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download program

I purchased lifetime 04/15/2014 and every year it stops working. I just contacted White smoke and they said Lifetime is only valid for 3 Years. I upgraded in 2015, still lifetime and every year in January I had to contact them that it is not working. Apparently, White smoke does not understand the meaning of Lifetime. The said to purchase it again at 75% off.

download program
download program

k.n. toosi

I bought a permanent license of WhiteSmoke that they called it "lifetime Plan" in 2015. But, now, it stops to work and when I run the software, it says "your license is expired". I sent e-mails the support team of the WhiteSmoke regarding this issue several times; but, no one responds. Every time, I received an e-mail with an unknown ticket number and noting is happened on my problem. I think this company fraud me.

download program

I asked for a trial offer. Was given a code to try-she said three days-the info. Said 5 days. I tried to download it but it would not work. It has been over a month with no help. Yes, they respond after a few days, but don't read any previous notes, and ask the same questions. After several days was told they wanted to "take over my computer, " and I agreed, but the codes given me didn't work. Received an email today asking for details, I resent a lot of the information; they replied wanted more information.
I believe this is a rip-off company. (They couldn't find any of the recent emails for the month, but wrote to tell me implying I was trying to defraud them because I had paid several years ago and the time expired.

whitesmoke grammar corrector software

I purchased lifetime license of (whitesmok) software of grammar correction. However suddenly I the software stopped working and got message saying that (the license has been expired ‘
I sent many email to your technical support with no response
I am very disappointed with the poor service, and am contemplating immediate corrective action. I hope that you look into the matter immediately, in case you could not correct this incident I would request to refund the excessive money I have been paying for such lifetime extended license
Thank you for your co-operation, and I hope such incidents will not be repeated.

reactivation of whitesmoke

Somehow I managed to delete my Whitesmoke edition. I am having one heck of a time to get it back on line...

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software and customer service

On Wednesday 20th June 2012 I purchased Whitesmoke's English grammar checker software. When I downloaded it I realised that the software did not automatically come on and I had to come out of the document and click on the short cut on my desk top. I contacted Whitesmoke and transferred me through to their technical team, who could not resolve the problem and they then had to transfer me to their "EXPERT". However, he wasn’t going to be at work for another couple of hours, but they would get him to ring me. A few hours passed and sure enough I got the call from the "EXPERT". The “EXPERT" tried various things but could not fix the problem so he had to go and speak to another "EXPERT" and between the two “EXPERTS” they would be able to resolve the issue. I then get an email basically telling me to uninstall the software and re-install it (which we had done countless times before) and to do a couple of other things and this should be the end to my problems. "WRONG" It still didn’t work and when I emailed them back three times to tell the "EXPERTS” that this had not worked, I got no reply over the next couple of days. It seems that "EXPERTS" have either taken a holiday together or they have gone on a course to try and solve my problem? I then emailed the company asking for a full refund and "guess what"? No reply. I can only assume that there must have been a public Bank Holiday where they are and they closed down for two days? I eventually managed to get my request for my refund through their online virtual chat line. My complaint is about the way in which companies like this are all too willing to take your money but when something goes wrong, you suddenly become invisible. And as for the technical side of the business, how many "experts" do they have? My guess is there are no experts and that when something out of the ordinary comes to light the attitude of "lets ignore him/her and they will go away" kicks in. I personally would not recommend that you have any dealings with this company or their product.

  • Al
    alexander birch Jun 26, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is the pits it will not take there ### of my toolbar.

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  • Dr
    Dr. Lee C Wilson, Phd Sep 07, 2015

    I would like a refund regardless of your "refund" policy! Your software came with a Trojan virus, which multiplies. I am not happy. I used your software for many years and finally purchased a lifetime service. It came with a virus. This was few years ago. I ignored messages from my Bitdefender virus software because I truly believed this couldn't happen with your software. It finally took Microsoft last month to get rid of your software and clean up my computers. One desktop computer had seven Trojan viruses in it. Every time I sent a email to someone checked by your software . . . it took the virus with it. I am not happy. Microsoft said to never use your software and that my experience was not the first time that this has happened. I would like my money back. Nuff said. I expect a response. You had to know what was going on. How the hell did something like this happen to you? Are you aware of what you did to people?

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whitesmoke product

I purchased WhiteSmoke on April 2008. My computer crashed a one year later. I did have copy of the software I bought, and receipt of the product. I wanted to reinstall the software. I was surprised that my Activation Code stopped working. I contact customer service, and they told me to buy a most recent version, alto I was fine with the old one. I found out, that it needs upgrade every year and the original WS it is not going to work unless you pay. I advice you “Do not purchase this product. WhiteSmoke is just cheating you and stealing your money. You will waste your time, money, because your WhiteSmoke will work only for 1 year. The company should be taken down.
Respectfully, D CH.

