The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
www.powerlevelings.comBanned account, refund problems


I ordered and paied their services 26.02.2017
powerleveling 1-80, 2skils, pvp gear in 24days
(they offer profesional leveling 20hours per day)
after one week my account was banned.
I sended them new password but and they did nothing more
21days of their services = one char on 42lvl
My account come frozen - i tryed pay new play period, but payment by card is not alowed for my account (becaouse anybody manipulated with card number on my account)
I asked refund via email, they stop speak with me.
Now I have no Money, no character i ordered and payed, and I have to buy game card if I want play again.
I am able to send whole correspondition betrwen me and poweleveling if any want to read it. It should be funny but I am crying.


  • Sh
    shurepoo1 Apr 28, 2010

    lisa 04-28 13:56:38

    hello I am lisa, may i have your name ?

    i only could read you reply of that it is 80 now.
    You 04-28 13:57:23

    but i also order the additional t10 set and flying skills etc.
    You 04-28 13:57:38

    i was wondering homany days it will take .. (about)
    lisa 04-28 14:05:45

    sorry for that, just because recently blizzard has
    banned many accounts, when we get ur acc to level 80
    we decided to stop it to protect ur account, if we
    continue to level for u ur account will be banned
    for good, then u will loose it, we really dont want
    it happen
    You 04-28 14:06:20
    but wil you continue with the service?
    your lvler told me that we have to stop here
    You 04-28 14:08:12
    but i did pay like 70 euro's for the additional services..
    lisa 04-28 14:15:40

    i am here, sorry, we can not refund you, we have paid your lvler, no money left
    You 04-28 14:16:21

    .. sorry but i paid an additional 70 euro for the t10 set.. and i have no idea what else of the requested deal is not done..

    but we have paid your lvler, he did not refund us
    lisa 04-28 14:23:13, u can come here and check it . and choose one for compensation

    could you please respond to my questions or atleast let me know you are busy with the question>
    lisa 04-28 14:52:45

    can i make u as our vip customer and we will provide u biggest discount for ur further purchase, no matter golds, or accounts or powerleveling
    You 04-28 14:54:34

    what would buy me this?.. i lost 70 euro's and purhaps even more, i have no idea of what end of the bargain your leveler did or did not do.., and the least you can do is give an ingame currency of for instance 50.000 wow gold?
    lisa 04-28 14:55:53

    we also have lost much for protecting your acc safe, ok, let us share the loss, i can make you have the store credit of 50euro, you can choose an acc, alos i can give you discount
    You 04-28 14:59:36

    ok, this would mean i can get for 50 euro's credit and i can get what for this.. i can get wowgold for this? because i assume i still need to purchase the flying skills and epic moutns etc
    lisa 04-28 15:01:38

    sorry, you only can buy accs, we dont sell gold, but if you wanna buy items, you only have the store credit of 25euro

    .. and a few hour more talking... would u consider an item? u can choose one selling for around 25euro, then u will get it free.

    please be serious now
    lisa 04-28 16:26:20

    plz dont threaten me, i am not stupid.
    lisa 04-28 16:26:30

    we can not refund you anything
    lisa 04-28 16:26:38

    You can do that, but remember we have got all ur info, so we will blackmail u to blizzard and then ur account will be band permently, it is not fair for us that u make trouble for us and then enjoy the accont, sorry for that, but we have no choice, understand me plz.

    You 04-28 16:27:03


    and if you threaten me to send my account info to bliz.. makes it worse

    lisa 04-28 16:31:38
    dont you think that it is impossible ?

    lisa 04-28 16:32:07
    if you go to paypal, i will di it

    lisa 04-28 16:32:36
    you have diputed?

    cancel it firstly, and then we can refund you 45euro

    i gave you a fair change of solving it normally.. splitting the damage.. so my talks were not threds but mearely a way of saying i am serious..
    lisa 04-28 16:41:17

    cancel it firstly, and then we can refund you 45euro
    then this will lead to a claim..
    lisa 04-28 16:51:24

    ok, you will get nothing from us
    lisa 04-28 16:51:31

    we dont refund you if you do it
    You 04-28 16:52:34
    look at paypals site it said in their help..: frist get the money then close it otherwise you cannot reopen it .. so what you are trying to trick me into is a lie, so refund or i will leave it open to a cliam.. i dont care if you report me to blizz. it will only fuel my fire in taking this to the next level..

