Women’s Health Complaints & Reviews

Women’s Health / the delivery of my magazine

Jul 01, 2019

I would have rather the mailman still deliver my magazine. The [censored] who delivered my magazine just threw it in the middle of my drive. He could have put it in my mailbox because it is along the street. He had to drive by my mailbox in order to throw it in my drive. You advertise door...

Women's Health Magazine - African Mango Diet / False Advertising


Hello I accessed a site on facebook advertising the African Mango Diet and products OrganaSlim and OrganaCleanse for a 30 day free trial. I decided to go ahead with the free trial (just pay postage) on 19 Dec 2011 and was advised the products would be delivered by 23 Dec 2011. To date, nothing...

womens health magazine / collection agency


I received a letter from a collection agency for a request for payment from their client Women's Health Magazine. I did have a year subscription that I paid for up front. I am not sure why they sent me to a collection agency I have never received any other notices that I was in...

Women's Health Magazine / Delinquent Notice for Non-Subscription


This is in regards to a collection notice sent by a Mr. Vincent Maretti, manager of collections department for Women's Health Magazine. Mr. Maretti threatened me that the account will be turned over to North Shore Collection Agency. Please note that the only issue I received from...