Xpress Computers, Millville, NJIncompetence, rudeless, lying, more.


No other personal information available about me, except that I'm an extremely disatisfied customer who just became an ex-customer. Just like these people will not survive as a business, I'm willing to bet. Too bad because they have some real good people there. Otherwise they have an employee problem as well as a managment disability.

I've gone to the store over 5 times. I've purchased a few things so have witnessed lying to customers about what to buy and what they need and then watched them get overcharged. I just wrote it off to inexperienced techs and lack of knowledge.

Today was my last visit. The guy at the counter was this loud mouthed smart ### who heard my request and then went into the back and said some rude things about me, he seemed to make sure that I heard it. Of course, he didn't have the cajones to come back out front until I left, even though he was manning the counter. Typical of the type. So he sent another person out who looked me in the eye and lied to me straight faced. I'm a tech with over 25 years professional experience, with degrees and certifications but mainly with the know how. I frequent small computer stores sometimes because they are convenient if I have a rush job to do for a friend and it's close enough.

All in all, taking the good with the bad, I'll never go back.

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