    lisa 04-28 16:56:15
    our manager told me that if you dont cancel the dispute, we can not refund you

    here i copy and past this from the paypal site:
    You 04-28 17:03:11

    hen should I close this dispute?Wait until you are 100% satisfied that the dispute is fully resolved before closing the dispute. A closed dispute cannot be re-opened or escalated to a PayPal claim, so before you close your dispute you should ensure that your concerns have been fully addressed. For example, if the seller is going to provide a refund, make sure that the funds are in your account before closing the dispute. Likewise, if the seller is going to send a replacement item, don't close the dispute until you have received it.
    You 04-28 17:03:53

    so stop trying to trick me into closing it before you paid.. please

    long story short.. waste of time.. and they probably will get my account banned.
    so get involved with any of these servers.

    atleast i made a official claim.. to paypal..

    in paypal they will do not do the claim for services.. but this will be recorded on their paypal name.
    and i have send an official letter to them

    - how can they let illigal sellersrip off people on i have no clue. i think it will need a few more reports .. so if you were a victim of their services.. please do the same.. each record on paypal with put an inspection on their business.

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  • Js
    Jskill007 Feb 04, 2010

    I paid $22.99 for 15 levels for a character. At the time I had three level 80's with banks FULL of trade goods, gold, enchanting suppplies ect. With my second account I observed as the service I purchased used a bot to have my character mindlessly kill random enemies in zones. The Service was able to level my character 3 levels a day for the first two days. On the morning of the third day I logged in on my second account to find my full relentless/furious - PVP Warlock outside in Durotar fighting!

    I immediately tried to change my password only to find my password was already changed! I then recovered my password and logged in on my warlock.

    Sadly I found all my in game gold trade goods and gear gone on all my characters! They stole EVERYTHING and disenchanted all my gear too. After a week of painful recovery I was able to get everything back.

    The funny part is when I tried to confront the live chat service they threatened me to contact blizzard and have my account banned for using a bot or paid service. I told them to F&^* off and put in a ticket anyways.

    Dont use their services, its not worth it. The leveling is EXTREMELY slow and they WILL take all your in game goods.

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  • Ke
    kevopr Jan 13, 2010

    Posted 01-12-2017 at 08:49 PM by kevopr
    this site offer virtual game services, they will steal your personal information and will not refund your money if not satisfied, they will even tell you that they will keep your account. They use your characters to farm for gold and wont level your toons using quest but bots and hack programs.
    you will start receiving fake emails for you to log your personal info and I will not recommend this site to no one. Be ware, my wow account got banned due to this...

    Reason for Closure: Terms of Use Violation -- Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs ("Hacks")

    This account was closed because one or more characters were identified using an unauthorized cheat program, also known as a "hack." These programs provide character benefits normally not achievable in the World of Warcraft. Such benefits include, but are not limited to, increased speed, teleportation, or running through walls/boundaries. Use of these unauthorized programs harm the game environment because they offer an unfair advantage over other players and superscede the intended limits of the game.

    Even if this behavior is the result of a third party accessing the account instead of the registered user (for example, a friend, family member, or leveling service) then the account can still be held responsible for the penalty because of the impact it had on the game environment.

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  • Po
    powerlevelCP Nov 26, 2009

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  • Po
    powerlevelCP Nov 26, 2009

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  • Po
    powerlevelCP Nov 26, 2009

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  • Ji
    jimwade Jul 27, 2009

    I paid $54 for 58-80 power leveling. After the first day my account got banned. After it was unbanned, they went back at it. After 3 more days, they had only leveled my 2 levels. And then they got it banned again.

    I asked for a refund. They said no. I said I was filing a complaint, they threatened to contact Blizzard and get me permanently banned.