  • Mr
    mryan313 Mar 12, 2012

    I purchased both a Windows and Mac version from Whitesmoke in November of 2011. The Mac version was scheduled for release in early December. The date was pushed back a few times and finally I was able to secure the product on January 11, 2012. I tried the product immediately only to find it had a limit of 5, 000 characters. This was not addressed at all in the advertising that Whitesmoke engages in.
    I contacted Whitesmoke immediately with the intent to request a refund. Over the last 2 months, I have been unable to find any party that will speak to me about this issue. Customer service (?) responds to any email inquiry with simple instructions on how to use the product, regardless of what question was asked. It raises the question of whether they read the emails or simply have an auto-reply setup on email. Chat is next to useless. They have no authority and their supervisors are unresponsive.
    At best this company is the ultimate example of how not to engage in customer service. In my opinion, they actually go beyond that and engage in unethical and deceptive business practices. I will in my position as an educator certainly discourage any party from do business with this organization.
    Michael R. Ryan

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not a trusted company - be careful

I bought an update to my whitesmoke grammar check for $59.00 through the web.
After a few minutes I received a call from "James Bentley" offering a 30 days trial for a GOLD version.
The call was terrible and I barely could understand him. I told him but he continued talking and talking. I asked for the COST and never gave a direct answer telling me everything would be send on an email. I asked to call me to my land line phone but he continued talking and finally he transferred to his 'boss'. The same problem with phone clarity. I couldn't understand him either and he agreed to call me back on my land line. When he called I again asked the cost and he told an email would explain everything and hanged up.
Immediately I called my credit card company and learned that a debit of $1040 was processed in my account from whitesmoke. From $59 to $1040.00. What a deal!
I received the email confirming the charges. I contacted whitesmoke through the chat because the phone was impossible to understand (they use internet phone probably from outside the country) and they assured me someone would contact me.
Nothing so far. All my efforts to cancel (I have 30 days money back warranty after all) was in vain.
I called the credit card and started a dispute. I also put a complain on BBB.
This company shouldn't be in business. There are so many complains on web and on BBB. The credicard company should check these companies and not accept any charge before confirmation.
I hope this can stop people to buy from them. I wish I had looked on internet before doing my purchase. Lesson learned!

  • Ho
    hoseyn Feb 18, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a permanent license of WhiteSmoke that they called it "lifetime Plan" in 2015. But, now, it stops to work and when I run the software, it says "your license is expired". I sent e-mails the support team of the WhiteSmoke regarding this issue several times; but, no one responds. Every time, I received an e-mail with an unknown ticket number and noting is happened on my problem. I think this company fraud me.

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customer service

Whitesmoke works all right correcting English. I cannot get it to insert the corrected version into Outlook or Microsoft Word. Customer support is nonexistent. You will never get tech support on the telephone, and they will not call you back when you leave a message. E-mails go unanswered. I would look elsewhere for grammar software.

  • Ti
    tippet Nov 03, 2014

    I do believe it is a scam. It worked great when they first marketed it, but then the re-sellers entered the scene and nothing but scams. I have been working for hours trying to get my account closed and just get the run-around. They open a ticket, send you some stupid message for more money and close the ticket without resolving the problem.

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  • As
    ashtonality Jan 05, 2016

    I agree that this product is not supported at all. I have a Mac Book Pro and non of their email links or directions have worked to download the product. I am cancelling the payment and going elsewhere after receiving a months worth of useless emails that never solved my problem. The launch of my website is delayed because of it. Not very professional. Support is non existent.

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  • Pr
    Prisca Bruno Massao Feb 27, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I experience the same. 10 days now the product ( I bought 3 years package) is not working I have sent them a screenshot they asked for and thay have not replied. I asked for cancellation ...no body reply. Instead they wrote that I need to buy more products . I called their phone (international) ...they don't answer...an aswering machine ask you to leave e-mail address and telephone number and the will body call back or write back. They have a livechat that in not live...the asked you to leave a message g and they will come back to you within 48 hrs...but no body come back to you. This is a scam ...STAY AWAY. I will update

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This software is touted as award winning grammar checking that exceeds MS word. It says that it can be run a...

all products

I bought there products and actually like them. However, embedded in their program is advertising promotional that run in Internet Explorer. Their program is always running because it is used to do grammar checks in Word and Outlook. Often, when I open Internet Explorer, an advertising popup displays to buy more of their products. It happens a lot. I do a lot of presentations and when I open Internet Explorer, their popup opens.

I called them and they shut it off on their end. This is outrageous. Now are we going to have hundreds of popups a days on our computer from all the software vendors. How are we going to get our work done?

  • Am
    Amelia Marie Jun 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just bought the White Smoke product, and every time I start my computer their annoying pop up ads are displayed across the front of the screen. I wrote them two days ago about it and no response as of yet.
    The thing that creeps me out, is that I have several email accounts, but I only disclosed one email address to them, and strangely right after I bought their program, I got emails from them on everyone of my email accounts. How did they do this?

