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  • Ch
    chris Feb 27, 2009

    do not trust this site thay tryed to get me to send them scans of my bank card as prof as to who i am here s message.../26/2009 8:57:09 PM chris can u borrow one cell phone that can receive text message
    2/26/2009 8:57:09 PM chris thx
    2/26/2009 8:59:23 PM chris 078479*****5
    2/26/2009 9:00:14 PM chris ok
    2/26/2009 9:00:16 PM chris a sec
    2/26/2009 9:00:18 PM chris ty
    2/26/2009 9:17:59 PM chris we cannot send text message to u
    2/26/2009 9:19:18 PM chris did you use +44
    2/26/2009 9:19:36 PM chris +440784******5
    2/26/2009 9:19:41 PM chris yes we use
    2/26/2009 9:20:47 PM chris can you do it on msn or retry number
    2/26/2009 9:21:23 PM chris so sorry i just can do that through email
    2/26/2009 9:22:07 PM chris For protecting the paypal holder, could you please send us a scan/picture of your ID card/passport/drive license/credit card to confirm your payment if you don’t mind. Thank you.
    2/26/2009 9:22:12 PM chris through phone
    2/26/2009 9:22:14 PM chris i know try +447847*****95
    2/26/2009 9:24:24 PM chris i have noway of scaning sorry you could just phone me ?
    2/26/2009 9:28:01 PM chris can i not just text you my number
    2/26/2009 9:28:53 PM chris We just need a digital picture of your photo ID(like driver’s license or passport) to help confirm your order.
    2/26/2009 9:29:23 PM

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  • Ma
    marc-andré ferland Mar 31, 2009

    Same here...
    They are a ###ing bunch of theif

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  • Po Apr 01, 2009

    AVOID like the plague!

    Despite my persistent pressure they have not delivered my EVE ISK even after 6 WEEKS. I ordered and paid on the 16th Feb. Their support staff are evasive and speak very bad English. I have had them quit my chat and ban my IP after asking them questions they do not like. They too told me I would receive my ISK within two days before I ordered. Also, unlike any company I have ever known the manager is NEVER there, and he conveniently is the only person who can access the PayPal account to issue refunds. CON ARTISTS!

    The managers' name is Leidian. I hope this is useful to someone.

    Company operates under two names that I know of... and

    AVOID like the plague!

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  • Gd Apr 01, 2009

    I urge everyone to post your complaints on the McAfee site they link to:

    Hopefully we can save people some heartache. Remember to vote each others complaints as valid too.

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  • An
    anything Apr 03, 2009

    This site is ###ing Bull ###! just a bunch of scammers asking for your phone number so they can use it to retrive forgotten password from pay-pal by using ur e mail, bunch of ###ing scamming GOOks stole my hard earned money

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  • Js
    Jsohua Apr 18, 2009

    they have not given me my account and i am paying over 400$s for the account i has been almost half of a year...
    i am trying anything i can do to get it BUT they say its reviersed BUT it is not... they said they have not gotten the money we called Paypal and they have gotten the money!
    dont buy from them becauseu will not get ur orders u have paid high for i have gotten my level 64 spearman but it was like 60$s this one is like 410$ dont even THINK about buying fom them they have another site its called !! dont buy from then either

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  • Ig
    igotscammed Apr 22, 2009,, ... all belong to the same SCAMMER.


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  • Si
    SilenT Apr 28, 2009

    Guys, I had the exact same problem as you, I got really agitated. But luckily I can type some broken Chinese, the trade went through pretty smoothly after that since what I found was that most of the problems we're having is language based. Luckily for me I can speak their language, so things were resolved. They aren't scammers, even though I did accuse them myself, but later only found that they were just having difficulty understanding our mentality (this is a cross-cultural problem.). But I can assure you they are not scammers.

    P.S. No I am not an employee of the company >_> plus those that have purchased from them would probably realize my English is too damn good to be one of their employees :P. Peace

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  • Pe
    peezr May 31, 2009

    This website is a scam, i got totally @#$%ed. They loggond on my account, laundered money through it and got me banned.

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  • Pe
    peezr May 31, 2009

    if you would like to end their business with paypal go to

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  • Wo
    wow player Jun 20, 2009

    these ###ing ppl hacked my account wont give it back now im sueing them and getting the website shut down so they cnt do any thing any moe lucky my dad works for blizzard and my mum is a cop i have every thing i need thanks for eading

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  • It
    itman064 Jun 24, 2009

    to the last post I really hope your da is blizz worker and you can ###ing shut them down and kick their scaming ###

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  • Go
    Gotskrewed Jun 26, 2009

    i have evidence...Welcome to GDP DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE CO., LTD.

