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This Agency should be checked out. The write up states clearly no prostitutes. No true. I registered with this agency while back. After looked a the profile of one lady Nurse part time model. Check the back ground with official help Bangkok. The lady was not Registered as nurse on any registration. She had many men all sending money to her including myself. After i received many dirty insulting messages from this woman. I contacted the Agency with my complaint. They were not interested to remove this woman from the agency List. Many Expats are being exploited and bluffed for money. This gives Thailand a very bad reputation. I consider Thailand as a very beautiful country wit a good respected King. People contact these agencies because lonely and want to meet good lady for marriage.

Kind Regards
Richard Strong


  • Co
    Colin Dale Dec 19, 2010

    There is clearly some kind of scam going on with this agency... but with this site as well! I have met the girl called Kerema mentioned above and heard the whole story as described around the clinic and everything. I fell for it as well although have not lost that much money... but only just! She removed about GBP2400 from my account over the last month or so - my fault, should have been more careful - but I've made her repay the money. Her paperwork is all over the place and her education seems to be far less than suggested when you see the paperwork. Lots of touched up photographs as well in her stuff. Very strange, of course Sweet Singles won't admit to anything. I write this in case anyone else gets caught but all these posts on here are so poorly written that one suspects that they are originating in a non-English speaking country if you know what I mean.

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  • Jo
    john hunter Jan 28, 2010

    I joined sweetsingles on the 15th of december 2009 in person in Bangkok.I was there for 4 weeks.I showed up on short notice and gave Bee a list of 20 girls.I meet 8 ladies.All of the ladies where extremely beautiful and well mannered except for 1.I found Bee to be very helpful, but her sister was very rude.The ladies mostly spoke only fair English.It was not a problem for me.I pride myself on having extremely good manners.I am from Australia.The thing that attracts me to Thai ladies is thier religion of Buddism.I would suggest that the people that have complained on this site should look at themselves and thier motives behind finding a Thai bride.Perception is projection.If you have an alterior motive in mind, your body language will project that motive.I meet the most beautiful, kind hearted and sincere ladies and I am in contact with the most wonderful lady at the moment.There is always going to be bad things happen and you meet bad people.At the end of the day you have 2 choices 1.What ever that person has dune they have dune to themselves.They have only hurt themselves.The only person who can hurt you is you.You have a choice.Tare the rest of the ladies from sweetsingles with that brush and miss out on meeting the nice ones, or take it as a lesson learned and get back on the horse of life, with a big smile and move forward.
    2.We all wont to be loved.What ever you wish to recieve you should give first.Also common sence should also come in to play.
    Read the help section of sweetsingles site about good manners in Thailand.We foriegners make 10 times what they make.I make it a habbit to always have small chang to give to the beggers on the streets.I dated a Thai lady from sweetsingles that bought me dinner, drinks and she constantly gave money to beggers in the street.I think alot of the complaints on this site are from men that dont look after themselves and are not tidy, polite men who give kind and decent people a bad name.If you are an inpolite grub of a person who does not like yourself.How do you exspect a nice lady to like you and embark on a life prison scentance with you as your servant.Also look at the working girls in Thailand.They only have a job because gruds like you bloke pay them to have sex with you.I suggest the blokes that have all of these complaints.Go to a meditation camp and find out who you really are and how you become that way.Thai people and thier culture are one of the last true ways of life that live with respect and honour.

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  • Li
    listo123 Jul 09, 2009
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    hello ...?

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  • Li
    listo123 Jul 09, 2009
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    Verified customer

    this site is the good site for dating so every one have to join...?

