SUBMIT A COMPLAINT CD I paid heavily for is non-functionable


I sent to you an order for information on cd titled "" at a price of approximately half that charged. This was put down to the difference between the American and Australian dollars. I must say that the sum taken from my card would not support such a variation in the end result.
However, to make things worse, when the disc finally arrived I put it into my computer and attempted to get it to perform. It started well enough with track one and after a while stopped in the middle of the track. Then I began track two which mimicked the first one by stopping in the middle so that I was (and am) unable to hear all of either. Not all I'm afraid: the third track would not begin at all. I am willing to accept my money back as deducted or, reluctantly, a new replacement CD.
Thank you for your attention,
Robert S. Gray


  • Mi
    Michelle Thomson Apr 06, 2009

    i was disgusted with the cost of this cd/dvd when converted to US dollars which was no where near the converstion rate at the time and don't know how they got there costings? My dvd/cd is also malfuctioning and i am not very happy with it!
    i would like my money back after waiting over a month for it and being very dissapointed.

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  • Al
    Alex Locklear Apr 13, 2009

    I just have received my cd an would like to know more about emillionaire.

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  • Me
    meena Apr 14, 2009

    The cd doesn't even work properly and along with the large amount charged to my card is ridiculous. I want my money back.

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  • Ma
    mad in ky. Apr 22, 2009

    i bought the above mentioned cd and it does not work.they keep calling to comfirm my order and keep telling me to contact cust. service by e-mail and when i do nothing is done. robert a. dickerson

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  • Dk
    dking Apr 22, 2009

    I got my cd & it doesn't even work. I get nothing when trying it 7 times one day. I want my money back. What a hoax.Free is not free!

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  • Rh
    RHarper Apr 24, 2009

    I got this cd too, thought it would be $1.97 then found a $45 on my bank acct. withdrawn. I have Windows 2000 and it says it won't open on anything but Windows XP, not in the ad on the computer. I am trying to get my $ back too. RHarper, Vancouver, WA

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  • Rt
    R Turoczi Apr 28, 2009

    I still have not received my cd & I have already been charged for it. Initially $3.14 not $1.95 & then $73.99 not $47.00 as advertised. What happened to the free trial?
    There is now also another charge of $67.40 coincidentally $47.00 US from 8668346878 GBR. This is obviously a huge scam to get credit card & banking details. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

    R. Turoczi.

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  • Jm
    JMariano Apr 30, 2009

    I've been done too! Such naivety or could be desperation. I never received the CD after these guys took $1.95 off my credit account. Then they debited AU$47.00 off after a few weeks. I spoke to my bank manager, unfortunately they do not have any solution to block this scammers from direct debiting from my account if I have approved it in the first place. The bank can dispute the transaction, but this is not an assurance I'm gonna get my money back, so this is still pending. Well, to play safe, I just had my card cancelled and have applied for a new one. I would suggest everyone else does the same, or talk to your Bank Manager for an alternative solution.

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  • Je
    Jeanie May 03, 2009

    I recieved my DVD/CD and it does not work and would like to get my money back!

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  • So
    sonia May 11, 2009

    Is there anyway we can stop these people taking our momey on monthly basis??? My card has been camncelled and asked for a new one as well. I hope that they will stop.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner May 11, 2009

    This is connected to the emillionaire scam then the person behind that scam is Brock Felt.
    Just do a search for Brock Felt emillionaire or Brock Felt scam or emillionaire scam on and you will see that!

    So to contact him direct for a refund:

    Brock Felt.
    Telephone number: (813) 839-7824 (USA)

    Address: 4903 Yacht Club Dr, Tampa, Florida, FL 33616

    Email address: [email protected]



    Some more emails to try, I found them at:

    [email protected] (Customer Care Specialist) and
    [email protected] (Company Owner)
    Phone: (813) 839-7824

    Also report this scam to Florida Attorney General here:

    And the FTC here:

    If enough people do this then legal action will be taken against these scammers!

    Also contact your bank / credit card company asap and ask for a chargeback to be made against the unauthorised charges on your account, then cancel your card and get a new one issued. Otherwise more charges will be taken next month and every month unless you do this!