    Tracy Will serve for you : )

    Tracy said:welcome to GDP company, what can i do for u ?

    You said:i want my gold

    You said:dont even ask for my char name

    You said:just give me my gold

    You said:HELLOO???

    Tracy said:we are still collecting gold for u, when we have gold, we will
    call u at first time.

    You said:how do you obtain gold?

    You said:helloo???

    You said:helloooo???

    You said:hellooooo

    Tracy said:colllect fromg others

    You said:ohhhh so u rip people off then sell it to other people?

    Tracy said:yes

    the reason i asked how they get it is because the person i speaked to before told me they dont farm the gold. so i asked this person and what do you kno im goin to try my best to sue for fraud AND false advertisement. if im able to i will use all of your info except the lady who says "its jus communication issues" thats ### if it was that then no offense but they shouldnt be selling it in the U.S. and besides like i said i have evidence. i hope this helps other people i put a complaint in paypal too these people need to be stopped.

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  • Bl
    blackfire03 Jun 30, 2009

    FAIL. I should have looked here first. WORST experience of my life. I suppose I should have been suspicious when they asked me for my ID but I had already paid them by then. TO LATE! I hope these SCAMMERS lose everything they own. I don't know why people like this exist.

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  • To
    Tom223 Aug 08, 2009

    very good! A+++

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  • Yo
    YoYo832 Aug 10, 2009

    I just got it today. And it is exactly what I thought it will be. It is awesome!

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  • Ww
    www.GdpChina=scammers Aug 11, 2009

    they spammed me too.

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  • Ke
    Keltic_D Aug 18, 2009

    WooooHoooo finally.
    After a week of pestering them and filling out complaint forms left right and center I get the gold that I ordered.
    I am NEVER going to use this company again and warn anyone else that if you value your time, sanity and calm nature DO NOT BUY FROM GDPCHINA, POWER-LEVEL.NET or even GDPSHOPPING, which is another spin off company with exactly the same staff.
    Am truely sorry for those that are still having to talk to them or have just given up, perseverance is the key, aswell as sending them proof that I reported them to so many different companies.
    Best of luck to all


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  • LaceyLeeann Sep 16, 2009

    is there anyway to block them from useing your credit card and has anybody had them charging up your credit card more then what you paid or are they only have access to you card through paypal?
    please tell me whatever you know thanks Lacey =]

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  • Th
    thibaut Sep 19, 2009

    why choice, they farm the gold by themself. i have buy the warhammer gold from their .it is quick and cheapest.

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  • Th
    thibaut Sep 19, 2009

    why choice ? i have buy more warhammer gold at this website, it is too cheaper and quick, you can try it

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  • Th
    thibaut Sep 19, 2009 they farm the gold by themself

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  • Th
    thibaut Sep 19, 2009

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  • Ma
    Marcoj Sep 27, 2009


    It takes way to long for me and if you want youre money back they ALWAYS say sorry, my manager is not here and I cant give your money back.
    After a few days Ive talked to them and said if they not give my money within 60 minutes ill sue there company, 5 minutes after that I got my 8k gold for world ofwarcraft. I needed to join there guild and took it of there guild bank.
    After all ive got my gold for a very cheap price but it took me to long, Im not coming back there.!

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  • Ho
    Holydiver Oct 08, 2009

