Resolved XM BrandsUnauthorized money taken out of my banking account

I was scammed by this company called XM Brands. I went on one web site to order a product called Advanced cleanse and also an Acai product for a trial fee of shipping and handling of $3.95 for each. For some reason the Acai order did not process. I got the links off the web site where it pulled up another internet site ( lead me to two other sites ( and where the actual links to the products I did order but again one of my orders did not process. The one that did process was the Advance Cleanse product. 4 days ago I went over to the site again to see about their product and I went into the terms and conditions which said that I had 14 days to cancel the membership which I did and I even called the company back once again to make sure I did not get charged anymore from them.

Well the reason I went to check out the products again, thinking I had ordered the Acai and the Advance Cleanse products from this company was because a charge from a web source had charged me $3.87 ( 02/02/2010 Debit Card Transaction SII*INTRORDR866889218 86 01/29SII*INTRO $3.87) and I am thinking this just did not seem right but shook it off because I was thinking I was dealing with the same exact company. I am thinking that the $3.87 is not right and so I went to the web sites to check out the shipping and handling for a few trial offers.

While I was on the web site for the Advance Cleanse product I noticed the terms and conditions and that is when I found out if in 14 days I would be charged approximately $150 if I kept the membership. Well I decided that was way too much for their product so I called customer service and cancelled the membership 4 days ago (February 6, 2010) which was still in the right time frame to cancel. So thinking after calling this company 2 times, minutes apart from each other, to make sure I got the account cancelled and that they actually gave me a cancellation number and the 2nd person did repeat it the second time from off the account, I felt I was in the safe zone. Not so!!!

Then yesterday, February 9, 2010, a charge for $87.47 (Pending Misc. Debit POS DEBIT SII*ONLNORDR8776833080 [protected] $87.47) was charged to my bank account (This is the XM Brands way of debiting an account) and I had no idea why I was being charged this amount since I cancelled 3 days prior and was within my safe time frame. I used the [protected] number, that was included from the number on the bank online statement, to make my first contact with this company and talked to a lady named Karen.

I got a foreign lady named Karen who sounded oriental to me and she refused to tell me who the name of the company was at first.

Finally she tells me it is the XM Brands and than she asked me if I has authorize the order and thinking it was the first original company I was talking to, I said yes but as I went on about that I had called and cancelled the membership within the correct time frame of 14 days, which was 3 days prior to my call to them, she told me that I only had 10 days to cancel. Now I was confused and thinking how is it that they can change the days from 14 to 10 days and that I actually did cancel in the right amount of time.

I even gave Karen the web site name of of which she tells me this is their web site and I believe I even repeat it to her and she again tells me it is their web site. She even has the nerve to ask me why don't I try their product which I had no desire to try anything that they had to offer to me because they had debited my bank account when I had cancelled and again I am still thinking this is the company I ordered from originally.

I was also told by Karen, the first lady, that if I had cancelled the membership of their product that I would have received email verification. I told her that there was no email sent to me and that some inept person who works for that company failed to do their job correctly. Again at this time I do not realize that I am dealing with a company that somehow got a hold of my personal bank account debit card, my email address, and my mailing address.

Karen tells me that I authorized the order on January 29, 2010 at 6:00PM and I am still thinking this is the original site because this is the exact time I ordered from the original site for the Advance Cleanse product. But this is not the same company but I did not realize this until talking to the second lady named Candace.

So I am going around and around with Karen and I get really angry at some points in our conversation because I am sick and tired of hearing her saying, "I'm sorry, " and that I had authorized their company to debit my account for thier product when I did not do so. I finally get so upset with her I am screaming at her that I want my money refunded and that I don't want to hear her say, "I'm sorry, " or that I authorized the order that I did not authorized.

Also when I ask what the web site address is to their company this is also questioned by Karen as to why I want their web site. Finally she tells me it is Come to find out this site is not where they take internet orders at all. I could not click on anything on that web site that would allow me to purchase one single product so I am thinking to myself this is not right.

After much going back and forth with this lady and we have been on the phone for a long time she finally puts me on hold for a very long time to talk to her supervisor named Candace. It is during my conversation with Candace that I realize to google this XM Brands company and that is when I pull it up that many people have been taken in fraudulently by this company. Now I have a clearer picture of what this whole matter is about--fraud!!!

Some how this XM Brands company fraudulently took money out of my bank account for an order I did not authorize to begin with, took money for a so called 10 day trial of their cleanse product, again which I never authorize, but not only did they charge me the $3.87 shipping and handling charge, I never received the 10 day trial they accused me falsely of ordering and authorizing. So the $87.47 I was charged to the same bank account was taken out on me and I am told that I authorized the order for their cleanse product which I never did and they actually sent me a product that was not even the cleanse but was their Acai XM product when I was repeatedly told by both Karen and Candace, they told me that I authorized the purchase of the Cleanse product not their Acai XM product.

