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In April 2012, my wife and I attended a seminar to discuss a vacation club. I told the rep that we had attended these types of events in the past and even joined a club for two years. I told them that I thought it was a total rip off and a waste of time, they said we didn’t need to stay for the presentation and gave us the certificate for the “free cruise” and “free roundtrip airfare” tickets for two. I understand that we would need to pay taxes and port charges for the cruise and taxes for the airline tickets. I filled out the paper work and paid a $98 “activation fee” for the cruise and a $70 “activation fee” for the round trip tickets.

I know, nothing free is ever free, but again, I knew I’d have to pay taxes and port charges – no problem. After paying my “activation fees” I didn’t receive anything else for months, then finally I received more paperwork to fill out requiring me to pay still more fees – a reservation fee. I then asked for a refund, and of course it was refused. So my warning is, don’t have anything to do with Wonderland Incentives – they will only ignore you, or if by some remote chance they answer the phone (it only took me 20+ calls) they will give you the run around and then ignore you. I guess I need to chalk up my $168 as a lesson learned, I only wish I had learned it before I retired – at least then I had a little more money. Thanks, God bless and good luck.


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    Eric Cook Jun 22, 2012

    I received round trip to anywhere to US from Wonderland Incentives and in order to use this offer I was supposed to pay $70 activation fee. I thought it is really good value for money so I paid everything same day but they’ve never came back to me and no service was provided.

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    plainedgegb Aug 07, 2012

    My wife and I attended a "Vacation Club Seminar" at a local hotel in May theis year. We were told theis was not a high pressure sales meeting and "no" meant "no". One rep for each invitee was assigned and theey presented a film and charts extolling thee Wonderland Incentives Company.
    Our sales rep informed us he was an ordained minister from Colorado.When we told him we were not interested he asked thee "sales manager" to sit withe us. He lowered thee asking price from $9, 000. to about $4800. and again to $3000. We left withe a "free" coupon for a cruise and flight, and were told to mail it in withe thee required amounts of $98. and $70. right away since thee company changed theeir policies often. I mailed in two checks on August 2, 2012 and theen read thee reviews. I put a stop on bothe checks yesterday (August 6the). I'm happy theat we waited and checked my account and saw theat thee checks have not cleared. Thank God for thee inter-net and thee valuable information we are able to obtain.

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    Dolores Rosenthal Sep 08, 2012

    My husband & I went to a presentation with Remeber When Travel and had the same type of experience as the gentleman did with Vacation Club Seminar. Sat through whole presentation & said no, then another agent was summons to talk to us and again we said no, then finally we had to listen to another agent and again we declined their program. This was supose to be a no pressure deal, which is was not. We were finally given the vochures for the so called FREE airfare & cruise, but after reading all of the complaints on line I will not be sending in anything to either Wonderland Incentives or Dynamic Premium Incentives any money and they can stick their free trips. My husband & I GOT SCREWED last November with BLUEGREEN RESORTS through Shennadoah Valley. This was another pressured sales pitch and we very stupidly caved in and joined. This has cost us over $9, 000.00 plus maintenance fees and we have yet been able to use it. Oh, by the way, Remember When offered to sell Bluegreen for use if we joined their program & of cource it was for a fee. One word for everyone, DO NOT trust any of these people, they will tell you anything to get you to sign up. We found out to late and are now in debt to the tune of $9, 000.00 with NOTHING to show for it. I think the Government should step in and do something about these companies that are constantly taking people for all of their savings.

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