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I drove from Dayton OH in a rental car to Wilmington Auto Center to look at a Kia. It was a Saturday at 4:50pm. Keith asked for my drivers license and then gave me the key. I returned ten minutes later and gave Keith the keys. I forgot to ask for my license and Keith "forgot" to return it. I didn't discover this until I returned home (an hour from Wilmington). I called and left a message with my address and I sent an email with my address in order for the them to return my drivers license. On Monday, I spoke with them on the phone and they said they would mail it. As of five days later, the license has not been returned. I suspect foul play. Was the license stolen by an employee for illegal purposes? I cannot know. I called the Wilmington Police Department to report this issue. They visited Wilmington Auto Center and they manager claims he "mailed it." Somebody, somewhere has my drivers license and is likely using it for fraudulent purposes due to Wilmington Auto's malfeasance. It is most peculiar that given Wilmington's economy is struggling, an attempt to bring new business to the area is met with poor customer treatment. Stay away from Wilmington Auto Center. Apparently, taking the customer's driver's license and "forgetting" to return is an old dealer trick to force customer to return and start the conversation again. Do you want to buy a car from "old school scam artists?"


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    wmcneilldayton Mar 12, 2010

    This website, complaintsboard dot com will not permit editing a previously posted complaint even though the matter has been resolved. In the above case involving Wilmington Auto Center, the matter is resolved. The license was improperly addressed. It took a total of ten days to have it finally returned. However, in a gesture of good will, the manager Mr. Atkins, reimbursed the cost of the license that I ordered from DMV to replace my license before it arrived. Although I wouldn't buy from Wilmington Auto due to incompetence in both returning my license when there and improperly addressing it later, I can say there was no fraudulent use of the license to my knowledge. It appears it was merely a lack of customer commitment that caused my license to be lost for 10 days. Again, I would have deleted the above complaint or edited out statements that no longer have a factual basis for assumption but the site does not permit.

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