    I wish I would have checked this site out first.

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  • Dr
    drkvizard85 Jul 12, 2009 is a site that promotes world of warcraft power leveling service, they claim that they use veteran players to level your toon and give you a good price quote and reasonable time frame. When in reality they use bots to level your character and to farm gold at the same time. The time frame it actually takes is at least 3 times whats quoted by their site. I used their service for a 73-80 power level with a 3-4 day time frame, the toon was logged out for the first 2 days and by day 4 the leveler had managed to gain one level on the toon, I logged in with a friends acct and noticed it was a bot farming the same area over and over again for hours. Live chat was useless as the representatives barely speak english and received no response from their email service. On top of not getting what I paid for my acct was also temporarily suspended!<br />
    <br />

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  • Si
    simeon4110 Jun 17, 2009

    This company is a total scam, they got my account locked out twice! Then they REFUSED to give me my money back. They use bots to level and their customer service dosn't speak englsh. NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE!!!

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  • Yo
    Youknowme May 16, 2009

    Ok spent 220 bucks for the 1-80 wow power leveling + t8 gear. Account banned after 2 suspensions and no refund available :( see details...

    The power leveler used a bot to play the game for about 20+ hours straight and hit 40 pretty quick. I would log on to another account I have and check out what they were doing.

    Soon as he he hit 40, bam, he was never on again. And then a day later the account was suspended.

    Once I get the account back, I gave them another shot after assurances it wouldn't happen again and bam another suspension within less than 24 hours. Soon after a perma ban from Blizzard followed.

    So all through this process I was attempting to get a refund. No luck, after several hours on chat and a paypal escalation the best offer I got was in store credit of $180 for another account/character.

    I have tried all sorts of PL services over many different games. This was the only company that I have EVER had a single problem with.

    I also found out from the sales rep an interesting tidbit. They pay the pler half up front and the rest once they reach the midway point. So that basically explains why he crapped out at 40 and proceeded to get me suspended.

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  • Jo
    Joakim Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The service totally sucks, look at this?!