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  • Wo
    wordman Jul 11, 2010

    This same thing is occurring on teh copy I purchased.

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  • Am
    AMamas Jan 01, 2011

    Agree, and because i work in ICT sector, i am very sure that without prior consent this is considered as malware !! Anyway this is misconduct of business and anyone who uses it must stop it.
    Only way is stop buying their products or turn to other ones. I think we can live without such programs. For the specific company, not only they intrude in the Computer but also they spam us with promo emails even if you are a buyer already ! Its rediculous for them and i think that we can act by posting and making known their practices.

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  • Na
    Namdar Jun 16, 2011

    I think whiteSmoke is a scam. I purchased it a couple of months ago and it is as useless as tits on a boar hog. Total waste of time and money.

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  • Tr
    TraderT Aug 30, 2012

    This program did not translate as advertised. Did not translate period. Got message that it was under construction! Additionally it is chocked full of malware as found by PC Tools suite. Rip off! I should have known there was trouble when I got an email explaining special steps to get a refund. I ended up using Google translate on line for free after wasting my money with this company. Use at your own very high risk!

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  • Pa
    Pam Romney Jul 25, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought White Smoke many years ago, but it did not work properly on my Apple computers and I never used it. But White Smoke kept my email and sent me offers for years.

    Last year I called WS and spoke to Jenny Lee. She said she could see I had purchased WS many years ago and NEVER used it. Jenny assured me WS was vastly improved and tried to talk me into buying a lifetime subscription. I said NO, one year to see how it works was all I wanted.

    I had to get the special url to use WS with my IOS devices and using the url was awkward, so I gave up trying to use WS, which really didn't help my writing in a way that I was satisfied with. Once I worked on a document, WS left it in a messy format, I could not use!

    Anyway, I gave up using WS, after WS techs told me there was nothing they could do about the line spacing, inconsistencies. Yes, doc would be single spaced then double spaced, then single spaced, randomly, useable. So I had to by hand write out all changes, then retype the letter. Awful software. So I gave up using it and was mad at myself for getting suckered, twice by WS!

    Wow, was I surprised to see, WHITE SMOKE CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD FOR AN AUTOMATIC RENEWAL, I NEVER AGREED TO, AND I WANT A REFUND. I PHONED, NO ONE ANSWERS, LEFT MESSAGE. Then got email saying, WS website CLEARLY states automatic renewal. I bought from a email promo, from WS sales person on the phone Jenny Lee.

    In the WS email, responding to my voice message, they also tell me, (besides telling me they are not returning my money they took without authorization), that they CANCANCELLED my subscription! LOL, wait WS refuses to return my money, and CANCELS my subscription. SCAM, I don't want WS but cancelling something you unauthorizedly charged my credit card for just weeks before is theft.

    WS please reimburse my credit card the unauthorized $44.95 charge they recently made. Feeling RIPPED OFF especially, now that you are advertising it for $25.00.

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I have purchased a software from the company WhiteSmoke, Inc on [protected]. WhiteSmoke is a Writing Assistant Software.

The WhiteSmoke is advertising their product to be the best on the market.

According to the Company, software supposed to be working in all the Windows Formats, including the Micro Soft Internet Explorer 8. After I have installed the software on my computer, I have noticed to have a problem running it in Internet Explorer 8.

The software was lockup in Internet Explorer. The first thing I did, I reinstall IE 8. After reinstalling IE 8, I still had the same problem for it to work properly.

I had contacted the WhiteSmoke support via their email to let them know about the problem I had with their software.

The answer I got back was, to reinstall the software. I did reinstalled software according to email I have received.

After that, I still had the same problem for it to work in IE 8. I had sent a three (3) different emails concerning the same problem, I even used toll free number, which is listed on their web site. According to their web site, you can use the number to contact their tech support. After numerous tries to contact their tech support I had to give up.

Every time the recording will come up and tells you to leave the name and phone number, for them to call you back. The problem with that is, the recording also tells you the mail box is full. How can you leave any kind of message, if a mail box is always full?

On [protected], I finally called to their sales line and talked to live person.

I gave them my phone number, so someone can get back to me.

This is the Company that sells software and advertising that they are the best.

The WhiteSmoke, Inc is misleading Consumers with falls advertisement.

As of [protected], I have not heard back from WhiteSmoke support about my issue with their software.

BEWARE of companies like WhiteSmoke!

  • De
    debra f posey Jan 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i want you guys to get off of my computer i dont like your web sight so just please get off now

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  • De
    debra f posey Jan 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    your web sight messes me up

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this is probably a scam

I purchased WhiteSmoke about 6 months ago. It was not until I was going in for an upgrade, I realized that it...

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