Xpeditecorp.comCanadian authorities are toothless when it comes to going after fraudsters like this


After reading one report after another about this company, I was incredulous as to how they haven't been charged by authorities in Illinois with fraud. I fell victim in exactly the same way as everyone else: I contracted with a company called to send out an e-mail blast on behalf of our company. It was supposed to be a one-time deal. When the supposed e-mail blast was sent out - in this case, to what were supposed to be 14, 000 e-mail addresses, I didn't get one response back! I immediately realized I had been conned, and when my credit card was debited, I complained and had the charge reversed. Unfortunately, the credit card company subsequently told me that I would have to prove that I never received the service for which I contracted. I am in the midst of disputing this with the credit card company, but in the meantime I see that I was charged again by this xpedite corporation.

I see that this is something that they do on a recurring basis. I am somewhat surprised that the FBI hasn't stepped in. I have had other experiences in which American authorities intervened to end such blatant fraud. There seems to be a clear case of misrepresentation and fraud going on here. Also, when I complained to the company representative, a woman by the name of Nicole Meier, the day after the e-mail blast was supposed to have been sent out on my behalf, and told her I would go public with my complaint, she immediately threatened me with legal action (which is preposterous, since I'm in Canada). I know that Canadian authorities are toothless when it comes to going after fraudsters like this, but gee, you guys have Patrick Fitzergald! Come on, show me what you're worth.

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