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W Aug 02, 2018

I have purchased a HP laptop some months ago, since this time I have experienced technical issues which has eventually gotton worse over the months. After visiting the store with my laptop I was sent away and informed that it sounds as though its due to not doing updates.

This did not resolve the issue so I again returned to store a week later.

job reference no 9816
Store Highpoing 3032

i was informed that the review and or repair may take up to 10 days, as worst case if the technicians from HP needed to view the computer.

It has now been close to 14 days and after attempting to contact the store, specifically leaving messages for Benlui, I never received a response. Only after callign 4 times today, i was finally connected and finally informed that HP did not have the part and they are unsure as to when they will get the part and it may look like 24 August, and couldn't confirm.

Harvey Norman response is we will push HP as its ridiculous and unreasoanble but this is the only current resolution.

I am sorry, but this is unacceptable. As I have originally stressed, this is my business laptop and this service and length of period without my laptop is unacceptable.

I have posed three options

Repair within the next 72 hours
Refund the amount
Replace the computer

I was informed that the only option available is for them 'push HP'.

Clearly there are service level agreement issues between HP and HN, however as the consumer this is NOT my issue and it is unreasanable to provide HP are ridiculous and we will push back as a solution. It is also highly unprofessional.

I have attempted to escalate this situation at store level however I am not hopeful on this either being informed that Mr Laurie Renda is busy interviewing.

I have contacted consumer affairs and currently the advise provided is to escalate the situation and attempt to resolve. This is my last attempt of doing so.

I would really appreciate a prompt response to this current issue and hope this can be resolved as soon as possible

Thank you.

Teresa [protected]

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