    Another of their spin-off sites seems to be

    This is a convo I had with them:
    Hello, dear customer, this is g4p customer service, thank u for your visiting. Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    Please wait for a moment, our customer servicer will contact with you as soon as possible!
    You are now chatting with 'Tinnery'
    Tinnery: hi
    Harbl: One of your other reps just cut me off. I would like a refund because your 15 mins delivery has turned into almost 2 hrs.
    Harbl: Hello?
    Harbl: Are you there? All I want is a refund, it would only take you a moment to issue it. Please refund my money
    Harbl: Hello? Please reply so I don't have to go claim through paypal
    Harbl: I thought you were a trusted site because you have good reviews on customer complaints board.
    Harbl: I will be leaving a lot of negative reviews if you don't at least pretend to listen to me.
    Tinnery: Ok, plz wait one sec, i will check it for you.
    Harbl: It's already been checked. They said it won't be for another few hours. I just want my money back please
    Tinnery: our manager will be here 10hours later
    Harbl: I don't want your manager, and don't try to tell me they're the only ones who can issue a refund because I've heard that one before. Just please refund my money now and I won't leave any bad reviews.
    Harbl: A lot of people check those sites before buying gold, you have no reviews at the moment. I will put a lot of bad ones in if you don't refund me.
    Harbl: The first thing people see when they google your name will be a negative review. My order was only 5, please refund it and I won't review at all.
    Harbl: I will also open a dispute with paypal and escalate it to a claim, which will be a bad mark against your company.
    Harbl: Refund me, please, or I will get every single person in my guild to leave bad reviews for you and tell people not to buy here.
    Harbl: Ok, i'm going to open a complaint with paypal. If you have enough complaints they won't let you use paypal anymore.
    Harbl: Is there someone I could talk to who is awake?
    Tinnery: im here
    Harbl: If you do not refund me now, I'm going to paypal to claim against you. Also I will leve a lot of bad reviews on complaints borads and game forums.
    Harbl: Logging into paypal now
    Harbl: to claim against you
    Harbl: They will force you to refund me, it'd be easier to do it without involving them.
    Harbl: Ok, have it your way.
    Tinnery: our manager is not here
    Tinnery: so i have no right to cancel any order
    Harbl: Find someone who does, gold sites always claim that. I am contacting paypal now.
    Tinnery: [smiley face]
    Harbl: Very funny. I have copied this conversation and if your manager ever does turn up, I will give it to them.
    Tinnery: depends on you
    Harbl: The paypal dispute has been opened. I will include your name in the message that goes with it. I want my money back, this is not a joke.

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  • Up
    upsetCust0mer Oct 13, 2009

    Do not use this company. I attempted to use their services and it has been nothing but a headache. I'm currently waiting on paypal to review the dispute. This company is a scam and after taking your money will insist on information that no ecommerce company should ask for. Copies of credit cards, drivers licenses, etc. This company went so far as to accuse me of stealing someone elses paypal information. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

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  • 67
    67Wicked Nov 03, 2009

    They did the samething to me I ordered plat for Everquest 2 and they told me the same thing that they have told everyone els...But I am from the south and dont take kindly to being ripped off or lied to. I contacted and filed a complaint. That is the FBI INTERNET FRAUD web site. I contacted Paypal; if you dispute the claim you will get you money back; but DO NOT EVER STOP THE DISPUTE AT THE SELLERS REQUEST YOU CANT OPEN IT AGAIN. When you pay threw paypal it comes threw as an EBAY ORDER they then have all your account information including your account number and routing number. After reading all the FRAUD about this company on the internet; I just went to my bank gave them all the information and closed my account. The best compay to buy from that I know can be trusted if they do not have stock they will refund your money.

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  • Ae
    Aemelia Nov 04, 2009

    I ordered 20k from It was frustrating as I did not receive the gold in one lump sum, but I did receive all my gold in 48 hours as promised. I would purchase from them again. Sorry to hear everyone hasn't had the same experience.

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  • Ae
    Aemelia Nov 04, 2009

    I ordered 20, 000 gold from I received the gold as promised within 48 hours. The only frustrating part was I did not receive it in one lump sum but in three separate transaction. Also, if you are not near your computer or answer your phone, you will be skipped and the next order will be filled. Which means, you have to wait for them to get back around to you to fill your order. I wish they catered more to our availability as opposed to when they are available. I also had a good experience with

    Other than that the many transactions and missed phone was a smooth transaction.

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  • Sv
    sven25 Jan 06, 2010

    I also have this problem... i orderd 5 k before looking for complains badly enough... I payed with moneybookers and this guy named Cute told me they had gold in stock and delivery would be within 1 hour... After 4 hours still nothing. They are also also DONT order there aswell they are just lying scammers that like to piss people off...
    I have contacted moneybookers and in the past with i had this same problem. They returned the money to me.
    So this will go again.

    Again dont order on : and

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  • Jo
    John73 Jan 23, 2010

    I am going to test this Site as of Jan, 23 2010, I am ordering 10k gold. I will let you know how long it takes.

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  • Ne
    nemesis Feb 10, 2010

    been 8 days now and still waiting "a few hours"... will never do business with that company again. If I dont receive the full amount I will start the paypal complaint process.

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  • Vo
    Voiced Feb 17, 2010

    Yea ive been waiting about a week and a couple days now myself... and they keep tellin me few hours ... i ask for a refund and they wont give it to me sux

    i use and '

    gdp had the cheapest price so i tried them .. and now im waiting forever

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  • Pa
    PaidUpDouble Feb 27, 2010

    So here's what happened. I posted here about a week ago - I paid 26.88 for 30G in LOTRO -

    After the 3-4 days I waited and nothing, I did the following:

    Called my bank and filed a fraud against my account to a company unwilling to give me the items I purchased. The bank then does an investigation.