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  • Br
    Britney May 24, 2009

    Ya'll men so stupid. it's funny though. I cracked up reading your stories. Like Drago who said the women didn't know English, but they knew one word: MONEY! LOL.
    Why dont you just date a regular, average looking American girl? You want some beautiful foreigner to bring to the U.S. to show off with? What do you expect? You probably won't ever find that perfect situtation because these foreign people, the attractive girls, and owners of the agency, realize they can make more money by actually scamming you than getting dribble, dribble money! People don't just want a little money; they want to be rich! Even IF you get a bride from a country and you live happily for a few months, trust me she's going to scam you. because you were never who she wanted to be with. she probably has a man in mind that she likes and wants to be with, but 99% of the time, it wont be you. she just needs your $.

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  • Dr
    Drago May 24, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Beware gentlemen,
    i just got back on 3 months trip to Thailand, 05/03/2009 and first thing i did, i went to Sweet singles offices and i discover a dump, it is so dirty that you cannot sit anywhere. I met the owner Bee (The Master of the Game )and pay her $ 748cash USD plus taxes for a week introduction meeting with some ladies.She asked me my passport copy but you don't give it to them because they will use it to blackmail you...So i gave her my friend list and none of the ladies i want were available because the website database is obsolete, they keep on their database very nice lady with a two years contract even if they find out their man, also the photos and age of the ladies are fake, sometimes they are there for six years without updating their profile like Kerema code number : 8312 in reality
    she has 37 years old but she has been available for six years ( she start at 31 and still 32 on her profile ) on the Meat Market and she supposed to be a professional nurse with a master degree...in lying .So Bee asked me to do an other friend list because all the ladies i want were not available, i had already paid, so too late, i did a new list and went back to my hotel .
    Again i discovered when i met the 4 ladies she sent me that none were bilingual no english at all and the only words they were able to say was money and money, they were all brooke with no money to go back home.

    i was very disapointed and i call back Bee and told her my experience and all the the other ladies that i wanted were not available because on my profile (she told me ), i din't want babies or get married without knowing the lady well before going further, babies and marriage to holdyou...so politely i sent back them to their home with a 500 bath note .I did want other ladies because none of the ladies i wanted were available or didn't speak english at all or wanted babies or marriage or didn't like my profile i was going to delete my profile and terminate the relationship with her agency.

    Instead in the meantime she offer me to met a new lady name Kereema : 8312, so she make the introduction service to my hotel and when i met Kereema i didn't recognize her because the pictures on the web site were six years old and now she has acne and she has 37 or more, anyway i met her, she was speaking basic english so i was happy to met the first lady who was speaking english but i was a bit suspicious because she told me she did her master degree in nursing in London U.K. and i was surprised that she has limited english speaking ability after being in U.K. for a year...
    I discover later that her story was a Scam, at the second meeting her real personality appeared and like the other, she tried to get money from me in a HEMODYALISE CLINIC PROJECT without no Bussiness plan, that we will become very rich and retired together in the country with a nice house with a beautiful garden and we will be able to fullfill our common dreams bla bla bla ! and couple week later because i was travelling in Thailand to see that beautiful country, she comes back again and again with her project and told her that i was not interested ...and at that moment she start like the other :babies, marriage ect...

    I told her no way ! in the meantime, i discovered later that she has many relationships with many men in the same times with Bee complicity, that every new ''fareng '' comming into Thailand, they were sharing the fees of introduction services and apply their scam of getting money from man who will invest in their fake project.

    My advice gentlemen, Beware of this agency instead it is very easy to met good ladies in Thailand, be polite and natural and on a daily base, involve yourself in any kind of activities (cooking classroom ect..)show them respect for their millenium culture, history and try to speak few words of Thai and you will suprised how much it is easy to meet honest people at your hotel or activities places.
    Good luck,


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  • Se
    sexygirls Mar 02, 2009

    www.thaidarling.com it's BAD website too, I have my experience with this website by myself, after I pay for them the woman name Bird who own website never take care of me (member) and after I call and ask about how is going, she never speak good to me anymore, now i stop contact this website but i find out the free website for find somebody for me.

    www.sweetsingle.com I never join them but I read from so many website about them too, sould like a fake profile in the website.

