WhiteSmoke.comthis is probably a scam

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Verified customer

I purchased WhiteSmoke about 6 months ago.
It was not until I was going in for an upgrade, I realized that it could be a scam and that I had fallen for it the first time.
I became worried when I tried to uninstall the software...I could not. I had to enter the registry (Windows) and delete one by one every entry. I bought almost the full business package which set me back almost 90 USD. I was about to upgrade, but upon sending e-mail after e-mail, I became aware that this was probably a bogus e-mail address and the whole thing nothing but a rip-off.
Could you please look in to this, I don't suppose I will ever see my money, but at least I will prevent others from having the same problem.
you can read on line, it is a problem which other people have reported and written about.


  • Ri
    Rick Jan 28, 2009

    I had a very pleasant experience with Whitesmoke's customer service department, when I realized I had received the Business program when I had requested the Creative Writing profile. I received a call within a day or so of my e-mail, and dealt with a very friendly customer service representative (I think his name was Mike Evans) who immediately corrected the problem and sent me the right version. Maybe your e-mail didn't get sent?

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  • Ca
    Carol Feb 01, 2009

    I called customer service asking for an upgrade about two months ago to the 2009 version. I was immediately granted the upgrade, and was told to reinstall the product once the new one was sent to me. I'm still very happy with WhiteSmoke (as I was prior to the upgrade) and will continue to use it on my family's PC, as will my kids for their schoolwork, which they love.

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  • Sa
    Sammy P Feb 18, 2009

    Hey i totaly disagree with wat this person says...whitesmoke made my spelling a lot better and helped improove my writing in other Ways too. also i even called with a grammer question one time, and I got an answer later that after noon.

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  • Wi
    William Brenner Feb 25, 2009

    THe grammar checker and text enrichmnet are big helps, to any writer. I bought the whitesmoke product last year and am so far very happy with it. It fixes all of my mistakes.

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  • Di
    Disastified Customer Feb 27, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been having problems with my computer since I installed "WhiteSmoke." The program serves my purposes on a marginal level and actually trades off one mistake or error for another and sometimes trades off a mistake or error for something that is correct or o.k.

    They just won't give me a refund and they have dominated my Google web page with their logo. One other thing; I keep getting pop-ups, guess who? And they want to sell me more of their products and services, where do they get off?

    Please advise.

    Disastified Customer

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  • St
    stephen hernandez Mar 11, 2009

    I had popups when I was using the trial version, but they stopped when i bought the product. Now i just receive like an email update every once in awhile, nothing thats that intrusive really. Plus it works well as a product so i cant complain that they send me some adverts once in awhile, thats the way the world works these days (unfortunately).

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  • Ge
    georgemax Mar 18, 2009

    My complaints about Whitesmoke to the technical service team never were answered. Spelling and grammar suggestions not all all accurate. I requested a refund.

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  • Sc
    scott Mar 24, 2009

    I too had a mixup with my product and was able to get it fixed quickly. THey sent me the backup cd and i didnt need it so when i called and asked for the money back for that part it was put on my credit card right awya. (It was enough for me to just download it and use it online)

    I felt this was good customer serivce, so i disagree. And so far its been a good product to use- espescially for gram, er.

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  • Ru
    Ruzbe Apr 01, 2009

    I purchased WhiteSmok on November 2008, then realised they are not going to send any package, what was promised in their website. Thus I needed to download it from online and then I found that software needs Network connection all the time, even while my PC was connected to network, it was always complaining: “connect to network then try again” for installation. I sent more than 20 emails to WhiteSmoke customer service and all the times they have replied with the same information: “Firewall and antivirus should not be active while installing the WhiteSmok", this is just a rubbish advice as I did several times, but the software is not still running. I advice you “Do not purchase this product as it is not reliable and WhiteSmoke is just cheating you and stealing your money that is all about”. Personally I will challenge this people as they lied to me and not even refunded me. Please do not buy this product as it is rubbish and it is not going to work for you as they said in their advertisement. You will waste your time, money, and you will also get headache with all the lies what they promise to you by emailing.
    Ruzbe -London

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  • To
    Tom Roberts Apr 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    White Smoke is a expensive scam and the company should be taken down. I purchased their 2009 upgrade in hopes that they might have improved, and could see no difference other than the user interface. The program's suggestions are more often wrong than right. WS fails to pick up Passive Voice, adverbs ending in "ly", end of sentence prepositions and too may other errors. Word has a better grammer and spell checker.
    One other thing. When you purchased WS did you know that the program only works if you are connected to the internet? Did you know that you could only use this program on one computer?
    My suggestion: Don't buy this software! Try RightWriter or Wizards for Words.

