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Verified customer

I wanted to powerlevel a character on World of Warcraft as my time is valuable to me. I paid $139 US to www.level4game.com and they promised to level my character to the highest level, 70, and level his professions and first aid to 375, as well as uncover all flight points. They had my account banned twice, left the character at 60 with NO professions and NO 1st aid as well as NO flight points. They also refuse to answer emails now which I tested by sending them a vague email from a friends email account WHICH THEY ANSWERED. They have since not replied to any email I have sent them.


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  • Co
    costa Nov 30, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have used the www.level4game.com for my mage from 1 to 70, level4game done the order in 13 days with 3000 golds and flying mount, also some best gears for my mage. I was so excited.
    I think they will do what you order.

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  • Ki
    kidpinkers Dec 07, 2008

    I agree with the poster, I too have been dupped. Its December 2008 and I havent gooten any refund yet and they keep avoiding me still since july 2008.

    So I paid to have my horde toon to get leveled from 1-70 with this package :


    TBC 1-70 S1 Package $289.99 $195.99 Save: 32% off 1. The full S1 Gear (5/5 Set + Gladiator's Weapon) 2. The full Vindicator Gear(3/3 Set + 3 Trinkets) 3. 375 First Aid 4. Two Professions To 300 as follows: Skinning+Tailoring Tailoring+Enchanting Mining+Engineering Mining+Jewelcrafting Mining+Blacksmithing 5. 300 Riding Skill + Epic Flying Mount 6. 1000 Gold 7. One Exalted Reputation With A Major City 8. Time: 19-23 days

    They got my account banned for botting (this is only the first account so far) They refunded me the 20 dollars for the game so that I could get a new one. That's not including TBC also that I bought for it. They said they would send me that later. Ok so that's fine. So I went and bought a new game. Oh yeah this was in July btw. I set up the new account and they got my toon Descarada on Vashj to level 13 (I had to level her from 13 to 20 myself so that blizzard could be "fooled" into thinking it wasn't a bot service) and the account got suspended (#1 for suspension and #1 for getting banned so If my math serves me correct ...that's 2 infractions already) Here is the Level4game account info:


    Date No. Ship To Status Total
    07/06/2008 # **** Jesse **** United States Leveling $84.99

    After quite a few email exchanges ( 45 to be exact) Level4games said that they would level 2 (not 1 but 2!) toons 1-70 for me and to pick the toons that I wanted and what server. So I picked Cho'gall and I picked out a lock and a rogue. I currently am leveling my own rogue b/c I couldn't wait anymore on my primary account. They started to level the New toon called "Missniceguy" (lock) and and what do you think happens? The account gets suspended AGAIN! (suspensions: 2, banned:1 ) We are not going into the month of august. Since august I have tried to get in contact with Level for gaming and all I get are hello's. Thats nice of them at least. After I give them the account info I never hear from them again. Take for example this online chat:


    Welcome ! If you have any questions or suggestions about our products and services, please feel free to tell us anytime! Our operators will help your through the live chat or email. If the operators are all busy and you can t get response for a long time, you can contact us by email:
    level4game 09-05 21:36:47 hi
    level4game 09-05 21:36:48 welcome
    You 09-05 21:36:51 Hi
    You 09-05 21:37:06 You there?
    level4game 09-05 21:37:11 welcome to our site
    level4game 09-05 21:37:16 how are you!
    level4game 09-05 21:37:18 can I help you plz?
    You 09-05 21:37:22 good good
    You 09-05 21:37:29 yes my account is ****
    You 09-05 21:37:50 i have been waiting for my toon to be leveled and it hasnt been
    You 09-05 21:38:04 wow suspended my account 2 times and banned once
    You 09-05 21:38:38 i have had to buy another account b/c it was banned the first time which you gave me a refund for
    You 09-05 21:38:45 so i bought another account
    You 09-05 21:39:10 then level4game started to level my new account again and it was suspended for botting
    You 09-05 21:39:52 i want to know. Will i get a full refund this time around or will my 2 1-70 toons be leveled that level4game has promised me in over 50 emails
    You 09-05 21:40:43 hello?
    You 09-05 21:41:05 Why dont you guys ever answer me
    You 09-05 21:41:25 i paid for service and didnt get anything
    You 09-05 21:42:03 are you there?
    You 09-05 21:44:50 Hello?!?!?!?
    You can click the buttons below to "save" or "print" your dialog.

    That was the last convo I had with Level4gaming. I have No toons leveled and they have my money. Their 24 hour service is none existent as well. When I saw that they were online I almost wanted to punch my monitor. I am warning you as I am going to warn every other site that I find Level4game posted on.Ive bought from other companies and never had this issue. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

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  • Wa
    warcraft_gamer Dec 17, 2008

    Likewise, I have had my account suspended and they refuse to answer emails any more! They delay replies and keep promising service till you exceed the 45 day paypal refund-resolution limit. After that they stop replying totally.