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  • SweetSingles.com Jan 01, 2009

    Hello, I'm a representative of SweetSingles.com. Someone just sent this comment to us via email today.

    First of all, let me tell you that we are always welcome all advice and comments to improve our services. If any comment is true then we will surely accept it happily no matter good or bad comments but if it is not true then we are sorry to deny.

    We have many types of male members who joined Sweet Singles. So Many are nice and many happy with us, our Thai women and ladies and become our happy couples. If we were truly interested in only Money and our ladies were working girls or ladyboys then there would be no happy couples from us and no one would see our happy couples on the site. However, we have more Happy Couples each year and not only they become our happy couples but they have also been living happily together for many years and years.

    If anyone would like to ask us for any reference, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

    Although we have many male members who are sucessful in finding their nice soul mates in their lives but it doesn't mean that all can find the right soul mates while their membership are still valid. One who was not yet happy because he did not yet find the right soul mate before his membership was expired and asked us to extend his membership for free for at least 6 months complained that a lady user name "5656" is a lady boy because his farang friends gave him this opinion. When he firstly came to our office, he had some bad feelings towards one staff and I explained things to him until he understood, felt comforatble and joined. Later, when his membership was expired, he asked us to give him free membership for 6 months just because of the reason that he thought 5656 is a lady boy and complaint about a staff bad manner.

    We asked user name " 5656 " to tell us the truth frankly and she said that she is not a ladyboy at all. Her friend who is a female member also insist that she is not a lady boy. She used to have a Caucasian boy friend before joining our agency and lived together with him for a year and later got divorced because she could not get along well with him. That what she told us.

    Since our office is located in Thailand so when we recruit ladies, we always request them to provide their ID copies, house registration, ...Education Certificate, work addresses, home addresses, phone numbers that we can contact them and any other documents that she can provide. We listed this information on the site in Thai at Many ladies also like to join our agency in person. The lady whose user name 5656 has an ID card that mention her name as Miss and Not Mr.

    We normally don't accept ladyboy to join and sometimes we have many ladyboys and Gays called our office as they would like to join our agency because our agency is well known in Thailand about Matching Services between foreign men and Thai ladies . We have been on TV, Magazines, newspaper in Thailand so some day we received almost 100 calls from new ladies who wish to join our agency.

    When the ladyboys or gays call, we often told them to join ladyboy site or gay site better and explained more to them that most of our male members or all of them are straight and they are looking for Thai wives who are 100% female and this would waste their time and money to join our agency. (We charge small fees to ladies who join and would like for us to help take their pictures, translated their profiles into English, post their pictures and profiles on the site, 730 Thai baht or about 21 USD for a year membership and 1500 Thai baht or about 44 USD for 3 year membership. Many join for free themselve on the site as Trial lady. We can upgrade Trial ladies who join for free at no additional charge if her profile is sincere, completed, relatively completed, interesting, her pictures look nice and above all she must provide phone number, address or email, ...etc that we can contact her. We usually email or mostly call to talk with each trial lady before upgrading her membership to make sure that she is authentic. )

    Many Thai ladies who are genuinely seeking their soul mates in their lives don't mind paying small fees and provide us their documents while a bar girl who would like to join for money would not be happy to pay a single dollar. So, this is another way to screen sincere Thai girls.

    However, after explaining to the ladyboys who call our office about this, many said goodbye but there are only a few who still insist to join and we always told a ladyboy who joined that he must mention about this in the profile and must tell our male member frankly because if he tell a lie then he would never be successful in his life when a man know the truth but if he tell the truth and if a male member still contact him then that means he accept his status and must like him sincerely. That is what I always explain to a ladyboy. Not only ladyboys, gay who wish to join our agency but many Thai men also like to join but we always told them that our ladies are mostly looking for Caucasian men or foreign men better.