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  • Eu
    EugeneR76 Apr 27, 2009

    I bought the product and have been using it regularly for grammar and punctuation mistakes. It makes writing work emails much faster since I dont have to check it myself I can rely on the program to notice the careless errors.

    And it was easy to download which is nice.

    I spoke to Support when I had a question about some text and I was told to send them a sample so their R&D department could work on it. They make upgrades and updates so it seems like its an evolving product which is good :)

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  • Al
    Alisa123 May 24, 2009

    I purchase the executive package and paid $152 total which included the CD and warranty. It has been almost 60 days since my purchase and still no CD or warranty. WS keeps telling me the CD is in the mail and to be patient but I am afraid they are lying! I have waited long enough and if I wait too much longer I will not be able to dispute this with my bank. I am going to request a $52 refund. I wasted my money on this product- it is not as great as they advertise it to be.

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  • Al
    Alisaxxx May 25, 2009

    These people at Whitesmoke are terrible to deal with. I requested the $52 refund because I never receive the $25 cd, $12.99 warranty and 14.95 for shipping. They refunded me $27.89 and didn't tell me what the refund was for. I asked them what happened to the other $23. Still waiting for a response. Another problem, in addition to the refund, has come up. The software is now telling me that I purchase a trial version and that it has expired! Unbelievable. I'm going to call them and request a refund. These people are terrible to deal with. The headache is not worth it.

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  • Em
    emily Jun 07, 2009

    I am surprised to hear that WhiteSmoke has not replied to your request or that you have not received the CD.
    My CD arrived, as promised, within 21 days of purchase. Cannot remember on which day. Packed nicely. Most impressed.
    I needed to ask a general question and the answer was to the point and they returned my call within a few hours of leaving a message.
    The price is very reasonable and they seem to offer many specials.
    Haven't had to deal too much with them, but what I have had, has been great.

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  • Da
    dani Jun 11, 2009

    I have to re-iterate that this is FAR from a scam.

    Try it out and you will see.
    WhiteSmoke has saved me.

    Hehe, I'm made a2 line poem up there.

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  • Li
    limi Jun 21, 2009

    Whitesmoke is probably one of the most updated English Enrichment sights that also has English Lessons, Templates that cover most subjects, and tips of the day.
    I truly recommend that you try out the software.

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  • Wi
    William Brenner Aug 27, 2009

    Whitesmoke is amazing.

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  • Wi
    William Brenner Aug 27, 2009

    I downloaded the WhiteSmoke software and have found it extremely helpful.
    My messages, emails and my thesis is corrected as I type.
    This is time saving and a pleasure to know that I have no mistakes.
    I used to send out mails etc, after many hours of checking. That is now history and it is awesome.
    The built-in templates are helpful and very broad in their choices. Something for every occasion.
    I recommend the software.

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  • Kb
    [email protected] Sep 28, 2009

    I don't believe it is a scam but it's not a very useful application. Microsoft catches more errors and it comes with Word for free. I have been trying to reach them for over a week to get another download for a new computer since I ordered the extended license. They don't answer their email and nobody picks up the phone (8:00AM PDT). Maybe it is only a one man show??

    I would like to find a better application but Whitesmoke has jammed up the search engines so that their name keeps coming up.


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  • Wy
    Wyndham Clampett Apr 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My own experience of WhiteSmoke has generally been good, although I would like it if they improved the Grammar detection. I have also not found any use for the templates...

    Many of the problems noted here have been because people didn't read the instructions carefully when installing. If you just click OK (etc.) without reading the text then it is your own fault. I selected not to install the extras offered, like the Whitesmoke toolbar, and I have had no problems.

    As I said, the program could, and hopefully will, be improved, but mostly it works very well.

    I reject the suggestion by one person above who recommended RightWriter. Don't. Not only did I find it quite unsuitable (it only tells you what you did wrong and offers no suggestions or replacements), but they have been ignoring my requests for a refund.

    (This text was checked by WhiteSmoke).

