Wish.comred gothic trench coat 5x

On October 3, 2019 My red Gothlic Trench coat was delivered to my apartment. The item was placed underneath my carbet door while I was at work. My neighbor called me and said some one stole it. She mentioned that it was a cable guy going in and out of the buildings. In the future if I'm not home can send a memo to the mail person; if the customer is not home either give my merchendise to my neighbor Eldrena at 17184 Bentler St Detroit, MI apt #101 or leave it at my local post office. Just have the mail person leave a not on my door stating that it's at the post office or my neighbor has it. My name is Enin P. Talley and my Address is 17184 Bentler St Detroit MI Apt #102. I have more items on there way, so please follow these instructions.

Oct 05, 2019

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