    Well, let get back to a male member who asked us to extend his membership for free, we didn't agree to his proposal but offered him Special discount instead then he treatened me that he would wrote very badly about Sweet Singles on the internet wherever he could to damage the business as he doesn't wish any one to join Sweet Singles any more. But if we agreed to his request then he would not do it. If our service was really bad and the ladies were ladyboys or not nice like he claimed so why he still wished to continue his membership (for free) to meet with more ladies. (Please think about this.)

    There are many competitors sites but we never mind as far as they do the business ethically. However, many of our Sweet Singles women have been copied to posted on many well known & famous sites until we needed to add a symbol " SweetSingles.com " on each lady. However, many ladies add their pictures on the site themselves and it is impossible for us to add the symbol to all of them. In the past couple years, we were so tired to get rid of copied pictures on the other sites as we must contact the webmaster and proved to them that the ladies'pictures have been copied from our site because most and many Thai girls join our agency in person so we know their profile quite well. We still keep some evidence of some sites that Many Sweet Singles girls have been copied to post on their sites. Feel free to contact us for more detail if you wish to see an evidence. Maybe we have so many pretty Thai girls and that why others would be jealous and complained that many are Ladyboys so don't join SweetSingles !!

    If anyone who join Sweet Singles and can prove 100% that a lady he meet with is a Ladyboy as he is misleaded by her profile, her messages then we would guarantee to give him 100% refund. We are quite sure that we already try to recruit nice ladies to join as we also requested their documents as we mentioned above.

    Eventhough sex sites still copied many sexy sweet singles Thai girls on their sites. One is a filipina dating site who copied many Thai girls on our site as their filipina girls. One male member(user name: Skippy) found this and told me. He also helped me until this site removed our Thai women pictures on their filipina site and later, I found that their URL is disappeared from the internet.

    The story or Bad comments that has been posted on the internet could be true or not true. Because you don't know exactly who wrote this. Maybe a competitor site pretend to write a story about the other site so badly just to prevent people to join other site. Maybe someone hate someone and wrote badly just to damage his/her business. Although we would not be a very perfect dating agency in the world, don't have perfect high technolgy web site but we can guarantee that we are sincere and try to recruite nice Thai women to join and bring nice people together. We have many type of male memberships that start since 12.95 USD for 7 day membership, 37.95 USD for 2 month membership to contact the ladies through the site or 38.95+ USD for 2 months membership for contacting with any SWEET LADIES directly and can exchange personal contact details with any of them. We also have Special membership plans with include introduction & dating services, translation services, free visa assistance at about 500 USD UP.

    You must read our type of services/membership and condition before joining at http://www.sweetsingles.com/en/help/ .

    Above all, We never and will never ever copy other Thai girls'pictures from other dating site to post on Sweet Singles Site as we already have so many real and authentic female members that are looking forward to hearing and meeting with nice gentlemen. If anyone need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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  • Al
    Allan Anonymous Dec 17, 2008

    Sweetsingles Bangkok = Very Poor Rating

    I have spent the last year and a half checking out various Thai Dating services and my research is not yet complete, but upon reading a posted letter on the subject on your web site, I felt compelled to write this now in order to potentially save readers of your excellent web site from getting burned, or from paying large sums of money for nothing more than a flashy web site, and a very high priced date, with a lady who is not serious. As far as who owns and runs these sites I could care less because having any personal relationship with them is a conflict of interest for what I am trying to accomplish here, which is to create an un-biased as possible, and an objective review of these sites, and their services.
    If you are looking for a good Thai singles service and you are having a hard time choosing one, then do one thing first: LOOK AT THE BUSINESS MODEL OF THE SERVICE!!! Then engage the common sense, and reality portion of your "big brain". Flashy web sites with Thai super models may appeal to the "little brain" at the other end of your body, but your bank account will not be happy, and worse you may end up getting hurt as well. As part of my research I am going as far as having the real hot sister of a Thai friend in BKK check out the services from the lady end, to help identify bad business model sites, which rip you off. To date some even offered her "kickbacks" for every guy she went out with, not a good sign! Later I will publish my complete findings and evaluations when I am finished with this project, and married. Here are some helpful hints for now, to keep you from being ripped off and hurt.

