Willy Goat - Alabama, Theodoreplayset

L Nov 15, 2019

We ordered a commercial set through this company and wish we had never done so. From start to finish the sales staff misled us and were not communicative when we emailed questions back. We were told the order would take up to 8 weeks to produce so we set our timeline for construction around that when we ordered. Then, more than a month into the process we were told production for sets like ours take more than 10 weeks to produce (it ended up taking more than 12 weeks to get to us after we ordered and the company repeatedly ignored our update requests). The company clearly knew that production times were always supposed to be 10 weeks but just lied to us until it was too late for us to order from somewhere else. And make no mistake about it, this stuff is just cheap chinese manufactured parts. We asked the sales department on via both phone and email for information on the manufacturer but they just told us the company name and that it was located in indiana. When all the pieces arrived they had stickers on them in chinese with a chinese company name in addition to the manufacturer name we were given on the parts. The steel pieces are significantly lighter / lower quality than those on a small set we also have from superior and i'm certain this will require more maintenance and faster replacement over the years. To top it all off, we were told to inventory immediately on arrival and let them know if anything was missing but they only sent a parts list for part of the shipment. How we were supposed to figure out what we needed was beyond me but we tried and decided all the parts were likely there. Then, we noticed as we started construction a few weeks later that a part was broken as we couldn't see it wasn't working right until we got the plastic wrap off. Instead of even trying to help, we were just told that we had to pay full retail value for parts replacement (even though they had only told us to let them know if things were missing in the original shipments and nothing was mentioned about broken). Bottom line - you get what you pay for so tread very carefully with this very, very shady firm.

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