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A Feb 21, 2020

HORRIBLE experience with EMB. The rep I dealt with was absolutely terrible and did little to help our business. First, EMB set us up with an electronic check processing company for our online cannabis seed company. However, that company was so negligent we ended up incurring almost $1000 in fraudulent charges and related bank fees. Our requests to the EMB rep for help on the matter either were ignored or we were told not to bother him and contact the electronic check processing company instead. We also requested assistance in setting up online debit card services. We've been waiting over SEVEN MONTHS for the EMB rep to get back to us. On the rare occasion we were able to get him to respond, it was always excuses. When the rep learned that we were starting to shop around for other processors, he actually had the temerity to email us and chastise us for looking for alternatives to EMB. The final straw was two weeks ago when he told us he was going to try to set us up with Square CBD. Once again, silence and inaction.

Horrible, horrible company that does nothing but offer lip service and little else.

Shane Berry
2985 E Hillcrest Dr Ste 209
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

cbd merchant account, merchant accounts
cbd merchant account, merchant accounts

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