    Business model: I am using "Sweet Singles" as a prime example of a poor model, they are not the only service operating this way, and I do not mean to single them out (no pun intended!) But conflict of interest, is conflict of interest, and I would not use any service with this model. Here is my point; Lets say you use this kind of service, and you see a real hot lady on their web site, and you follow up with their service:

    First you are locked into a membership system where you can never know the address of or phone number of your lady. This way you are dependent on "Sweet Singles" for everything, for which you will pay dearly with your credit card. If you want to write to her you pay a fee, if you want to meet her you pay hundreds of dollars, which will not be refunded if it does not work out. And to make things even worse you can only meet her at their office, using only their interpreter. You are not allowed to bring your own interpreter! Mmmm, do you smell a rat? This I am told is to prevent the lady from giving you her personal information directly if she is serious, and thus preventing the draining your credit card by the agency for "future services". Then every time you want to go out with her you pay even more money, $350.00 first dates! Or you have to sign up for a megabuck plan if you want to date her. In the unlikely event that you find a lady here and plan marriage, you then get hit with another $1000 fee. The plans offered here are confusing, but when I added up the fees charged using various plans and options, and combinations of services offered by this agency the amounts always total up to thousands of dollars by the time you get to marriage, given any realistic scenario. Go ahead if you do not believe me and click on this site with your calculator and notebook handy!

    Here is the conflict with this kind of service: If they have a hot lady they will make much more money if the lady never gets married, and can be "recycled" for the next poor ### who falls for this scam, and who fails to read the fine print, with a calculator handy. If the lady gets married they make a couple of grand, but for every time a man meets with her in Thailand, and that the relationship goes nowhere, Sweet Singles pockets five hundred to a thousand dollars. The math is a no brainer, and it clearly illustrates the definition of "conflict of interest. If they stock the site with hot ladies and recycle them it is easy for them, and they make loads of money, much more than if they lost their "cash lady" to marriage. This is more like the business model for high priced escort service, not a legitimate dating one. I also noticed girls on this site like Miss Thailand, even Thai movie stars, and professional models! Lets do a reality check, do you think these elite well off Thai ladies really want to marry a 40-60 year old farang? If you are thinking yes please, do yourself a favour and find a good therapist fast, or send me your money and I will be your personal mate finder for half the price! Always remember; the laws of common sense, and economics apply in Thailand, maybe even more so than in the US when it comes to money. So I highly recommend you avoid any singles service, which locks you into plans, and does not let you discover the name, address and complete identity of the lady for anything more than $50.00.

    On the positive side there are several services I have used which I was very happy with. The ladies were real, they remove names within 24 hours of notification when things got serious. And they provide the same services as the other ones which have the rip off conflictual business model. The key to services provided is choices "if you want it only". The sites listed below allow you to purchase all the personal information on the lady if you want it, and thus there is no conflict, or plans to get locked into. They also offer additional services, but only if you want them. Remember the key to the initial evaluation of any site is their business model. In my research I have been honest with all the ladies involved, and none have been hurt or misled in the process. These singles services I have checked out using my "Consumer Reports Style" of testing, and reality checks, the ones which passed so far are:

    1. www.thaidarling.com : Nice site, honest non-conflictual business model, friendly prompt service, and great selection. A 5 Star Service, Highly Recommended!

    2. www.thai-lao-dating.com : Nice site, same non-conflictual business model, great selection of ladies by age group. Highly recomended!

    3. www.asianthai.com: Nice site, the ladies are real with no deception or conflict. This is a promising new site, which so far I am very happy with, but they stopped taking orders last week, I hope they get up and running again soon, check this site out. Also Recommended!