When I question both Candace and Karen and mention the cleanse product, they do refer to it as Cleanse but and when I call it the Advance Cleanse, they tell me that is correct. I mean I said Advance Clease several times to them and they always tells me, "Yes, this is what I authorized the XM Brands company to charge me for."

Then the customer service reps had the nerve to ask me why I did not want to try their product and even told me she could give me a 20% discount. I told them that I did not want to try nothing that they had to sell and that I wanted a refund of my money.

After being put on hold once again by this lady named Karen, she finally gets me over to her supervisior named Candace who asks me the same dumb question about why I do not want to try their product. Then after a very long conversation I tell her repeatedly that I want my money back that they had stolen my grocery money and she finally tells me that I will receive a refund within 14 business days and that I will receive an email verification. I ask when will I receive the email verification to which she tells me within 24 hours. What a lie, too, because I never received an email verification and it is well past 24 hours.

So I call the company XM Brands from off their bottle that they sent me and charged me for, which is [protected] and talked to a 3rd lady yesterday and I have no idea nor can I remember her name but she ended up hanging up on me.

She told me to mail the wrong product back before I would get a refund. Never mind that I was charged $3.87 for something that they accused me falsely of authorizing that they never sent. Well I have read enough from other people on the web to know even if I mail this product back, I will not get a refund from this company and besides this company charged me for a trial fee for a product they never sent to me so they fraudulently took money on me twice.

This company falsely took money out of my bank account via debit card and now I am going to have to mail this product back to get a refund which means I will have to drum up the money to pay to ship this product back to include to make them sign for it which will probably costs me at least $10 and so now I will be out more than $100 from this company. They will have their product back and be able to ship it out to another person who they stole money from. I mean it can go on and on with this criminal person who runs this company.

I am on a fixed income. I do not own a car and get around in a power chair or a walker when I leave my home. I don't have the means to go to the post office to mail back a product to the XM Brands company only to hand it back to them and never receive one single penny back for my trouble that they put me through. Why they have not even sent me the 10 day trial sample that was unauthorized to my debit card on Feb 2, 2010 and they charged me $3.87 just because they could do it and get away with it. What makes me feel safe in trusting them to do the right thing.

When I told them about the trial product that they were suppose to have sent me that I never ordered or never received, Karen's reply to me was that she cannot control the mail. Yet they can send me out a full size bottle of a product I never ordered and charge me $87.47 and it does arrive to my address. Something is fishy out in New York City or should I say in Hollywood, Florida. I am going to keep the bottle they sent to me fraudulently so that if the FBI wants to see the bottle they can. I will keep it strictly for legal evidence.

I have been filing reports on line with several different places. FBI comes to mind as the first place and then Florida's BBB comes to mind too and then several web sites like this one.

Here is the information I found on the BBB web site about XM Brands. For one thing they have an "F" rating. This is a horrible rating.

Here are the addresses of this company:

5753 Miami Lakes Drive Miami, FL 33014
5753 NW 158th St. Miami, FL 33014
642 Main St. Charleston, Nevis, West Indies,
3609 N. 29th Ave. Hollywood, FL 33020

Here is an 800 number that is listed on their site: [protected]

Here is an 800 number from off their product that they sent to me unauthorized: [protected]

No. of Cmpl Type of Response
1 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
4 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
0 Refusing to make an adjustment
29 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
124 Unanswered
7 Unassigned
165 Total

XM Brands, Inc.

Address: 3809 N. 29th Ave.
Hollywood, FL 33020
Tel: [protected]
Fax: None

Web Site:

Contact: Customer Service -

Business Start Date: 10/6/2008

Company ID: [protected]

Nature of Business:
This company's business is Weight Control Services

License Number:

We know of no licensing or registration requirement for companies engaged in this company's stated type of business.

Company Rating F
Our opinion of what this rating means:
We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

A note in closing: Beware of any company, even those who have ads on television. Make sure you find out about a company before you give out your credit card or debit card number. Also, just because a product looks good, may seem like fun to use, or may look like it is something that may look like it may make things easier on your life--BEWARE!!! THERE ARE NO EASY SOLUTIONS EVER!!! THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

I was one of the many people who XM Brands, Inc actually got a hold of their debit or credit card, personal information, phone number as well as email address and to tell you the truth, I cannot prove to you how they did it---THEY JUST DID IT!!! Then they turn it around on you and try to make you believe their lies and make you believe you signed up for their offers when you did no such thing. Or they will not cancel your account when you ask them to. My friends, BEWARE!!! Nothing good is every free or easy--there are always strings attached. Please learn this lesson from those of us who did not learn it too well but now have from the school of hard knocks.