    Level4game is definitely a fraudulent website & do not provide the service they promise. Avoid them at all costs! Their claims of "safe" and "fast" are both totally inaccurate.

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  • Mr
    Mrgrimm312 Feb 10, 2009

    Hello all, So i was looking for this company to see if they were descent or what... To bad i placed an order already.. Ill share my experience with them..
    I ordered leveling 1 - 80.. I already have a 80 Dk
    My character was botted to level 27 ... I then logged on to my brother account to see what level it was when i got home from work.. Come to find out that they werent botting my low level wich i paid for to be leveled and they gurantee no botting and the live chat personel also told me they wont use bots... Anyways i seen they were botting my level 80 to farm Eternal fires wich sell for good gold... I then go into my bank wich i had lots of unbound blues so i can DE them.. Well they were all gobe along with most of the gold i had... I was like WTF... So i go to attempt to log onto my account and the information had been changed... I wasnt even able to reset my password and now i gotta wait to call blizzard and give them all my information so i can recover my account...

    The only way we can stop this company is through paypal disputes.. If they get to many of them paypal will remove their account from them and more then less likely refund the money that you spent on a SERVICE they promise but didnt provide... Sure theres no physical shipping but its still a service and that has to be upheld either way..

    I Suggest not using this company and anyone that is thinking about it DONT DO IT.. They say they quest level your character. This is not true they bot them and dont even do the class quest wich takes a while in itself...

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  • He
    henry Feb 13, 2009

    I put my order 1-80 powerfull package 1 week ago, when I check on the report in www.level4game.com, it shows level 60, I cant belive that. I changed the pw and login to check, but that is true, also my Mining+Blacksmithing are 300 with epic mount. but only 1008 golds. I talked with their livechat, the guy promise I will get 20K when level 80.
    so since now, I am satisfied with their service.
    I will let you know if I can be hit to level 80 with 20K golds. lol

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  • Pa
    pampers Feb 24, 2009

    Horrible company. I paid for 70-80, 4k gold and two professions to 450. They got my character to 80, with 800 gold and NO professions. They ignore me over their live chat. Horrible company. Do not buy from them.

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  • Ne
    nelie223 Apr 03, 2009

    these people are terrible, ordered a 70-80, they got it banned at 71 with NO professions! and they botted on the account! i got it back thankfully! there live chat ignores me whenever i get on, only way is to change ip so they think im a new customer, then they ignore me instantly! this company is CRAP! do NOT order from them under any circumstances! throw your money in a lake before you buy from them!

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  • My
    Mychal Williams May 14, 2009

    I ordered a wow powerleveling service for my mage from level 70 to level 80 on www.level4game.com, they said they would give me 8000 golds when order done. but just received 7965 golds. they said they used some golds for my epic flying mount, I dont want to believe that! I need my 35 golds as they promised.

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  • Le
    leon Jun 17, 2009

    I tried www.level4game.com 8 days ago, order 1-80 with 15K golds, just $58. I am not sure of they can done that in time. but I will get my money back if they cant done. until now, my mage is level 75 with 8000 golds., not too bad. I wil post when they done the order. hope my order can be done. lol

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  • Su
    sunny_1988 Jun 18, 2009

    www.level4game.com is my favourite powerleveling company because the support is great, the prices are cheap, and the leveling is quick.
    My char is level 30 now, and i hope you're going to continue leveling 30-80 as good as 1-30.

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  • Hi
    hill123 Jun 22, 2009

    I just wanted to write and say www.level4game.com all are doing an awesome job leveling my character. I really appreciate.Followed my char a few times and always professional. I have told all my friends about your service and quality

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  • Er
    Eric Larson Jun 22, 2009

    Been www.level4game.com loyal customer for more than 5 years, watched them growing from one of the small powerleveling groups to an outstanding MMO service company today, I'm proud of them very much!

    I've let them take care of almost all of my lvling needs on my characters, WoW, , they've never fail me except when this one time my WoW account was banned by Blizz's sweeping action.

    I had no complain, because we all know this is the risk of powerlvling in some games. www.level4game.com refunded the remainder of my money and tried to arrange a make up lvling for another of my character later, once again show the company's great promising to its customers.

    Recently I've gotten my interest of WoW up again, all the new tier armor and gears are out there but there's simply no time for me to raid. www.level4game.com comes into the picture again, but this time I feel they have room for improvement.

    Personally, I dont know if you all experienced this when using live chat or not, the salesman tends to be very pushy on requesting you adding more services. Even after my clear statements three times "No, thank you. If I need anything else I will definitely let you know" The pressure still comes from them like tidal waves.

    "Please friend, can you add another service? Doing us a favor?"

    I know this is business, but it is never good to push your customers too far. It will only scare them away or leaves negative impressions, even to an old customer like myself.
    So please www.level4game.com, when it comes to profits, dont forget your customer relationships, these two factors accompany eachother in short and long terms.

    Keep on good work guys, but with a mind of constant improvement!

    Sincere your loyal customer
    Eric Larson

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