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This company stole $169.57 from me and I have been unable to recover this amount even after filing a dispute with my credit card company. I ordered numerous satin nickel finished Baldwin locks from this company. They were all to be keyed alike. The locks and mechanisms have a solid warranty. The finish is not guaranteed. Each and every lock set arrived with marks, nicks, scratches and/or dents. We live in Florida only 20 miles from the ocean and salt breezes along with 100% humidity much of the year. An imperfection in the finish would begin corroding immediately.

I sent many of these locks back 3 times. Each time they would charge my credit card for the replacement items and credit upon receipt. I have proof of delivery (they use multiple return addresses and both UPS and Fedex – I believe in an effort to cause confusion for consumers) for multiple returns. They take returns back in Honesdale, PA / Carson City, NV & Earth City, MO.

I finally got fed up with their absolutely horrible customer service and non existent workmanship on the keying of these locks and just accepted that last 2 scratched and marked locks. I returned everything I was supposed to and still cannot get my $169.57 back. If you choose to deal with these people – BE VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL. I believe someone should file a complaint with the attorney general as I am convinced based upon my experience with them that this company is dishonest.

How this company can have a positive BIZRATE rating is beyond comprehension.

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Nov 18, 2008 5:39 pm EST

Improvement Direct issued a full refund to this customer on Jan 19, 2008