  • La
    lamoocow Jul 21, 2009

    Somehow this company fraudulently obtained my credit card. They have sent me product which I did not purchase. When I have tried to contact them multiple times I have been either disconnected or have only been able to reach an answering service. No calls have been returned. My bank states they have had numerous similar complaints against this company.

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  • Li
    lily75 Aug 25, 2009

    I signed up for the $1.00 Google profit House offer. It wasn;t until I printed the confirmation screen that I realised that they would be taking more money after 5 days. i don;t have any money and as I am in Australia I cannot contact hte company to cancel the service. I don;t know what to do and am panicking. Can anyone help me? How did you make it stop? Thanks

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  • Pa
    Paulette777 Aug 25, 2009

    You can't contact them here in the US either. You sit on hold until disconnected, time after time after time. Try this address [email protected]

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  • Ge
    George M Aug 26, 2009

    There was an ad for Internet sales and Marketing that I ordered for $1.00 and XM brands charged $84.84 for a Health and Beauty product.
    This is clear and blatant fraud and will be reported to an Internet Fraud division or Possibly the FBI.

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  • Un
    unhappy camper #1,000,000 Aug 27, 2009

    cancel your debit or credit card.

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  • Lo
    locho1 Aug 27, 2009

    i am having the same problem.

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  • Lo
    locho1 Aug 27, 2009

    this co charged my credit card 84.84 and when i try to contact them, the never answer, what is the regulatory bodies doing to have these people prosecuted. I have ready numerous complaints about them, unfortunately, they are being shielded, WHY????????????

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  • Mi
    Misjugement Aug 29, 2009

    Unfortunately, I am another scammed person. I was not aware of what this was. I believed I was looking at an ad for
    work at home and sounded good. Next thing I know, I received bank statement from checking account and charged the
    same $84.84 I have been trying for 2 days to call the customer service number and they don't answer. It is then when
    I took 2 hrs. of my time on the computer to investigate. That is when I found about this company scam !! I contacted my
    bank and being credited the amount. However, I need to contact this place to cancel any more hassels from them. After
    2 days on the phone and NO ANSWER, I don't know how to cancel out of this to prevent any more charges ????
    I did look up the Better Business Bureau and found this company on their list with a F rating. Wish would of known
    all of this. I hope that I can clear this up and stay away from this happening to me ever AGAIN !?!

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  • Kb
    KBz Aug 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You need to cancel your card.

    Close the account too ...but check first if your bank needs to reverse payment into the account before closing it. As soon as the bank has done this then definitely close the account altogether.

    I'm going through the same thing - I had cancelled my card and yet another amount was still taken out! ':-

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  • Mi
    Michele0517 Sep 08, 2009

    Please everyone email or send a letter to the BBB of Flordia..they will check into it and hopefully the more complaints they will stop this fraud!!

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  • Mi
    Michele0517 Sep 08, 2009

    They scammed me out of 139.95 and will not refund my money even when I refused their product. The only way they would cancel was on the internet while they were on the phone. They would not cancel over the phone. This product is not FDA approved, which they never mentioned or I would of asked for the free sample.

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  • Hj
    hjanem Sep 14, 2009

    the only thing to do is cancel ur credit card - i just have!!

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  • Je
    jestmoi Oct 28, 2009

    Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me! The same suspicious $84.84 showed up on my Discover Card with an 800 ph. # that would NEVER go through!! I have had to CANCEL my credit card...such a FRAUD!!
    This most definitely needs to be REPORTED to the BBB!!

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  • Ka
    Karen O'Hara Nov 26, 2009

    Purchased a product for $1 and have been charged $84.84 on three no. occasions and received nothing from them

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  • Ca
    Candace M Feb 11, 2010

    Actually the web site I sited off to both Karen and Candace several times was not the of www.AdvancedCleanse I put in my statement. I am just very tired and have been chasing this whole matter for days now and it is late so I made a misprint. I actually did read it to both Karen and Candace and I read it to them several times and they both told me it was their company web site.

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  • Sw
    SWFlorida Feb 16, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. I called my bank & got a new debit card. I then called the 8776833080 number and spoke with someone who would not give me her name. I told them never to contact me again. I am going to place a complaint with the BBB. I also keep getting calls from someone from IBUILDWEALTH (which was the name on my $40.00 unautherized charge)

    This all started with an ad for a toothpaste called not order this!

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  • Da
    dash25 Feb 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing is happening to it all started out with a trial offer of teeth whitening poduct called EASYWHITES/CLEANWHITES... Ia m not getting charged by this company (SII*ONLNORDR8776833080) its very upsetting because every other day i have overseas transaction fees coming out of my account and now i have two major transactions that came out of my account for £40.00 british pounds. its more frusterating for me because i can't contact these companies as they actually don't exist.

