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WizardsBad service

This Wedsday I had an experience with this company I am not likely ever to forget. The service man never showed up at my home and claimed he had. Then he had the gaul to to tell his office that he had been to my home. The office called and said that not only did I not answer my phones but the repair man stood outside my door for 15 minutes and knocked and knocked--this was odd I even waited on my front porch for the no show. I then called the office and the receptionist, (who I later found out was the guys mother in law since this is a family owned business), she became irate and rude on the phone which set me off yelling at her, they were convinced that the guy had been at my house and my word meant nothing. The receptionist hung up the phone before I could calm down and resolve the issue. Two minutes later I get a call from "Jack" who says he is the owner and that "NO ONE yells at his wife", my first thought was, well what in H#@L is she doing working the front desk? I replied that I only became irate after her rude attitude scalded me. He replied with "dont ever call my business again!!", fine with me I replied, I said his son in law never showed up at my home, he fumed that he had called my office twice. Office? I replied, I have no place of business and I am retired, the only office I have is equipped with a throne (tee hee). Jack became angry and abusive at that point so I simply hung up the phone, as his wife did with me. Then the service man/son in law called and said "your house is painted tan aint it? We been there before", no i said my home is white and you have never been here before, and its likely you wont ever be here. Then he preceeded to tell me that he would be showing up as soon as he finished this "big job' he was now working on---HA, I said okay but knew I wouldnt be holding my breath, he never showed, and I ended up calling another service whose receptionist was civil.

All in all never call Wizards or Wizards Home and Hearth to repair/clean your chimmny or do heating service in your home, you might infuriate and insult Jacks wife, then he will be calling to harass you. I worked for many happy years at a local Mini storage and when we had customers who were angry or sad we learned ways to calm them down and tried to be understanding, then work out the problem, the customer always came first as customers were our bred and butter. I also forgot to mention that Jacks wife called the previous day to make sure that I would be paying her son in law in cash before the job was done--that alone should have given me second thoughts. Thank goodness the jerk never showed, gracious knows what kind of a job he might have done with payment in advance. If you live in the Flagstaff AZ area do yourself a favor and avoid this family of fruitcakes known as Wizards Heating/fireplace.


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    Randy Mar 25, 2009

    We bought a pellet stove from them 3 years ago at the annual home show and have had great service since then. The installation was done by Jack in a timely and professional manner. Since then we have had one routine maintenance call that was done by one of their technicians. Both the installation and maintenance were done on schedule.

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  • Mi
    MilyCircus Dec 14, 2009

    That's probably because you BOUGHT something from them. But to treat a customer the way these people did is outright rude of unprofessional. Let's hope they stay a mom & pop operation.. because only family would put up with a service that rude.. and you Randy. Good Riddance to WIZARDS. If they did it once, they'll do it again.

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  • Mn
    M. Newton Jul 12, 2010
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    Verified customer

    You can never make everyone happy, and from my reading of this complaint it sounds like you did yell at the receptionist, she had a reason to hang up on you. Her "rude attitude" that "scalded" you had to come from somewhere. I would make the assumption when you called to ask where the serviceman was that you already were irate. Just from the wording of your complaint I feel you did not have any patience at all.

    I have dealt with Wizards for years and their professionalism has been wonderful. Yes they have been late (once), but my phone calls to them did not end in this kind of prediciment. They handled the situation as quickly and politly as ever.

    I Dont belive that just because one person has an issue, which in just reading this complaint, seems to be the fault of both parties having a bad day & not reacting properly. That name calling ("fruitcakes") shows how much the person writing the complaint may have reacted to the situation.

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  • Jo
    Jonathan T. Arbuckle Jan 18, 2011

    The story above suggests that both parties were at fault here. The serviceman did not show and the customer instigated a heated verbal discussion. Nonetheless, from what I know about this company is sub-par. I have currently been waiting on a part for my stove since the week of Thanksgiving. Today is the 18th of January. Week after week I called and Wizard's reassured me that the part was "en route" but could not give me a tracking number or any evidence that it was in fact in the mail. They were very civil over the phone as was I. Last Friday I spoke with a representative from my stove company. He told me that the plant was down for approximately 2 weeks just after the order was placed. Therefore the order was "on hold" for the time the plant was closed. The Rep says that the order will be shipped this week and will take 2 weeks to reach me in AZ from their plant in NH. Once again both parties appear to be at fault. Either way someone owes me compensation for the time that my home was not heated with a wood stove during one of the coldest winters in NAZ. Am I asking too much? Does anyone have any experience on handling such issues with this company?

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  • Na
    nails12d Mar 17, 2011
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    i was called to a job that window wizards had just install new windows.. the homeonwer called me up and said that her windows were leaking.. so i went over there and found out that. they put replacement window in new construction openings.. are you kidding.. they litterly cut out old windows out of the opening and pooped in the replacements.. did not even take the siding off... unbelievable.. not only that but they broke some of the j channel.. when the came out they told the homeowner thats the way they do if a window rep does not see the bad workmanship in which the windows were installed.. he should not be in that business... when asked about the broken j channels he said "how do i know that you did not break them playing baseball" nice business answer... nice company huh... see ya in court

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