    Some other sites had a good model, but I have seen the same ladies for 3 years with no updates, thus these were removed from consideration here. This information is subject to change so concentrate on the golden rule in the beginning: "The Business Model". Good luck and may your lady and you find each other, best wishes.

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  • De
    Dean Dec 16, 2008


    I would not recommend Sweetsingles to anyone!

    I found that Sweetsingles is only interested in your Money! The owners of Sweetsingles are unprofessional, rude, untruthful and simply don’t care .Once you pay them, all service goes right out the window.

    Sweetsingles membership plans are a SCAM.
    Do not, start out on the 10 dollar a month plan and engage in conversations with Sweetsingles Ladies. Understand that you will not be able to meet the Lady or receive the ladies E-mail address or telephone number until you pay Sweetsingles a lot more money .Spend a couple of hours and check out the fine print on the membership page and figure it out for yourself.
    Be aware that many ladies’ on Sweetsingles are ''working’ the male members on this site full time. It’s their profession, and their real good at it .Every few months they simply revise their profiles to get themselves listed at the top again as a new member. Not only did I get ripped off by the WORKING Girls at Sweetsingles, but I was fooled by the LADY BOYS! In Thailand there are two kinds of western men regarding Lady Boys. A man who has been fooled and a man who has yet to be fooled. Trust me, after 5 years I am still never 100% sure. Sweetsingles still list LADY BOYS and they are unwilling to remove their profiles even after many complaints from western men. The owners and staff of Sweetsingles do nothing to screen the character or even the gender of the ladies on this site, they simply don’t care. If you think that the owners of Sweetsingles will help you find your true soul mate, you will be very disappointed. They will however help you book into a hotel, book a trip to the southern islands, or book any other kind of service in Thailand as they will receive a fat commission on every dollar you spend.
    Remember, most of you will be in Thailand for the first time. You don't speak the language, understand the culture, or even know how to get around in Bangkok. You are considered to be Rich and most of the Thai people you will meet are poor. You are looking for Love, and you will be very vulnerable!

    To be fair, I must say that I did meet a few good Ladies on Sweetsingles, but they were by far the minority and they were very hard to meet. Remember the real good Ladies are busy, working long hours at a full time job and or continuing their education, or helping out their families. They will not have time to spend endless hours chatting on a computer, or have the time or the ability to drop everything thing and pursue a serious relationship with you upon your arrival.

    I've lived in Thailand for more than 5 years and here are a couple of insights.

    No matter how smart you think you are, you will never, and I mean never, outsmart a Thai Lady. Do NOT send any amount of money under any circumstances to any Thai Lady’s at any time!

    Drop me a line if I can help you out along your way ... in AMASING Thailand.

    Dean, USA

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  • De
    Dean Oct 20, 2008

    I would not recommend Sweetsingles to anyone !

    I found the owners, Miss Bee and her sister Miss Cee, to be only interested in your Money .

    They are unprofessional, impolite, Rude, and untruthful to both their male and female clients.

    Not only did I get ripped off by the WORKING Girls, but I was FOOLED by the '' LADYBOYS '' on this site.

    The management of Sweetsingles still list ‘‘LADY BOYS’’ and they are unwilling to remove their profiles. (Go Figure)

    Consider yourself WARNED !!

    Dean, USA

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  • Da
    David Aug 12, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yep, they are scammers. I'm currently at http://www.mythaihoney.com

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  • Mi
    Mike Candella Mar 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree that men seeking a THAI bRIDE SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL about buying their memberships. Similar to many Russian and Ukrainian sites, foriegn ladies have learne they can make money by just engaging foreing men in correspondence. When men get serious and want to meet in person the agency greatly increases the ante.

    Unfortunately, this agency may be just one more illegitimate site whose only purpose is to take your money. I do believe there are many women in Thailand who are sincere about marrying foreign men. I'm just not sure this agency will deliver that goal.

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