    Best thing to do is cancel your credit card/debit card and raise the issue up with visa dispute (ask your bank about visa disputes) and try and get your money back.

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  • Ni
    nina220 Feb 19, 2010

    Hi, i got sucked into this scam. i ordered Everbrite smile (trail order $3.87) & this was linked to BrilliantBrites (Teethmaxwhite) £3.95
    Then a product called 'Cleanwhite' has turned up in the post with an invoice for £3.95. So i think that must be for BrilliantBrites (Teethmaxwhite). but when i rang up to cancel my membership etc the guy said it should appear on my statement as SMILEKIT $1.53. This is no where to be seen on my bank statement!

    However, i do have the following charges

    SII*ONLNORDR8776833080 AG 3.87 (£2.50)

    IBUILDWEALTH $40 (£26.33)

    SII*ONLNORDR8776833080 AG 87.47 (£57.47)

    I have rung my bank & cancelled my card, but am worried they can somehow still charge me because the guy at Lloyds said that was possible!!

    anyone else managed to get any money back??

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  • Sc
    scamalert1 Feb 22, 2010

    Totally scam. I signed up for the free EverBrite Smile trial for $3.87...10 days later I had not received my free trial and they charged my card $87.47. After waiting for 20 min.'s for someone to answer the phone they told me I did not call within the specified time frame (10 days) and the only thing they could offer me was a $20 discount. I told them there was no way I was going to pay for a service when I had not even received the free trial I agreed to. The lady on the line said they could not control the US postal delivery service/time. I told her I could send something from New York to California in less than 10 days and there was no way I was going to pay for a service without having an opportunity to try it first.

    I escalated my complaint to a supervisor, explained my situation and adamantly informed him that I was not going to pay this fee, for a service I had not tried, which is what I signed up for and I would continue to escalate this to my bank and /or the Attorney General if necessary. I think Attorney General was the key word because he immediately said they would cancel my account and issue a full refund.

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  • Fu
    Fulla Mar 04, 2010

    I've been done by this lot as well. I live in the UK and am trying to get my bank to help. Has anyone from the UK managed to cancel these payments yet?

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  • Na
    natalie from PA Mar 20, 2010

    The exact thing happened to me that happened to several of you. I filed a fraud report with my bank. XM Brand Products out of Hollywood Fl billed me 3.87 for a product I didnt recieve and then tried to tell me I had 10 days trial and that 3/19-3/20 was 11 days so they billed me 87.47 for the next months memb ership.THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!! !!! I also spoke to a cust. rep that was either based out of India or something because she wasnt helpful and told me 10-20 = 11, so I asked for a supervisor who told me the same and hung up on me. DONT EVER USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING!!!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Apr 28, 2010

    09 Mar 2010 CLN* Teethcs.Com+ +448708200060 US 1.47USD

    09 Mar 2010 Sii*ONLNORDR8776833080 8776833080 US 3.87USD
    16 Mar 2010 Sii*ONLNORDR8776833080 8776833080 US 87.47USD
    23 Mar 2010 CLN* Teethcs.Com+ +448708200066 US 139.11USD
    26 March 2010 Ibuildwealth 866-8229626 US 40.00USD

    All the same XM brands scam.

    Report them to the FLorida Attorney General:

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Apr 28, 2010

    XM Brands (Everbrite scam) is the same folks (Utah and Florida cats) who done the Acai scams.

    Report them to the Florida Attorney General
    ( ) and the FTC (

    One dude promoting these scams is called Ryan Eagle:

    Ryan Eagle
    Eagle Web Assets / EWA Network
    Phone: 847 630 1550
    [email protected]
    Tom Eagle | Vice President
    [email protected]
    Address: Eagle Web Assets Inc.
    207 Willow Parkway
    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
    United States of America
    AIM: nXo
    SKYPE: EagleWebAssets
    GTALK: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    Ryan Eagle on Facebook:

    Proof that they are promoting this scam:

    Bout time these scammers and thieves got shut down and locked up.

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  • T1
    t111t Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am now getting the RCMP involved as they have hung up on me every time I try to speak to a supervisor concerning my wanting to cancel the order within 24 hours of ordering. The policy link did not come up on the screen before I had confirmed order.
    Once I reviewed the policy, I immediatly contacted them to cancel and they told me this was not a valid reason for cancelling as I HAD NOT TRIED THE PRODUCT.

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  • Ki
    Kim Pillow Dec 16, 2010

    I canceled the dating service and received a refund only to find out that more money was taken out of my bank unauthorized. I am disabled and can not afford this I will have to take some kind of action.

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