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  • No
    nothappyjan88 Jun 10, 2010

    WS say they offer perpetual licensing on their product, yet in reality they have made it impossible to reinstall unless you upgrade to a new version for extra $$$. I'm very, very unhappy I ever spent money with they guys. The product is marginally better than Word, but the approach of the company is almost criminal.

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  • Aa
    Aabdulaziz Oct 04, 2010

    My own experience with whitesmoke was terrible. I first purchased (2009) the software as a lifetime accessible software. In few weaks time they following the purchase they contacted telling there is an upgrade with small fee. About a week from now, their customer services approached me in an aggressive manner, that I need to repurchase or they will discontinue the services (where is the life-purchase?).

    After a difficult discussion, we agreed that I repurchase the software ($199.99) on condition that I pay for it in two instalments due to some limiting factors. Instead of running the transaction on their portal, they insisted I provide my credit card details so that they would run half of the product price now with the other half to be paid in a months time.

    It at this time that the worst has happened. The transaction was simultaneously run at two different vendor portals, which means payment for the whole the software cost. I would not get a reply from them for sometime dispite my continuous mesasges. An agent later communicated telling me he doesn't understand what I was talking about.

    Lastly instead of solving the problem, by either refunding one of the transactions or suggesting keeping the fully payment becuase of the error, they refunded all the transactions and discontinued the services.

    I place high value on whitesomoke's writing software, but part of their customer services are a bit inefficent and inhumane. I do suggest the company revisits its customer services and tries to get them enhance their customer satisfaction, and avoid denting the company's potential reputation.

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  • Ma
    Mad at WhiteSmoke Oct 14, 2010

    I am joining the ranks of the disenfranchised. I bought, downloaded, installed, and tested their product a few days ago. It became apparent that it is no better (worse) than MS spell checker. To use their translation feature, you need to buy an upgrade (try to find that on their website). I followed their procedure to request a refund. No response the first day, no response the second day. Next, I tried coming in through their chat facility. I lodged my complaint in the first chat window with "Michael." After he read my complaint, he apparently logged off since the chat wouldn't accept any further inquiries from me. I then tried another chat. This time and for several other attempts, the chat wouldn't log me in. It appears as though they're blocking the IPs of people who aren't happy with their solution.

    RUN, don't walk, from these people. I'm a few bucks lighter now, but having paid through PayPal, my headache will be considerably lessened. I plan to visit all the posts, CNET, the news organizations that have endorsed them and give my tail of woe.

    Incidentally, their CEO is an attorney. So, everything has been carefully documented. ;-) TTFN

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  • Ai
    airconlin Oct 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The produce is like a scam, it is nothing more than you free checker build in to MS. Word

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  • Al
    AlreadyTried Nov 24, 2010

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to uninstall this very intrusive trial version?

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  • Mu
    Muhammad Aftab Nov 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased Whitesmoke Executive Package Gold 2010+ online and paid for backup CD and welcome Pack on september 15, 2010 but still could not get backup CD and welcome pack. I am continuously send mails to whitesmoke support team but useless. Now i want to claim my mony back which i paid them.

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  • Jm
    jm62 Dec 22, 2010

    What I love the most about WhiteSmoke, is every time I get on the chat line with them, I get this mysterious Jessica.

    Below, I have included the conversation that I conducted with Jessica, the sales rep.

    By the way, the personal e-mail I gave in the dialogue is a dummy I created to see if Jessica would provide me with info or verify her authenticity.

    Below is the WhiteSmoke chat I had on Dec. 22 at about 3:30 p.m. . . .

    A WhiteSmoke operator will be with you in just a moment.

    Jessica: Welcome to WhiteSmoke, May I assist with any questions?

    Jessica: hi again

    Jessica: Sorry, we were cut off.

    You: Ah, it is Jessica again.

    Jessica: yes

    You: I can't seem to get to any license agreement.

    Jessica: what do you mean?

    You: I want to read the license agreement before I commit to purchase.

    Jessica: you can read that at the website.

    You: Send link please

    Jessica: one moment

    You: WhiteSmoke Inc — fraud

    Jessica: you found that?

    You: Busted.

    You: I found some complaints. I will send you the links.

    You: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090804110149AAxQuqg

    Jessica: well, you can belive that or you can trust me,

    Jessica: your decision.

    Jessica: Anyway, at any point you during the first 30 days you may ask for a full refund.

    You: http://www.dailywritingtips.com/whitesmoke-software-review/

    You: This one is a bit more positive.

    Jessica: Like I said, your decision.

