Whataburger 340 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, Houston TX 77478discrimination at workplace

R Sep 10, 2018


I am wirking at Whataburger restaurant number 1047, 340 Hwy 6, Sugarland, Houston, TX, 77478.

General Manager Sogand Mir at the location I am working at is amazing!
General Manager Sogand Mir, She is super!!! optimistic and encouraging all workers.

But... there is other bad people too...

I am going through difficulties at work place.

I am Asian woman, suffering from:
- YELLING at me.


Aisha team leader -in reality she is TEAM RUINER, discriminated me through twice Unlawfully and Unnecessarily YELLING (❗️) at me even I am doing my job Properly - even Everything I do according to policy and NON STOP and HARD WORKING, and I am OVERLOADED with the MOST hard- dirty job.
Her Yellings making distracting me from doing my job in proper way cause making me VERY STRESSFUL, very DISAPPOINTED.

Manager Farnoosh Arslan from the fist day of my working here all the way we're causing me forcing me GO THROUGH RACE DISCRIMINATION FACTS (❗️).

First of all she was trying discriminate me, OVERLOADing me ONLY with MOST HEAVY, HARD, most dirty job and leaving NO OPPORTUNITY to learn other position's duties - all kind of cooking, ability of understanding what is on tablo, etc.
OVERLOADing : she forcing ONLY ME among the women do all cleaning work GRIL Machine - it's for me very HARD pulling and pushing this HEAVY machine.

I felt, I was feeling all the way her VERY ARROGANT ATTITUDE to me. She all the way treated me rudely.

If there is no orders by customers and everyone forced to have break-relaxing and just waiting orders she sending ONLY ME go home and I'm not working out my HOURs and getting a little earnings.

She demanding from me all Washing Rinsing Sanitizing SINKs keep clean - I AM KEEPING THEM VERY CLEAN- I keep it clean no matter ...
But the same time when I am showing her that I am receiving EVERY MORNINGS from night Shift SINKS VERY DIRTY with FUL of, a lot of LEFT OVERS of FOOD in it, she says Something like "It's OK, they were late so they didn't have time".
And every mornings the dirtiness in SINKs is being repeated unchanged as it was.

All about the other ‘STUFF' I have to tell in person, face to face, cause it is impossible Reflect all in one letter.

Rabiga Uskimbayeva, I am Asian woman, team member.
09/10/2018, Monday.

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