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White Castle Management Complaints & Reviews

White Castle Management / customer service

Law Johnson on Feb 8, 2018
I went to the white castles in Warren Mi at 8 mile and Sherwood. I went into this establishment with the intention of getting myself some lunch. When I entered, there were no customers in the drive thru or inside. I seen an employee behind the counter sweeping the floor. She looked right...

White Castle Management / was short 4 burger and fry. castle pack 9..

White castle on Feb 8, 2018
Order castle pack 9 and was short 4 burgers and a fry. Didnt realize til i got home.. This unacceptable! !! I should get what i paid for!!! I guess i should just blow money into the wind... It was at the larkin store in Joliet, ill.. Not the first time i was short on food.. When i called...

White Castle Management / our food and the cleanliness

Timbo 1111 on Feb 7, 2018
So, first and foremost, I want you to know that I just loooove white castles and where we just moved to, there is one just 1 minute away!!! However, I feel quite compelled to share with you our expierience he other day. They were out of donuts, our food was cold, very cold, and the...

White Castle / service

Anonymous hurt on Feb 2, 2018
I have never been disrespected so much in my life as my family went to the forked river nj store one man we heard called Max and the other Jose was the name on his hat. Making remarks and very inappropriate comments about Caucasian people as they spoke in Spanish assuming that nobody would...

White Castle / hamburgers were old, buns were crunchy onions we're black on the burgers

Scott Eaton on Jan 20, 2018
Me and my wife always have loved White Castles, hot or cold, but last night we stopped by# 050034 and was very unsatisfied with the hamburgers that we purchased in the drive thru... Nasty is an understatement.. Team member #334. Sale#40039634 Jan 20 2018... Saturday 02:53:25 am I can't...

White Castle / rude employee

Ana Hill on Jan 14, 2018
Hello I work as a bus driver in Chicago, I planned on getting white castle at your location at 69th Western. When I walked into your location one of your employees or manager who I acknowledged with a hello. Noticed that I had a church's (restaurant) bag in my hand, I used the restroom to...

White Castle / worst food service

Invanka on Jan 1, 2018
Who ever it may concern, When I was a little girl I used to love white castle. However, recently it has changed. These past few months I had bad experiences not once but, thrice A few hours ago on 1/1/18 I went to the drive thur their to pick up on 6901 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60636. I wa...

White Castle / truck driver

Leighabia on Dec 29, 2017
I was driving on 94 W to Chicago and a truck driver was driving like a maniac. It is snowing and roads are terrible. Everyone is going about 45-55 mph and this guy is tailing everyone. I had to slam on my breaks and when I looked in my mirror he was so close to me I couldn't even see hi...

White Castle / team member pay checks late again, and my rent is due

Chicago51 on Dec 28, 2017
Christmas was monday, payroll shoyld have been done starting sunday this week, our checks are suppose to come on thursday, no other days, but the checks havent came, now my landlord is harrassing me because white castle didnt advance there payroll schedule ahead of the holiday so employee...

White Castle / ups was treated like we was placing an order for a combo meal.

ShenikaSmith on Dec 4, 2017
Have been trying to contact the White Castle location in Covington Kentucky Since Sunday, with no answer. I decided to go to two different locations, the one on 8th street in Downtown Cincinnati and the Covington location to split the order to not have to burden one location with my order...

White Castle / long wait and cold food

Ineesa Huggins on Nov 28, 2017
Today 11/28/2017 at approximately 2:30 i went to purchase a number 2 with no onions and pickles i waited 20 mins before i got my food and when i received the food it was cold and it had onions and pickles on it i couldn't go back inside because i was on my 15 minute break from my job...

White Castle / service

Unique Ariana on Nov 28, 2017
So I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and decided to stop for some White Castles after work. So I attended the White Castles in a neighborhood named "Westwood" that is off of Harrison Avenue. So first of all I am sitting in line waiting for a good 15 minutes prior to me even getting to the...

White Castle / order/service complaint

Reola Hadley on Nov 16, 2017
My Name is Reola Hadley address 3903 C D Banks Ave Unit 204 St Louis Mo 63113 314-381-3688 #110029 Sale # 135080979 Team Member #246 Nov 16, 2017 visit date Register # 4 Drive thru Customer #418 I ordered 2 WFL CKN without pork and gravy 1 bistro turkey sandwich. The turkey was plain and...

White Castle / staff

freda73 on Nov 15, 2017
I went to the store at dearborn heights michigan @ beechdaly and ford rd twice for my lunch break and i am a mail carrier so i dont have much time to stand around. The first time they ignored me never taking my order this second time today i placed my order and they over looked it. I never...

White Castle / customer service and timing

Akc9596 on Nov 14, 2017
We waited in line for nearly 15 minutes there were no cars in front of us or behind us. No one had communicated with us at all letting us know that it would be a long wait. My husband put on the horn in the car and finally somebody came to the window and said what's up? We explain to thi...

White Castle / the number one meal 4 burgers fries and a sprite

regular guy 1964 on Nov 11, 2017
North Bergen 11/10/17 the girl behind the counter was fake-smiling "too much" like she knew something...i sat, began to eat in the restaurant...and i over heard..."you gonna watch him eat dat"? ..." should go right in the garbage"... i took a taxi and finished at home ...later that night i...

White Castle / the service of a white castle

Imaginethat on Oct 31, 2017
Anyone can have a bad day this I understand. But at one particular w c restaurant on west port road in louisville kentucky there's "always" something? This time rude cold unresponsive service! Who does the hiring for this branch? They are grievously failing the public. I usually go...

White Castle / service

CLR19191919 on Oct 13, 2017
Just got off of a long shift at work. Stopped at the Riverview Mi store. Pulled up to the speaker and was told to wait a couple of moments. I sat there for a minimum of 15 minutes at the speaker without even getting to order and was never asked what I wanted. I then proceeded to leave, I...

White Castle / product and service horrible

Rie M on Oct 11, 2017
I from St. Louis, mo and went to the natural bridge/airport location. The drive thru lady was incompetent and rude. Not only did she get my order wrong, she didn’t even give me everything I ordered. Not to mention I didn’t even get a receipt. By far the worst service and I will never return there again. Putting the word out for others to not visit.

White Castle / recent visit

Adam Sedlaczek on Oct 8, 2017
To whom it may concearn, Went into glasgow, Ky location to get an order of two crave cases one with cheese, one without, and two 0rders of 20 piece chicken rings. As I returned home and inspected my food they were still cold in the center and there was not even one order of chicken rings not...

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