    You: Still deciding. Bare with me.

    Jessica: ok

    Jessica: I will be able to reduce that to $59.95 if it helps.

    You: Everything helps, but I am still waiting on the license agreement. Did I miss it. Scrolling back.

    Jessica: I have no document like that.

    Jessica: Are you here?


    You: Then you may have lost a sale. All software has a license agreement, and if you don't have one for me to see, a sale is unlikely, particularly since you are sweetening the deal, and I have no way of verifying your authenticity or your authority to do so. Do you see where I stand?

    Jessica: ok, let me check again

    Jessica: ok, I will give you the link

    Jessica: for the agreement.

    You: This one is the best. You have got to read this one.

    You: http://www.ventureitch.com/?p=22

    Jessica: http://www.whitesmoke.com/how-to-write-an-end-user-license-agreement.html

    You: Did you look at some of the links. Any response to these claims? In your defense, they are several years old and I would hope you have remedied these problems in the last few years.

    Jessica: this is the agreement.

    Jessica: We are working and changing the software all the time.

    You: Silly you. This is advice from WhiteSmoke how to write and end user license agreement, but not the agreement for the product itself, or am I misreading this?

    Jessica: oops, sorry.

    END OF CHAT > > >

    I don't want be liable, but didn't get a good feeling about this operaton and wasn't satisfied by the simplest verfication requests.

    Check out the "scam claim links" I interspersed throughout the conversation to get a picture of on-going product and customer satisfaction complaints all the way back to 2008.

    Sorry for the typos . . . you see why I am looking for a spelling/grammer program like this.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! ! ! and be careful shopping !

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  • Ja
    Jack Koelsch Dec 30, 2010

    First off, I love how that most people that liked whitesmoke posted their post with capitals in incorrect places, such as "THe" or "THey", spelled grammar as "gram, er", and had other various mistakes.

    Secondly, as a high school student, who hardly ever makes a grade above a C or a B, I have to say that I seem to have better grammar and spelling than this program.

    I want it off my computer, I only downloaded the trial to get points on a videogame. I got the points. GET. OFF. MY. COMPUTER. NOW.

    (This text was not checked by any program. At all.)

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  • Le
    Levan Jan 08, 2011


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  • Le
    Levan Jan 08, 2011

    I cannot unistall whitesmoke. Any time I try, tehere is a pop up which doesn't allow me to unistall this damned program. help

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  • Jo
    john6of6 Jan 21, 2011

    I didn't ask for the trial version. It was in inadvertently installed when installing another program. Once on there was no obvious way to remove it. It changed the home page on my browsers with out asking if I would be okay with that. It then pops up a registration program whenever I restart the PC. When I tried to cancel the application would not close. "Give me your email or else!" Had to kill it from the task manger.
    Add/remove programs didn't work cause it referred to a folder located in the temp directory for the uninstall program. The temp directory was cleaned out. That is why it is called temp as in temporary. So into the registry I go and do a line by line search and destroy.
    Honestly I didn't give the software a try. I was afraid it would pull in more malware if I actually tried to use it. Besides it is not something I needed. Looking at the fan boys here I question the software. "I totally disagree with wat this person says..." "helped me improove..." Ur, yeah works well for you buddy.
    My other observation is those with a positive response are a little too positive. No listing of pros and cons, just pros. If it is such a remarkable product why does it resort to viral like marketing with pop ups and web browser "infection?" Get the feeling these "users" are pawns?

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  • Mt
    MTTN1970 Feb 12, 2011

    Up until today I've had good experiences with WhiteSmoke. Today; however, when I attempted to enter a website I'd not entered before I received a notice from WhiteSmoke asking for an ID and Password. I was never given these so I canceled it out and was told I wasn't authorized to go any further. I then attempted a Google Search and again received the same error. I uninstalled the program and STILL had the same issues. When I contacted customer service they were unsympathetic and no help at all. When I was transferred to tech he sent me a scripted message on how to download another program and remove WhiteSmoke. I'd already done it. When I told him this he disconnected the chat. I reconnected with the chat and received the same treatment and this time the support tech wouldn't respond to me other than "conatct support at support at whitesmoke dot com". I asked why he couldn't help since he was tech and he said "ok". When I asked if he was going to answer to leave me hanging he again told me to email support. I've contacted the BBB and emailed their customer service supervisor listed on the BBB site. We'll see how far that goes. Oh, the BBB stated that this isn't a US company but located in Tel Aviv.