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  • Me
    Meerkat May 15, 2009

    I've been trying for days to get information, refunds, answers --- and since I'm in Canada, can we lodge complaints in Florida?
    I'm trying to send emails to the addresses listed above by Chuck Turner (thanks!!!)

    The number I've been calling to a so-called customer support, gets answered, but the answers are useless. They run you around, promise refunds, and nothing happens, while more charges appear. I can't cancel the credit card (which I don't use for anything else) because of my dad holding a copy as well, so that we can exchange gifts and he lives in another country.

    The number I've been calling, is 1-800-309-6980 to complain. So far, no luck and no refunds.

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  • El
    Elaine Gillette Jul 01, 2009

    similar story as above, the cd wont even play, this company is a scam i have Hboss along with their fraud dept handling it to recover my monies which were taken from my card illegally. Tel no is non existent too.

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  • Me
    Meerkat Jul 01, 2009

    Hi --- I finally got refunded, but it took months, lot of patience, and lots of yelling from my side.
    And you have to repeat and do everything two or three or more times. These people are THICK!

    Make notes of everything - the exact date when you ordered the CD, when you cancelled membership, when you have seen charges on your credit card, and the amounts, etc.

    The card I used, is not used for anything else, so I demanded refunds for everything. But even a month after cancelling my membership, there were more charges, so I had to start all over again.

    One of the phone numbers was answered by a girl who pretended to be as stupid as mud, and made me lose my temper so bad - I've never done that before. So -- be prepared! Pack lots of patience, some water to sip while you talk, and make notes of EVERYTHING! Date, time you called, number you called, the name of the person answering (if they would give it to you).

    Try these phone numbers and email addresses - if they were not changed in the mean time.
    1 877 461 0638

    Email - send your complaint to [email protected]
    or [email protected] (Liz at emillionaire dot com) - address your complaint to Liz, with all the dates and things as above.

    Facebook is trying to remove the ads

    I just can't believe that the whole lot of them are not arrested or something, with so many complaints floating about!

    Good luck

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  • Pi
    pissedoff1 Jul 19, 2009

    Yes, I also purchased the cd and it almost ruined my hard drive. I could no longer play videos or music, not to mention the cd. I had to do a system restore in order to get those things back. People like that ruin business for those that are actually trustworthy.

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  • Em
    emirates Jul 31, 2009

    Has any one been able to contact the company and stop payments, could you please pass on a contact number really apprectiate it...

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  • Em
    emirates Jul 31, 2009

    i have tried both numbers 1-800 309 69 80 and 1877 461 0638 on 1st aug 09 and no ring tone on either will have to be a dispute request in with my visa card company!

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  • Cr
    credit ruined at 19 Sep 26, 2009

    I am writing this for my son who has had his bank account closed due to this emillionaire who charged his account 50.00 bucks when we called and complained that he never received his CD they charged his account again, as they promised to reverse the charges on his account this was never done, about as month later he rec'd his cd much to his surprise it didn't work. Because his account was overdrawn the bank closed his account. He was supposed to be charged only s&h $3.95, Thanks to this scam of a company his credit is ruined and until he can take care of the bank situation he cannot get into the Navy which is his life dream so I say, I will contact the FTC continue to make calls to clear this up...I am a single disabled mother who wants to see my sons dream come true and this company has destroyed this for him and for me. He was only trying to make extra money to help with all the medical bills and house bills because SSI lowered my check so I can't even make rent now. He is in college full-time so when he enters the Navy he will go in at a higher rank and the job he seeks in the Navy. He needs this company to come clean, I am a Christian and could say what I truly feel about this co., but it would be a sin. If anyone has gotten any results please post them so I can keep trying to fix this. We live in a small town and there is no work available. I thank anyone in advance for their information on getting this Company put out of business and everyone suing them for their money back. May God Bless you all, I pray for everyone who got ripped off to receive their money back and their credit to be restored.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Sep 28, 2009

    If you check out they are now using an address in England!

    Online Business Transactions Ltd | 24 Lumley Drive | Delves Lane, County Durham Consett DH8 7OS | United Kingdom

    You can file a complaint at

    If you search Google for "24 Lumley Drive" DH8 7OS you will see that they are involved with a lot of other scams.

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