    Made a file-complaint to the BBB against their web-host because their webhost is responsible if there is a site ripping people off, being hosted by them.

    Made a file-complaint to the FBI IC3 department of internet fraud.

    After I warned the company in email that I had all 3 after them, I waited about 3 days more...and then things changed -- First a sum of 4G was delivered, then 1 day later 7G, then 1 day later 7G more, until it was all paid out --- and get this, I didn't get just my 30G .. I got nearly double.

    I must have scared the crap out of them when they realized their not invisisble anymore. They can't hide behind their PC -- both BBB and the bank told me they contacted them directly and threatened -- the FBI has yet to update me however I do report to them each transaction and email passed between me and the seller.

    My bank told me this morning they contacted them directly and the issue has been solved. The web-host too their responsibility and then too went after the site to tell them to act as a legitimate business or lose their hosting.

    Now I have a ton of emails from saying "sorry sir, sorry we deliver now, sorry sir" ..

    Do what I did...don't play the panzy and scare off... Go after the ###. I did and I got what I wanted - AND THEN SOME...

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  • Sc
    scammed user Mar 11, 2010

    Gdpchina+paypal=solid scam you will not get a refund intangable goods paypal isnt a middleman anymore witch makes them usless

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  • He
    HENNYJAZZGEIR Mar 12, 2010

    NEVER BUY FROM THIS SITE AGAIN FFS I WAITED 30 DAYS FOR JUST 3K GOLD ON A LOW POPULATED SERVER BUT STILL 30 DAYS FOR ### SAKE! do not trust this people they actually ban you from site if they feel for it. just buyed gold there again now 3k... and I whispered them before I ordered if they had money in stock they said they had 102K GOLD on server but when I came back afther continued complete order they said I had to wait a bit for the workers needed more time! I went afk lik 4 hours and when i came back I was BANNED FROM THE FFS SITE!!! how the hell do they scam ppl -.- making money is buisness not scamming(scamming=bad rep+0 cash in future)


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  • He
    HENNYJAZZGEIR Mar 12, 2010

    anyone up for a kill? -.- they scammed me for over 20USD and I buyed gold twice there first time for 10usd only 3k gold and then I got the gold in like 30 days afther ordere!!! FFS


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  • Ca
    carmen_hk Mar 28, 2010

    I've ordered many times at other companies before like lootgame, mygamestock, wowgoldcc and susanexpress. The only way of delivery I accept is face-to-face. No auctionhouse or mail for me. Since I'm familiar with the knowledge that goldfarmers can't be trusted I can give you few tips when you decide to buy gold. Never give them a copy of your id, your picture (either "hi pretty can I see you pic please"), ip-adress and such. If you make an account on their website, make sure your password isn't the same as your paypal, battlenet, e-mail and such. Even make sure your paypal address isn't your real one (except you are using your linked creditcard, then you can't change the address). Have you ever seen the goldfarmers address on the paypal receipt?

    I found this site by google "cheap wow gold" and decided to try it. The first time when I bought gold, amount: 10k, it took 3 days before they could deliver it. At the live chat they told me they could deliver it within an hour. So I waited a half day and contacted the live chat. They said they need more time, like 1-6 hours. One day later, same story. I decided to open a dispute on paypal to claim my money back. Few hours later, they called me and told me the gold was ready. I logged in and I got my gold! Second time when I bought from GDP was also 10k. They delivered 4, 9k after 12 hours. The other part I received about 24 hours later. I was really worried about being scammed after I read all bad reviews at complaintsboard, but after 2 orders I changed my mind.

    The positive point from this company is that the prices is really low.

    Negative points are that they speak barely English at the live chat. Sometimes I think they don't realize what I'm asking or saying. Besides they can never deliver the gold within the promised time. So only order I you are not needing it immediately.

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  • Ma
    Matrong Apr 04, 2010

    oh dude, I pay for 20k gold, then GDP china request me to upload my drive lincen picture and credit card picture to get my gold...So I decide get my money back, and this FUCING said they wont give me the refund...After 1 month since I put disput on PAYPAL, I can't even get my refund. ###! Never buy gold from this website...TOTALLY MONEY THIEF AND FRAUD WEB!!!

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  • Pa
    paulllllllllll Aug 11, 2010



    international call

    This is a number they gave me to call!

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