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Woodman's Food MarketWorst customer service

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I was shopping for dog food in my local Woodman's market (in Beloit, WI) when I noticed a brand of "natural" dog food I had not seen before. The brand is called Nature's Menu Oven Baked Dog Food with Chicken, Whitefish, and Sweet Potatoes by Evolve.

When I looked at the label, however, I learned that it contained onions, an ingredient that both our veterinarian and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website refer to as potentially toxic to dogs. (see Animal Poison

I thought that the corporate staff at Woodman's would want to know about this brand and at least look into the matter with veterinarians, but the person in charge of pet food at the Beloit store was very defensive when I tried to talk with him.

I didn't expect Woodman's to take my word about onions and dogs, but I did expect them to care enough about customers and their pets to check out my concerns.

There are still bags of this dog food on the shelves.


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    Bryan Oct 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Woodman's customer service is very spotty. Other than the cashier, most of the staff seem like they are trying really hard to ignore the customers, they are indifferent at best. Also, good luck complaining! I've complained when they've put out rotten boxes of vegetables grown in God-knows-what from Central America, and guess what, they're still putting out boxes of rotten vegetables. Also, kudos to Woodman's for the maximum security prison lighting inside the store at the Woodman's near my house. If Woodman's doesn't work on the quality of their staff, their product and their stores, they will lose market share to national chains that have low prices AND take credit cards, which Woodman's does not.

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    gregkotowitz1977 Feb 16, 2009

    As an employee of Woodman's, first let me state that there is no person specifically in charge of pet food at the store. Secondly, this complaint should not be focused towards Woodman's. If you are truly worried about the safety of pets then contact the source, the dog food company. If it's in a bag and has a bar code, it can't be that dangerous. Personally, I don't believe there is any food product that can be all that dangerous for dogs, even chocolate. My childhood dog ate just as much chocolate as i did and he lived a very long life. Woodman's employees will continue to appear to be rude because the fact is, they are being timed. Cashiers must scan so many items per minute. Stockers must stock 80-90 cases an hour. Employees will try to smile and nod, but they don't have time to ask customers if they need help with anything. If you need help, ask, they'll try to help the best they can. Keep in mind it's a huge store with millions of items. Only a select few know where everything is. Woodman's wants fast, efficient workers. There is no time to inspect every box because there are thousands coming in each day. The reason why people shop at Woodman's is because they have cheap products and a wide selection. Nothing will change that, even credit cards. If a business can sell half a million dollars in products a day, without credit cards, they are on the right track to success. In conclusion, if you are picky about shopping, do as the Romans did... shop at Pick'n Save.

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    Josh May 08, 2009

    Awesome reply!

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    John Jiryes Nov 21, 2010

    I was today at the woodman's food maket in W124 NB145 hwy 145, and after I done shopping came to the register and she start ringing our stuff. I did ask her that I am paying with two payment. So, slide the first card which is was a debt car value of $50, and waited for her to the apporval. Going forward with the matter, she did not know how to handle the sitaution so I could not finish my transaction. She asked me if I have any other payment so I have to use my debt bank card. Well, she locked my accound for trying on her side too many tries...She asked for a Manage which he did not know what she did, so I had to leave without my gorceries.
    It was embarassing sitaution and I thought something wrong with my account. So I I call my bank and inform me that my account was locked at that time for being used too many transaction at your store.
    So, I went back to my West Allis in Milw and stopped by Pick N Save and tried my card and I had no problem with my card or my pin number.
    I am very upest with the way she handle the transaction.
    The date was on 11/21/2010 Time 15:21:03
    What I am asking is to teach your employees on how to handle registers.
    If you asking for my business back to your store, then I would like to have one of your corporate to email me back and explain more of the situation.
    My email is [protected]
    It was humeliated situation for me just to leave my grocery at your store after spending an hour and half with my time for noghting.

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  • Xx
    xxshadow_angel69xx Jan 27, 2011

    The other day i was at Woodman's in Green Bay on the west side. Now my friend and I were just joking around, i ended up sliping on the floor that was extremly waxed. I laid on the floor for a good 2 minutes, no one came up to me to see if i was ok, the empolies just waked by and didn't care. When i finially got up I limped over to the service desk and asked if they had an ice pack i could borrow just quickly. They said, "No, but we sell them in isle J." Yeah that is not helpful, I am very mad about this, I would like to have one of you corporate people email me, so i can explain more about what happened. my email is [protected], your floors are way to slippery. my knee is very bad.

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    Maryjanep Mar 08, 2011

    I shop at Woodman's in Green Bay. I hope someone in management will take a course on store planning 101. I shop in the natural and organic food isle. The dog food gets a better area than the natural foods. Most people who buy organic do so because they don't want additives or are allergic to chemical...What do you know? All the detergents are in the very next isle making the smell unbearable...You don't bag chemicals and food in the same bag...Why in the world would you put the coffee aisle...brooms, mops and candles aisle, ...then laundry detergent and dish soap aisle...then the natural foods (2 very narrow aisles)...While another part of the store has a section that has frames and photo across from the bakery area... I guess if someone doesn't like it, go to Festival Foods or Copps...They know how to treat the customers who like to buy natural and organics. Come on Woodman's...You can do better than this! I wish someone could tell me if all their stores are set up this way or is it just the local management that doesn't care...

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    catallen Jan 25, 2014
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    Verified customer

    1/25/14. 5:30 PM I am starting to see that Woodman's is starting to lower their prices. Love to see that the frozen vegs were on sale for .79 &.89 . I bought 14 of them! Got coffee for 3.99 awesome and tomatoes at .89 a # cool. All went well- except Brett at the check out wiped his nose 5 times with his hands and applied his snot on all of our groceries. Yuk. I had to sanitize all of our groceries before I could put them away. plus my husband asked him two questions which he di not answer but responded with a grunt and a humf. So since Brett can't answer the question... is there any other way to enter the $100 gift card giveaway besides scanning your phone over the square do jobby on the tv screen?? Hugs & kisses -Cathy

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  • 99
    998iu7865432 Dec 17, 2018

    The new parking lot in the Riverwoods store that just opened in Illinois is just full of filthy trash! I should have taken a photo. lot strew with paper trash and plastic. What kind of a store allows this condition? Also the help are not rude persey, but i could give a rats attitude would fit. Just my opinion for what its worth.

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