    > Thank you for visiting our website.Please wait for a minute . There will be one operator talking with you.
    > We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.
    > Vivien 11-24 19:56:05
    > Hello, this is Vivien. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your question.May i know your name?
    > You 11-24 19:56:12
    > Joakim
    > You 11-24 19:56:15
    > This is terrible
    > You 11-24 19:56:24
    > I was talking to one of your supporters, and he didn't reply
    > You 11-24 19:56:29
    > and the chat got a timeout
    > Vivien 11-24 19:56:33
    > what can i do for you?
    > You 11-24 19:56:48
    > Bah... Do I have to explain everything again
    > You 11-24 19:56:50
    > [censored]
    > You 11-24 19:56:53
    > Well, in short
    > You 11-24 19:56:57
    > I want my money back
    > You 11-24 19:57:17
    > my service got from lvl 6-9 when I demanded a lvl 70
    > You 11-24 19:57:24
    > a week without progress
    > You 11-24 19:57:46
    > had to constantly send emails to the paypal owner to remind him to lvl
    > You 11-24 19:58:24
    > If you have contact with the other supporter, contact carp
    > You 11-24 19:58:27
    > he knows everything
    > You 11-24 19:58:32
    > but refused to respond
    > Vivien 11-24 20:01:19
    > i will report this issue to our manger, he will find a best lvler for you, plz give us one chance
    > You 11-24 20:01:42
    > I've already given you one extra chance
    > You 11-24 20:01:49
    > that's when the leveling started
    > You 11-24 20:01:54
    > and got aborted for no reason
    > You 11-24 20:08:48
    > Waiting for a timeout you too?!
    > Vivien 11-24 20:09:35
    > we will give your order to our best lvle
    > You 11-24 20:09:53
    > No, I don't want your service. I want my money back!
    > You 11-24 20:10:21
    > I'm willing to pay for the tiny effort you put from lvl 6 to 9 (the only leveling you did)
    > You 11-24 20:10:28
    > in 2 weeks
    > Vivien 11-24 20:12:13
    > plz give us one chance, we will lvl your char as fast as we can
    > You 11-24 20:12:22
    > no
    > You 11-24 20:12:59
    > that's what the last two guys said too
    > You 11-24 20:13:03
    > and YET no progress
    > Vivien 11-24 20:16:31
    > i will call our manger about this issue, plz wait a moment
    > Vivien 11-24 20:20:17
    > our manger hope you can give us one chance to continue lvling your char
    > You 11-24 20:21:08
    > Then you should kick his as your manager
    > You 11-24 20:21:19
    > because there is no way i'm giving you a third chance
    > You 11-24 20:22:45
    > first chance - when I ordered the service
    > You 11-24 20:23:15
    > second chance - gave it you after and I closed my despoit on paypal after some serious discussions with your help and paypal owner
    > You 11-24 20:23:19
    > third chance - NO
    > You 11-24 20:31:40
    > -- NO TIMEOUT --
    > Vivien 11-24 20:33:00
    > do u like 'SAW'?
    > You 11-24 20:34:02
    > and a live support with an irrelevant question
    > Vivien 11-24 20:37:44
    > oh, sorry, that is a famous film, i would like to talk some relaxed topic with you.
    > You 11-24 20:38:18
    > Oh boy...
    > You 11-24 20:38:35
    > On topic please?
    > You 11-24 20:44:05
    > Maybe now you realize why I'm giving you a third chance, and want my money returned?
    > Vivien 11-24 20:45:10
    > we will let our best lvler do a best job for you, you are our cusotmer, we also hope we can offer the best servcie for you
    > You 11-24 20:46:12
    > but you can't
    > You 11-24 20:46:16
    > you have already failed
    > You 11-24 20:46:23
    > You 11-24 20:46:38
    > not going to change my mind about this
    > You 11-24 20:49:09
    > and you're not making things better by saying the same thing over and over again
    > You 11-24 20:49:20
    > So how I do proceed in order to get my money back?
    > Vivien 11-24 20:50:20
    > sorry, i don't have the right to refund you, i need get our manger's permission.
    > You 11-24 20:50:29
    > then get it
    > You 11-24 20:50:30
    > duh
    > You 11-24 20:50:39
    > or let me speak with him
    > Vivien 11-24 20:51:14
    > sorry, he is at home and sleeping now, i will call him, plz give me several minutes
    > You 11-24 20:51:30
    > ok...

    > You 11-24 20:51:41
    > And I'm not gonna get fooled again by the timeout
    > Vivien 11-24 20:56:28
    > sorry, our manger still hope we can continue lvling your char
    > You 11-24 20:59:15
    > I will not
    > You 11-24 20:59:18
    > Contact him again
    > Vivien 11-24 21:00:47
    > sorry, i cannot bother my boss again and again.
    > You 11-24 21:03:49
    > you'll have to figure out another way to refund me then
    > Vivien 11-24 21:06:50
    > can we transfer you some gold and cancel your order ?
    > You 11-24 21:07:18
    > Heh
    > You 11-24 21:07:19
    > no
    > You 11-24 21:08:24
    > real money is worth much more than wow gold, besides even if the amount is correct blizzard will probably suspend my account
    > You 11-24 21:08:29
    > and I'm not taking that chance
    > You 11-24 21:13:00
    > What exactly does your boss (manager) needs to know/see/hear before he realizes the deal is off
    > You 11-24 21:16:40
    > because he is the one who is stopping the money to come back to me, and it seems to me he needs to realize it
    > You 11-24 21:16:46
    > but is refusing
    > You 11-24 21:23:49
    > I
    > You 11-24 21:23:51
    > WANT
    > You 11-24 21:23:52
    > MY
    > You 11-24 21:23:54
    > MONEY
    > You 11-24 21:23:56
    > BACK
    > Vivien 11-24 21:26:27
    > plz undertand my position, if i refund you, i will loose my job
    > You 11-24 21:26:57
    > I do understand you
    > You 11-24 21:27:11
    > but perhaps you could tell me how to proceed
    > You 11-24 21:27:40
    > or put me into contact to someone who can refund me
    > You 11-24 21:31:32
    > Or...?
    > Vivien 11-24 21:33:26
    > but it mid-night here, our superiors are all at home now
    > You 11-24 21:37:42
    > Could you give me the details on how to contact them, and a good time too
    > Vivien 11-24 21:39:20
    > you can send email to [email protected] our manger checks this email frequently
    > Vivien 11-24 21:39:32
    > and you can come back after 5 hours
    > You 11-24 21:40:38
    > All right... Will do

