Woolworths BWS Liquorservice

J Dec 02, 2019

I normally shop at BWS Elanora Heights shop BUT I am not going there any more. I am sick of the renovations - 1) Most of the parking spots are full of tradesmen parking, 2) when you enter the store there are groups of men standing around talking (obviously people doing the renovations) and they do not move out of your way - you have to walk around them, they stand in front of the aisles so it is hard to find what you are looking for. 3) Hardly anything on the shelves whereas they used to have a really good range. I understand that this is due to the place being renovated but it has been WEEKS and I am just sick of the inconvenience of it all - wouldnt be so bad if you could at least walk around the shop without having to sidestep groups of men chatting about whatever!!! The people that work there are always nice but they also were all standing behind the counter chatting - I couldn't find what I was looking for - no-one came to help so I walked out in disgust and went to Dan Murphys where I will now be shopping !!

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