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Westwood College Of Technology - Los Angeles WilshireFalse Advertising - Educational Fraud - Lied by Agents

Years ago when I was young I decided to speak to a Westwood College of Technology agent. I was told (in person) that every single Unit aquired at Westwood College of Technology was transferable to the UC:CSU college system in California. That was my selling point so I enrolled. After recieving a poor quality of education from Westwood College I decided I had enough and split wanting to transfer my units and I could not. Not a single Unit was transferable to a "REAL" COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY or a Community me I tried. I honestly don't blame those colleges for not accepting Westwood's Units because in reality Westwood is doing Educational Fraud with unqualified instructors that don't even have certifications or degrees for what they are teaching.. Every student I spoke to said they don't & cannot leave Westwood because the units are not transferable (in reality they really do want to) and they stay stuck in this lowsy college with a pathetic accredidation and a huge bill. I also asked for help getting a job and they never did. They would send me links for unpaid internships. This is a For-Profit College. They got sued in Texas for this EXACT reason by 60 students that banded together and the students won the lawsuit. I believe we need to do another lawsuit. Contact me if you do. enriquez.[protected]


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    Rob May 22, 2009

    I absolutely agree with everything Rene said. Avoid Westwood at all costs--the school consists of a bunch of incompetent idiots that know nothing. The Financial Aid Dept is the worst department of all. I've never dealt with a school that was so poorly run.

    And, the courses are a disgrace! I had a small handfull of courses that were fantastic, and so were a small handfull of the instructors too! But, the majority of the classes were poorly run, and the teachers did absolutely NOTHING...they got away with making a few posts and that was it. They didn't want to teach or help the students.

    So in conclusion, stay clear of this school. If you did attend, talk to a lawyer ASAP.

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    derekg Feb 09, 2010

    Everyone is entitle to their own opinion. But you have to take in consideration, no one has FORCED you to attend Westwood College. Every college bound individual has a choice to apply to whatever college they would like to attend to. The complaints that you have put in here attempts to destroy the reputation of not only Westwood College but other institutions as well that are the same as Westwood. Both of you had the choice to leave the school, or not even start. But the fact is, you stayed. Why did you stay then? You couldve transferred to another school even after a month if you really feel that the school did not do you any justice. What was so bad about the instructors when others were able to graduate and get good grades and get good jobs? Did you get a low grade? It is YOU who can create your own success, no matter what school you attend. It's funny how others write negative things about their school, when others that have attended had a great experience. Oh and by the way, if you really did want schools that can transfer credits to regular universities, why may I ask didn't you enter the university directly? Your attempt to destroy the credibility of institutions like Westwood College is a poor example of taking responsibility over your own actions. It was your choice to attend the college that you have attended, and it was your choice to stay.

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  • Mg
    MGI Apr 21, 2010

    derekg where is your credibility. We all know westwood is paying bloggers to say nice things about westwood.

    Before you reply, derek, answer this question, what is your connection to westwood? if you can't answer that then your next reply isn't credible.

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  • Ho
    hopescastle Aug 02, 2010

    I went to westwood and I left for a while and then attepted to go back which the administration approved. However, when the firs day of school came around I did not show up and one of the administrators was pissed off. I just told her some personal issues were at hand. She didn't like the sound of that, but o well.

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  • Re
    Renster Aug 06, 2010

    I had a 3.9 GPA and was on the (FAKE) Dean's List. Anyone can pass Westwood courses because the Instructors don't care. One Instructor encouraged us to cheat on certification exams(MCSE/CCNA/A+/Security+) and handed us illegal software to memorize stolen test answers. He said thats how he passed all his exams. Thats why I left.

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    pspauline Jul 08, 2012
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    I went to Westwood and wanted to go into web design program however when I started school I found I was transferred into the 'eBusiness' program. I was not allowed to switch and told it was a better choice for me (white female). I completed the classes and graduated. Although I attempted to gain employment in the field after, the employment office repeatedly told me I was already employed and should be grateful (I was office manager at a car wash). I know Rene. We sat in the same classes with the same instructors. He speaks the truth. Now I have been part-time employed for three years, unable to get a job in 'eBusiness' and have to watch commercials for the Westwood Job Guarantee (which doesn't apply to me - I've already barked up that tree!) and get phone calls from a Sallie Mae collection agency on a student loan for a degree that doesn't get me a job to pay for it while I hope to make rent next month on the $250 paycheck I do have. Thanks Westwood! The media tells us to be grateful... yeah, I'm grateful I have learned that there are those who prey on the under-prvileged and they are allowed to win. Where's the lawsuit...I'm in.

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