e-mails and phone calls, finally reaching Hugh Obrien a counselor with Xtra Financial, he tells me that my loan modification is being done by a Scott McIlvaine and has left Xtra Financial and has gone to Quantum Loss Mitigation. This was never discussed with me ahead of time. My goal was to have Xtra Financial negotiate my current loan for modification. My contract was signed with Xtra Financial, they cashed my check. If there was a conflict within their company or with Scott McIlvaine, who I am guessing was either a partner or employee and he left the company, that is not problem. Xtra Financial apparently knows where Scott McIlvaine went and knows how to get in contact with him, which I am not. There is no address on the web site Quantum Loss Mitigation and they do not pick up the phone or answer back when left messages or emails. I have saved all documentation and have currently obtained legal representation to obtain the loss of my funds and legal fees. I have also submitted all documentation and filed a complete with the Attorney General office in N.J.
    I feel I signed a contract with Xtra Financial, They agreed to represent me. I should not have to chase around people I have never met or spoken with. Again I request a refund of my money within 10 days or I will continue to seek my funds with legal representation. This has reached to a matter of principle and ethics, and promise to continue to seek resolution as long as it takes.

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      Sep 04, 2009

    Lifeguard Financial cheats another customer. Are you next?

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      Sep 09, 2009

    Have you made a police report? I was ripped off also by them. I was first dealing with Xtra financial (Hugh Obrien and then Quantum Loss Mitigation ( Joseph and Scott McIlvaine). You can contact the police department at [protected], Please also file a complaint with the BBB and Attorney Generals Office. Contact me if you need assistance.

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      Jun 01, 2010

    These two brothers will rip off anyone they can. Scott McIlvaine is now living in Pitman NJ and is in the business of ripping people off just under a new company name. Joseph Mcilvaine is now living in Sunrise Florida and is still ripping people off and owes over $80, 000 in back child support. BEWARE OF THERE COMPANIES

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      Jun 17, 2010

    From the desk of the Attorney Generals Office; Xtra Financial was owned by Christopher Croce and Charles Warrington. Charles Warrington is a convicted fellon, and Chris Croce has been avoiding the authorities for over a year now. Scott McIlvaine has met with the Attorney General and has been aquitted of any charges involving him with Xtra Financial. Joe McIlvaine supplied leads for Xtra Financial and also was not involved. Here is a copy of the latest fines agains Chris Croce from the Attorney General, you will see that both Scott and Joe McIlvaine are not listed. ( )

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