    I accidently closed my dispute on Paypal, biggest mistake ever now I can't find a way to get my money back. Help!?

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  • Ke
    kevin Oct 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    strongly agree with the complaint. definitely a sketchy site.

    i purchased the powerleveling service for level 1 - 70 for only 98 dollars. Ridiculous price? definitely... should have been my first warning sign.

    within about 3 hours, my account was suspended for 24 hours. it appeared that my password had been changed, and blizzard detected that the IP location was different than when i first logged in.

    it took me a few hours of arguing to get my money reimbursed. first i started with the live chat, then filed a paypal dispute, and finally talked to a girl on MSN who worked there. in the end, i got all 98 dollars refunded, so if you play your cards right, it just might happen.

    all in all, i spent way too much time and got nothign out of it... quite disappointing

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  • Ke
    Kevin Oct 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I love how these asian companys think, Even though they failed horrible on finishing these leveling they believe they should be paid for what they did. This is not McDonalds, this is a preset agreement. We come through on our end they dont and the deal is off and refund the money and done.

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  • Tr
    Travis Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Vivien 10-17 08:22:47

    Hi, this is Vivien! Welcome to our customer service!I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your questions. May i know your name?
    You 10-17 08:22:57

    Travis *********
    You 10-17 08:23:55

    hey im wondering when someone is going to start leveling my char... Its been almost 5 days now with no acivity. I also have been told 2 times now that someone would be on within 3 hours then within an hour.. I dont understand what the problem is? my order number is PL2008101219020991480192
    Vivien 10-17 08:24:00

    what can i do for you?
    Vivien 10-17 08:26:43

    there is something wrong with our system, we need fix this probelm, plz give us a few hours, is that OK?

    You 10-17 08:27:46

    sounds good is there an expected time maybe when ur systems will be up and working
    Vivien 10-17 08:28:23

    about 5-6 hours
    You 10-17 08:28:36

    alright thank you


    Ruth 10-20 19:43:38

    Hello, welcome to our live help, my name is ruth, may i know your name?
    You 10-20 19:44:07

    Hey its Travis ********* I have an open dispute on paypal.. and would like my money back but how about this you give me 3000 gold or whatever is equivalent to 66.99 because already have someone else working on my account
    You 10-20 19:44:53

    if we come to an agreement with that Ill close the dispute
    Ruth 10-20 19:45:19

    Can you give me your order number please?
    You 10-20 19:45:57

    Ruth 10-20 19:46:14

    Hold on please, I will check for you and be back soon!
    You 10-20 19:46:48


    Ruth 10-20 19:49:49

    plz close ur dispute and we will continue to lvl for u
    You 10-20 19:50:17

    my account doesnt need leveling I already have someone working on it now..
    Ruth 10-20 19:50:46

    can u tell me why will u dispute us ?
    You 10-20 19:52:12

    because lol here we go for the 6th time there was no activity on my account for 6 days i was told it would take 8-9 days to complete the leveling. and i know it cant be done in 3 days so i wanted my money back and i was told i could only get 45 dollars back and thought that was stupid
    You 10-20 19:52:38

    how about this ill close the dispute if i get gold
    Ruth 10-20 19:52:56

    Ruth 10-20 19:53:05

    we can give u 500g golds
    You 10-20 19:53:29

    how about 3000 which is worth 65 dollars according to ur website
    Ruth 10-20 19:53:45

