Wusiksoftware suite (daw) for music production

R Aug 18, 2018

I purchased a 5-part premium software suite with the intention of recording music I composed. I have almost zero experience in this area, but read positive things online about these programs for the type of music I compose. I paid $129 through PayPal.
I spent a big part of several days trying to download the programs and extract files. Two worked, but continued to get message the 3rd file was corrupted. Never tried the last 2, as I assume they all have to work together. Had at least 9 emails to seller/developer who attempted to correct, but the file refused to download and kept getting corrupt message. Finally, after days and at least 8 hours at this, a number of support emails, and no success, I asked for refund, but seller refused, insisting I work with him. I wrote that I have little time for this, work full time, etc., and have not had problems downloading other test DAW programs and can do so in minutes. He insisted I work with him even was labeled "negative", "not cooperating", and then finally a suspected thief of his programs.
After 4 days of ongoing attempts to make this work, even installing some extra programs he suggested, I wrote him in early morning telling him I was trying one last time and if this does not work, let PayPal decide. While I was going through another failed download that registered as corrupt, seller created a PayPal claim against me claiming I was "no longer cooperating, stopped answering emails." I had just sent him an email minutes before that included my intention to try downloading again. Seller provided info to PayPal for his claim but made point of conveniently leaving out half of my correspondences on another one of his emails, to create his fantasy picture of me as not cooperating and being "negative." Although he apparently has had only 100 sales, and some problems, apparently my problem was cause enough for seller to tell PayPal that he thought I was some kind of thief who really did download the programs and was not telling me. He concurrently blamed me on one hand for not cooperating, was "ignoring my support emails), had no recordings of me downloading his files, and not cooperating and not downloading his programs, and on the other hand also decided I was a software thief who downloaded his programs and was apparently using them for free and therefore could never refund because there was no proof I deleted them. Critical thinking here makes no sense.
All I wanted was to be done with this, get my money back, and try another DAW program. But there is apparently No Refund Policy. Seller claims the solution is support. Support from this person has not produced results in a span of 8 emails and his responses. I think this is enough of a fair effort on my part. I have a fully functioning Windows 10 setup and have never, ever had problems downloading or extracting files.
All I want is a fair refund and seller is refusing. Furthermore, if seller is so concerned about buyers stealing his software, it should he his responsibility to use security measures, just as I use on my own personal computer to avoid someone using his program for free. I cannot see how this lack is my fault. Because of his unwillingness to do this, I am being blamed as a thief. Shame on you, William, for your bad business practices. Its time I get my money back.

  • Updated by rooncea · Aug 18, 2018

    In fact, I am so reluctant to spend any more energy on this, I no longer care about refunds. I just want to share my experience with this company. And, as a result of this experience, I am in the process of closing my PayPal account. Done.

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