WestJet Airlinesdelay after boarding

S Aug 07, 2018

There was delay on flight also they board us late. This was not accepted with delta flights. I wil take refund or insisit them to give me policy about those delays. It was against human rights as it was like trap for me. I was so suffocated and no air flow. They didnt turn on air condition. I am risking my life due to malfuction of airplane and management of air flights. You need to reach me asap regarding this problem. It was weather delay but then why did they board us and right after that they started announcing about fueling air circulations and much more. So this is not working as i do have work and connection flight. I will upload rquird documents but i need to reach till ceo abd higher management for this problems. You need to update me with more information and process of this complaint till higher authority. I do have copy of this email.

WestJet Airlines
WestJet Airlines

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