    but we have lvled for u
    You 10-20 19:53:55

    no you havent
    You 10-20 19:54:10

    i had a friend check
    Ruth 10-20 19:54:12

    and we must pay the lvler and the related pwiple and a lot of fee in order to lvl for u
    You 10-20 19:54:14

    so dont lie to me
    You 10-20 19:54:39

    i was 52 when i payed and he got on my account for like 5 min
    Ruth 10-20 19:54:42

    plz dispute so we can't lvl for u
    Ruth 10-20 19:55:03

    plz cancel it, we will contunue to lvl for u
    You 10-20 19:56:11

    wow LISTEN i dont need leveling... im 58 right now and on my way to 70 from a different company alright wow... how about this i will i will Escalate this dispute to a PayPal claim do you want that
    Ruth 10-20 19:58:12

    if u want payapl to deal with it, it is ok, it will take 180 days to check it and we will ttake out our prove and both of us have 50 % possibity to win it
    You 10-20 19:58:51

    well lets see ill call them right now..
    Ruth 10-20 19:59:14

    You 10-20 20:01:37

    and to let you know on this little chat thing it says save dialog records and i did that for the one where you guys say ur system is all messed up
    You 10-20 20:01:50

    little bit of proof on my side right there...
    You 10-20 20:01:58

    do you do this to everyone???


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  • To
    Tobi Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hey guys i totally agree, the r horrible

    anyone noe a way we can bring them down?

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  • Go
    GoofeyPoly Aug 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fully agree.

    This service was awful and nobody should EVER use it. If you want somebody to level from 1-8 in three days, do it yourself..oh wait! You wouldn't need three days to do a simple task..

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  • Aj
    AJ Jul 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This was an awful experience, and infact, I think my account was banned or suspended, but I have no way of telling...does anyone know how to get an account back? I haven't even received an email from blizz on my email.

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  • Bo
    bob Jun 18, 2008

    A total bloody waste of time these loosers are, I paid 32.99 to get me from 55 to 64(5days supposed to be)by day 5 I had gained 3 levels-they wiped out and sold all contents of my backpack and stole 900gold from my account-AND WORST OF ALL I`ve just had an email from BLIZZARD Saying my account has been BANNED-DO NOT USE THESE GUYS

    Completely no help when I asked them what they had been doing with my account and tried to find out how and why they got my account banned-

    Conclusion: I think they maybe using third party software to level ur account(which is detectable by Blizzard) or it is a huge gold scam which again Blizzard easily detects and thus instantly banning your account,

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  • Ni
    nick Jun 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just got banned too... I have no idea what the hell they did to my account. I asked if they used bot to level they said no. So ye.

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  • Se
    seb Jun 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yo everyone who want to bring down this stupid compagny contact me on [email protected]

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  • St
    Steve May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It happen to me to i order a power leveling 53 to 70 cost 62.99 wow great price i pay with paypal. 1 day or 2 my accout got banned for suspecious countent i needed to fight with Blizz to have my account back...DONT use them low price low service :@

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  • Ja
    james papapietro May 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    kevin contact me [email protected] lets unite to bring this "company" down...i am soo fed up with this borderline scam company

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  • Ja
    james papapietro May 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i paid 19 bucks then nothing happened so i tryed again another 20 bucks and all that happened is that my account was stolen and i got scammed and they refused to give me any help getting my money or account backNEVER USE THIS WEBSITE AND SPREAD THE WORD OF THE SCAM

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  • Da
    Daniel May 27, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My account got scammed while at the pl seervice sesame paypal and they say its my own foult and stuff

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  • Na
    Namingweary May 04, 2008

    They are called "Sesame" on Paypal ([email protected]) or ([email protected])

    Do NOT use this World of Warcraft powerleveling service.

    They are terrible, got me temporary banned so I asked for my money back and they would not give it after HOURS of haggling. They wouldn't even give me a partial refund when I asked for it. Their Customer Service is run by a bunch of people who barely speak any English.

    So, although they have GREAT prices... low prices = low quality service in this case. I recommend you use ANY OTHER SITE except this one at this point. Please, spread this message if you can, stop others from using this terrible website for World of Warcraft powerleveling.

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