    "This company is located at an incorporation service or mail forwarding company in Delaware. White Smoke has no physical presence within the United States. The company's phone numbers and website indicate that the company is physically located in Tel Aviv, Israel."

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  • Mk
    MKramer Mar 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Since I purchased WhiteSmoke about 8 months ago, I have not had any significant problems with it. (Once or twice I got the error “could not connect to server”.) I’ve been very pleased with the 2011 upgrade so far. Although I haven’t dealt with the WhiteSmoke customer service so I can’t really comment on it, the software has been nothing but helpful to me and I recommend it.

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  • Mk
    MKramer Mar 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WhiteSmoke might not be perfect, but I think it’s taking it a bit far to call them a scam. I use the software to scan all my business emails before I send them, and it’s saved me from some pretty embarrassing mistakes. You might note that this website is called “complaints board” and BBB only allows complaints. I believe if these websites offered space for people to share positive experiences we would be reading a different story.

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  • Ke
    Kent Reed May 21, 2011

    I'm a WhiteSmoke user for almost 2 years now. Though I admit that this software has its own shortcomings, but it did save my ### for countless of times. I usually write 10-15 articles, and it's really difficult to spot your own errors. Right now, I only use WhiteSmoke after running Ginger Software. It's also a nice little piece of grammar checking tool, but again, I don't trust it that much.

    I don't understand why people are having problems uninstalling WhiteSmoke. I uninstalled it many times and never found a single problem. Although MalwareBytes is reporting WhiteSmoke as a bug, trojan or whatnot, I'm not sure if the company is just being biased. I have Microsoft Security Essential, but it didn't detect WhiteSmoke as such. WhiteSmoke is never meant to transform your ugly piece into an exquisitely-written press release. It's still up to you. If you write badly, then you need to keep writing. That's the only way to improve.

    I didn't upgrade - there's no need to upgrade. Go find their original email. You will find the link where to download the software. Use it, and you'll get the latest version.

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  • Au
    AussieQlder Oct 20, 2011

    SCAM SCAM SCAM. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. All these positive or neutral 'fans' of whitesmoke are using psychological tactics to make people belive they don't directly work with company. They realise writing lots of pros about "why this is a great product" is a too obvious tactic and people don't full for it as much anymore. Now they are under the disguise of people who have found it "handy", but throw in a tiny bit of cons to make it seem authentic, or they will intentionally type in missed spelt positive comments for the 'authentuc feel'. Do not fall for it! WHITSMOKE IS A SCAM AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! It's impossible to uninstall as well as in chucking in a free VIRUS hidden somewhere in boot-up where it is HARD to get rid off without being a pro at that kind of thing. SLOWED my computer down. I hate people/companies like this, why is there not anything done about it????!!! Shoudln't this be illegal?! It is so fustrating!!!

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  • Au
    AussieQlder Oct 20, 2011

    Please google 'Whitesmoke Scam'. It is a scam. Plain and simple. The crooks should be in jail by now. Apparently they aren'r run from the USA at all, but from Israel.

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  • Au
    AussieQlder Oct 20, 2011

    Actually, dont google 'Whitesmoke Scam', whitesmoke (the virus spreading comapny) was smart enough to figure out that people would do this and wrote there own articles that includes the word 'scam' so when you click on it, it is yet anther fake advertisment for whitesmoke. There is one big blog however that comes up from a previous angry user of whitesmoke however.

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  • Cr
    CrabbyOldFart Nov 04, 2011

    I bought WhiteSmoke. Paid extra for the disk. I haven't seen it yet. There was supposed to be a 30 day money-back guarantee. They refused to honor. Grammar checker is mediocre. It misses passive, puts in commas when no commas are needed. Technical support failed to provide support. Live and learn. I will not buy again. Just out $259 for a product that doesn't live up to my expectations.

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  • Mi
    Mike Dec 29, 2011

    I went to a website and Whitesmoke seemed to download itself to my computer and I accidentally pressed run. Every time I tried to cancel the install it would open back up again. Then i installed it so that I could immediately uninstall. It changed to my default browser search engine and had no remove option. Luckily with windows 7 I was able to uninstall automatically and just go to tools on google chrome and re-check google as my search engine. Beware of Whitesmoke and their free search engine, When I did try it, it didn't even work. Any search i tried went to a broken link with no search results.

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